How To Find The Right Social Network For Your Business

How To Find The Right Social Network For Your Business

The Gist…

There’s so many social networks out there. SO MANY!  I don’t know about you, but it can definitely get overwhelming when you are trying to grow and decide which social network you want to hit up next.

OR, perhaps you are just starting out on social media and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, so to speak.

How in the world do you find the right social network for you business?  There are so many options!– Tweet This!

I’m glad you asked because in this episode of #KimTV I’m gonna give you a 3-step process to finding the right social network for you business without the crazy drama.




3 Steps To Find The Right Social Network For Your Business

Step 1: Are my customers on this platform?  

It’s gonna be nearly impossible to grow on a successful social channel where your audience is non-existent.  Talk to your current customers or send out a survey to find out where they hang out online.

It’s ok to take an educated guess if you are not 100% certain, but do your research, and don’t take this step lightly.  The last thing you will want to do is invest your time and efforts into building an audience, only to find out your ideal clients don’t hang out on that social network after all.

Step 2: Where are my competitors active?  

It’s always smart to take a peek at what other people in your industry are doing.  Since you share the same clientele, it’s definitely a good idea to check out where they are grow their online presence.

Take caution though, you want to make sure that your competitors are actually thriving on that social network.  Pay attention to the size of their fan base, the amount of engagement they receive.   While you are at it, learn what people are saying about them on that particular network.


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Step 3: Do I have the resources to keep up with this social network?  

Research your social channels thoroughly, and figure out what types of activities you need to perform in order to thrive on that network.

So let’s say you are considering taking on YouTube, Vine or Pinterest.  Ask yourself the following questions and answer objectively.

Are you (or someone on your team) comfortable with the primary content type being shared on the platform? ie. Professional photography on Pinterest or short video on Vine.

Will we need special equipment?

These days a smartphone is pretty much all you need, but there may want to invest in some professional equipment down the line like a better camera, a professional microphone or a back drop.

Will it be time consuming to create content for this platform?  It will always be time consuming to create any type of content.  But some content takes a little more time and effort than others.  For example, planning, shooting and editing a video might take a bit longer than taking a photo for Instagram or crafting a tweet.

However, for some of you video production comes exceptionally natural and it actually takes less time than crafting posts on other platforms.

My point is, be realistic in terms of the time and resources you will have to allocate to be successful on the particular social network that interests you.

Will being active on this platform eventually require additional staff to handle customer service and monitoring?  
Although in the beginning you might not have an issue with responding to customers and prospects on your social networks, think ahead.

much love, Kim



KimTV: I’m Crushing Instagram But How Can I Get More Facebook Likes?

KimTV: I’m Crushing Instagram But How Can I Get More Facebook Likes?

How Can I Get More Facebook Likes?

Welcome to a very special episode of #KimTV.

I’m so excited because we’re launching our very first Q&A segment for #KimTV this week.  The amount of questions you all have been asking via email, Facebook, Twitter and even the YouTube comments has been amazing and it certainly inspired this special segment.

Today’s question comes from a very special fan,  Antonio.

Antonio asks, ”I am slowly building a following on Instagram, but can’t figure out how to do the same on Facebook. I don’t understand it. Should I treat them differently?”


The Difference Between Instagram & Facebook

First off, this is an excellent question.

Every brand on Facebook is there for one reason and one reason alone… to (eventually) get more business. Whether you’re on Facebook to grow your sales, spread the word about your new venture or simply build a loyal customer community, it all starts with getting more Facebook likes.

So in order to get more Facebook likes or grow any following in general, it’s really important that we understand that just like every party we go to is different, each social network will be a different experience as well.

Take for example, Instagram.  Although it was acquired by Facebook, it is a completely different platform.



With its 200 million active monthly users, Instagram it’s a platform that inspires creativity, makes photo & video editing incredibly easy and is solely photo and video based.  Users also consume content via a time-sensitive feed.

Facebook on the other hand, has 1 billion active monthly users (talk about a crowded party!) and the platform helps users stay in the loop of what their friends and favorite brands are up to via stories.

Users consume content via the news feed, which publishes content based on Facebook’s algorithm.  The algorithm helps filter through the an average of  1,500 stories published  from friends and pages user’s like.


So now that we’ve established the main differences between Instagram and Facebook, let’s talk about some tips to get more Facebook likes.

It’s more important than ever that we learn how to treat each social network differently.” – Tweet This!


 Three Tips To Get More Facebook Likes

Tip #1: Get active outside of Facebook.

What does this mean?  It means you have make sure that you are sending people back to your Facebook page with every opportunity you get.  Think about the different  marketing assets and opportunities your business has.

-Website: This is such a valuable asset, you always want to make sure you include Facebook light box to entice your web visitors to become Facebook fans.  You can check out how to install a Facebook like box on your website here. 

-Email List: If you have an email list, this is a phenomenal opportunity to turn your email subscribers into Facebook fans.  You can get creative  by linking back to a Facebook post and asking your email subscribers to reply to a particular question or share their thoughts on a particular topic.

-Physical Store: If you have a physical location, use signage to entice customers in your store to find you on Facebook. You can even give away a 5% discount at checkout when they like your page or create special promotions available only to Facebook fans.

Don’t forget to print your Facebook page URL on receipts or invoices and use this space to promote any contests or giveaways you may have going on.

-Speaking Gig: This is one of my favorites so if you are a public speaker, or give talks on the regular, you can test out getting your audience engaged after the talk is over.  Have participants continue the conversation on your Facebook page or promise to give them a downloadable worksheet that is pinned at the top of you Facebook page.

-Email  Correspondence: Get your entire team to add your Facebook page on their email signatures.  That way whenever they correspond with prospects or clients the page is getting exposure.  You can take it a step further by providing an incentive such as ”Get $5 off your next invoice by becoming a fan—> link to Facebook page” or ”Get a free cupcake on your birthday when you become a fan —>”.


Tip #2: Create Awesome Content

When you create awesome content that resonates with your audience, engagement is inevitable.  Figure out what works, post that more often, and your content will be pushed out into the news feed a more often.

Remember that every time someone engages with your content they are creating a story their friends might also see via the Facebook news feed and as a result you’ll get more opportunities to be found on Facebook.

Need a little inspiration?  Check out these 15 Facebook post ideas to increase your engagement and keep your content fresh.

Tip #3: Facebook Advertising

If you want to hyper-boost your page and get more Facebook likes, you can always give Facebook advertising a go.

You won’t need a crazy huge budget because results on Facebook are dramatically less expensive than traditional advertising.

If you’ve never tried Facebook ads before, or you’ve tried with little success, check out my Facebook Like Ad Guide. It will guide you step-by-step to creating your ideal Facebook like ad.


In the video I mentioned I would give you all access to two great resources to get more Facebook likes.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Your First Facebook Like Ad

8 Tips To Get More Facebook Fans

Got  a question? Don’t forget to come over to Twitter & ask away using hashtag #AskKimJ and I might answer your question next week!

15 Facebook Post Ideas To Increase Your Engagement

15 Facebook Post Ideas To Increase Your Engagement

Considered one of the most powerful marketing engines by many of the experts, Facebook is a space those of us who understand it’s value are trying hard to leverage.  Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay.  But this amazing social platform is anything but simple to leverage, aimma right?

Facebook announced this year a severe decrease in organic reach.  Yea, I’m sure you’ve probably seen the change affect your page in one way or the other.  But what does this mean for those of us who are trying to leverage it?

Simple.  We gotta step up our game & harness the power of engagement for EVERY SINGLE post we publish on #Facebook. -Tweet This!

Here are 15 Facebook post ideas from business pages that are thriving on Facebook & making waves while they are at it (yes, there’s hope for your page if you’re strugglin’ a bit these days!).


Diggin’ Into The Posts


1. Pique your reader’s interests with photo posts that incorporate a rhetorical question.

Quirkymomma does this very well, and although they are not abiding by Facebook’s latest announcement on click-baiting, these gals are a unique example of a business owner who knows what works on Facebook and keeps doing more of it.




2. Experiment with sharing fun facts related to your product, services, your employees or even YOU.

Of course, crazy facts is just what the peeps over at UberFacts do, but why not spice up your content with a few facts related to your products or better yet, the people who work at your company?



3. Take it off-topic while keeping it relevant and timely.

We all know Anthropology sells fabulous apparel, so why talk about cider on Facebook?  Because they know their audience VERY well and cider is a beverage, their target demo would enjoy this time of the year.  The key to crafting this kind of post is to think outside the box without becoming irrelevant to your audience.







4. Be real and authentic.

Kim Garst knows exactly how to get her fan base to go coo-coo on Facebook.  Her voice and tone are perfectly crafted to reflect her genuine personality, and she doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing herself.  Try that same type of boldness and transparency.  Your fans will probably love it.





5. Capture The behind-The-Scenes Action

Tribe Fitness is an excellent gym in my town, and they keep their community engaged & inspired by taking photos of their member’s working out on the regular. Think of ways you can keep your community engaged by pulling up the curtain behind your business’ everyday ops or highlighting your customers.  Fans tend to LOVE seeing their faces on a company’s Facebook page.





6. Be generous with your knowledge. Share some powerful tips!

If you know me, you know how much I love Canva, so I’m not gonna ramble about their fantastic free graphic design tool (see what I did there?) and just focus on how they incorporate useful tips & tricks on their Facebook page that empower their fans to become better graphic designers.  



7. Write about topics your audience can relate to.

I love how SHAPE creates fresh articles around timely topics that help their readers keep up with their fitness goals.  Seriously, sometimes I feel like they are in my head!  Think of ways you can model the same concept and blog about topics your audience is interested in before they even realize it.



8. Upload videos directly to Facebook.

Yes, Gary Vee is a total pro when it comes to social media marketing, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this post as an example and add-on some inspiration to your Facebook post bucket-list.  Experiment with an engaging video post and don’t forget to select the best thumbnail image possible.  The auto-play feature on Facebook may be annoying to some, but it proves very efficient when it comes to driving engagement.




9. Ask questions but give them your own, personal twist.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but I’m quickly starting to realize (after much trial and error) that you can’t just ask questions on Facebook and expect your fans to stop everything they are doing to interact with you.  There’s an art to it.  Figure out what your audience is interested in BEFORE you ask the question and add your personal twist to it like Amy did.   Nail this type of post, and you’ll unlock a surefire way to bump up your engagement.



11. Flash the spotlight on your team.

People on Facebook are there to connect with their friends, express their thoughts and catch up on the latest.  Help your audience build that same connection with your brand by spotlighting the people that serve them on a daily basis.  Don’t be afraid to let your company culture spill over on your Facebook page (love how Heyo does this). You’ll be surprised at your fans’ reaction.



12. Ask for some feedback.

People LOVE to share their two cents on social media (and really anywhere), so give them the opportunity to do so whenever you get the chance.  Usually having them pick between two pre-selected options makes it easy enough for them to participate.




13. Turn your advice into a quote.

Your fans trust you, and they want to be inspired by what YOU have to say.  Sure, it’s easier to piggy-back on someone else’s quote but don’t underestimate the power of YOUR insight.   Turn your best stuff into quote graphics and post them frequently.  Brendon gets this one right.




14. Leverage your testimonials into social proof.

Derek just launched a new product, and he used the opportunity to tease new prospects with a few quotes from some the clients that have already enrolled.  It’s a super cool way to pique curiosity and obtain high social proof by getting his audience to relate to his current customers.




15. Switch it up with a photo album.

Got a company event, retreat or just a making a fun upgrade to your facility?  Switch things up with a beautiful photo album and get your fans to engage for a longer period.  Facebook displays albums in a nice collage format that is sure to increase your post clicks, and you may even get your fans or employees to tag themselves in the photos.

Artini’s is a fantastic studio that offers painting classes to our community, and they nail their photo albums (take note of the quality of the photos).




 Over To You

So there you have it.  15 Facebook posts ideas to freshen up your content and serve as a guide to crafting incredibly engaging content your audience will absolutely devour.
Remember to keep an open mind and test things out as you go.  Keep at it for long enough and you’ll start seeing some great results on Facebook.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free social edia class and learn my 5 secrest to creating engaging content your fans will devour.

Now it’s your turn. What are some other Facebook post ideas that really work for you?  Share the wisdom in the comments below, thanks in advance for being awesome!


Social Media Posting Tools You Can’t Keep Ignoring

Social Media Posting Tools You Can’t Keep Ignoring

Social Media Posting Tools I Love

I create an audio version of this blog post for those of you who prefer listening to reading 😉


We’ve all been there.  Totally swamped with important tasks in our business and feeling guilty for not being consistent with our posts on social media.

Full disclosure.  If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’m a firm believer in automating your content for consistency’s sake and for a bunch of other reasons I’ve mentioned here.

So I’m about to take you behind the scenes of some of my favorite social media posting tools and how I recommend you use them.

Of course, there is a right and a wrong way of scheduling your content in general, and we’ll dig into that soon, but for now, I’m focusing on the many benefits of setting your social media posts on auto-pilot and finding the perfect social media posting tool for your business’ needs.

Whether you’re a one-man/woman show or you’re a full-blown marketing agency, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect tool for you in this list.

I get dozens of questions related to social media posting tools on a regular basis.  So having tried dozens and dozens of them for my personal use and my client’s, I decided to make a list of my all-time favorite tools so you can try them out.

TIP: Don’t get too caught up in the terminology or let the decision-making process keep you from moving forward with your efforts.  Test one of two of these social media posting tools out and remember you can always move on if you don’t find the perfect fit for your business right away (but I’m so confident in these tools I seriously doubt you won’t fall in love with one of them).


Take A Peak Inside My Virtual Toolbox

Tool #1: Stacker App – My Personal Favorite

I love Stacker.  I like to describe it as ”Buffer on Steroids” and while it is a new tool, the good folks at Stacker are revolutionizing the social media posting tool market and making quite a splash.

If you’re active on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn you have to check out Stacker.  It has some kick-butt features I haven’t experienced with any other tool.

Got a full-fledged social media team (or even an intern like me)?  Stacker’s approval process is so legit I can’t get enough of it.  Basically, contributors to your content can add items to the queue that you can then approve or reject.  You can also leave notes on individual posts you decided to reject so your contributors understand exactly what changes to make.

Stacker also has some powerful integrations with RSS feeds so you get to add your favorite blogs to a list and share the ones you find interesting from within the app itself.  Brilliant! (Free version available/ Amazing starts at $10/mo)


Tool #2: Hootsuite- The Cool Club Tool

Hootsuite was the very first tool I used to schedule and monitor my social media posts.  It is definitely a robust platform and allows for many app integrations like Sales Force, Evernote and WordPress.

The only cons to Hootsuite is that it is complex and hard to understand if you’re first starting out.

Full disclosure? As a Hootsuite user I feel like while it is a powerful platform,  they’ve been focusing more on the agency side and I haven’t seen as many updates to basic functionalites as I would like given the big changes platforms like Facebook and Twitter have gone through in the last couple of months.  (Free version available. Pro version starts at $8.99/mo)

If you’re a beginner this is the video for you:


Hootsuite rockstar? Check out these advanced strategies:

Tool #3: Rignite- The King of Contests, Campaigns & Evergreen Content

I use Rignite on a daily basis to manage campaigns, contests & promotions for almost a dozen clients.  While Rignite offers all the basic social media posting tool functionalities for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, it also allows you to monitor Google +, YouTube, Instagram and RSS feeds all in one place.

But Rignite’s killer feature is their latest campaign functionality.  Imagine being able to have a blog post re-published for the next six month’s at strategic times and with different types of copy… or running a Facebook and Twitter contest via a platform that pulls in every single entry for easy access once the contest is over…

Rignite’s campaign feature is literally one of the coolest things I have ever seen within a tool.  It’s every social media manager’s dream, so if you’re an agency, social media manager or just run promotions, publish blogs or host contests on a regular basis, you have to check them out. (Silver starts at $19/mo)

P.S. I have to re-shoot an updated tutorial that covers their latest campaign feature.



Tool #4: Buffer- The Solopreneur Favorite

Buffer is a really neat social media posting tool.  While much simpler than most of the tools I previously mentioned, Buffer’s sole focus on making social media publishing easy is quite powerful.  Their analytics are especially attractive and third-party app integrations are very impressive as well.

One of the cool things about Buffer is you can post to a Google+ page and schedule a Retweet on Twitter.  However, if you’re looking for monitoring capabilities or managing a significant amount of accounts, their Business plan is still a bit glitchy and unreliable (in my experience, of course). (Awesome plan starts at $10/mo)



Tool #5: Sprout Social- The Big Daddy For Agencies

Sprout Social has been a life saver for me.  It’s robust publishing capabilities includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ and while it does have a heftier price tag, Sprout has a lot of the BIG BOY agency tool features at a really affordable rate (compared with the $1,200/mo these other tools charge).

Sprout’s monitoring feature is simply off-the-hook.  You’re able to see a history of each Twitter user that has interacted with you and it will even let you write notes about these users for future reference.  Their geo-targetted search, hashtag and keyword streams on both Facebook and Twitter are CRAZY powerful and their analytics are seriously state-of-the-art.

Sprout is also designed for team collaboration, equipped with a phenomenal internal task assignment system that allows you to treat your social media accounts more like a CRM for leads, customer service and market research.

I also have to point out that Sprout does an amazing job at braking every single feature down for you, so everything is simple and easy to use.  The only reason why I don’t use it for my personal social media marketing is that it lacks a few publishing approval features my team and I need and Stacker does an amazing job at providing these for us.


Tool #6: Facebook & Tweet Deck- The Built-In Tools That Rock

Facebook’s scheduling feature is often neglected all together.  Most people don’t even realize it is there and they can easily take advantage of it.  This tool is baked-into your Facebook page and you can easily schedule text, photo and link updates while also tagging other pages and replacing open graph settings for links.

Tweet Deck is also an awesome scheduling AND monitoring tool that allows you to do some seriously powerful market research and interaction with multiple twitter accounts.

Both are completely free and at your disposal.  I use of these tools on a daily basis to schedule content, keep track of popular conversations and even do some market research.  (Did I mention both are totally free?!)



So there you have it.  My all-time favorite social media posting tools!  Do you have a favorite to add on to the list?  Tell me all about it in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post if you found it helpful. 😉


Instagram Tools That Made Me Do A Victory Dance!

Instagram Tools That Made Me Do A Victory Dance!

My Love For Instagram & Its Tools

I love Instagram.  Don’t you?  It’s the app that makes us all pro-photographers, flawless models & inspires us on a daily basis.  With 200 million active users and over 60 million photo uploads every single day, Instagram should not be ignored (more stats here).

Interestingly enough, the features that make Insta so addictive, also present some major challenges for marketers (which is always a good thing).

From URL’s not being displayed as hyperlinks, to the fact that you cannot post from a third party web-based app, (until now, more on that below) Instagram is pretty uncharted territory.

Which, in turn, presents a fantastic opportunity for business to showcase their creative side and interact in a native, organic way with Instagram users.

Here are the Instagram tools I use and recommend for my clients. Ready?

Magical Scheduling Tools

I recently bumped into a really cool application that allows you to schedule out Instagram content for free.  It’s called Latergram!  Did I mention it’s not only awesome but also free?



This nifty little tool lets you schedule content from a web-based app and will send out a push notification on your phone or tablet at the scheduled time.  You will then be prompted to open up the Latergram app and it will guide you to publish your post.

Here’s an look inside their dashboard.


They also provide some great analytics, which is always helpful when you’re trying to measure which posts perform better than others and why.


The whole process literally takes a rough 5 seconds and solves the HUGE issues of not being able to schedule any content on Instagram.

Yes, I know.  Some of you might be thinking that Instagram content is not meant to be scheduled.  You might argue that organic content is more attractive, relevant and timely and I would totally agree.

But, if you’re a busy entrepreneur like myself, chances are you won’t remember to post every day to Instagram and transferring assets like photos & video from your computer to your phone might be a hassle in itself for ya.

So hey, why not test it out?

Which leads me to the next tool. If you’re looking for more features and an easier way to schedule content to multiple accounts you should check out Schedugram.


Pricing starts at $13 per month and the platform even allows you to schedule videos.  I can’t say enough good things about these two Instagram tools.

Analtyics Tools

Instagram recently announced they’ll be releasing new tools for brands, which include some pretty neat feautres like analytics and ad insights (finally!).  tumblr_inline_nan5ixVYAP1svv7b7  

But in the mean time, my favorite tool for Instagram analytics is definitely Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram).

This tool provides a wealth of knowledge.  From letting you know which filter is getting you the most engagement on posts to helping you manage photo comments, Iconosquare is a must-have tool for those of us who are building a presence on Instagram.

Super perk: They have a whole contest system that integrates with Facebook just in case you’re looking into running an Instagram contests.


You’ll also want to check out Sum All. 


SumAll gives you so much more than just analytics for Instagram and the feature is pretty rare among social media analytics tools.  So, it’s handy to see all of your accounts’ performances (including eCommerce apps like Shopify) in one place.

Content Creation & Fun Stuff

This week Instagram announced Hyperlapsea new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. 

This app is just awesome.  Perfect to capture your project-creation process, events & just daily operations.

Stabilization for Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


Flipagram is probably one of my favorite Instagram apps.  It let’s you create free photo slide shows with free music backgrounds and everything.


I discovered it thanks to Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner.  He mentioned it on his podcast and I have been hooked ever since!

Here’s a quick example of what your Flipagram can look like.


Instarchive is also quite the nifty way to make sure your Instagram photos never, ever get lost.  Think of it as the perfect backup to your photos.

Instarchive, by Recollect


And last but not least Social Print Studio.  While this one isn’t technically considered an ‘Instagram ‘tool”, I just couldn’t leave them out of the list.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your Instagram photos into business cards (what?) or promotional materials, I really recommend these guys.  They are super inexpensive, their prints are great quality and my mine arrived so much sooner than I expected.

You also gotta love their packaging and how they promote their social media accounts through it (brilliant!).


What’s Missing?

Have any cool Instagram tools that would make a good addition to this list?  Spread the wisdom with our community & post them in the comments below!  I’d love to check them  out.

Thanks again for reading 🙂

much love, Kim


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