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Guess whose scheduled 33 posts with a legit social marketing strategy?This girl right here...all thanks to your blog... Posted by Clarissa Rodriguez on Monday, July 13, 2015

Hi, I’m Kim.

If you’re new to my world, this page was designed especially for you!  I made sure to include my best resources so you can access amazing tools, guides and cheat sheets to master social media marketing #likeaboss.

I want to help you get the most out of your online marketing, so check back often because I update this page frequently.

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Plan & Organize Your Social Media Content

Download my FREE template + get access to a step-by-step training video below.

Here Are My Best Templates, Cheat Sheets, Workshops & Resources

Who doesn’t love freebies?  Here are all the resources I’ve designed to jump start your social media success.  They are all 100% free.

The Ultimate Content Calendar Template

When it comes to social media, having a game plan makes all the difference. Stop wasting time, get organized & plan your posts ahead of time.

Post Planner PDF

Inside the swipe file, you’ll get two dozen engaging post examples to spark your creativity and help you implement the same strategies for your own posts.

Social Media Workshop

Want to learn my 5 secrets to creating awesome content on social media that will boost your engagement and attract more clients? Sign up for me free class!

The Ultimate Design Toolkit

The best graphic creation tools out there in one place. No techy skills or creativity required.

74 Awesome Post Ideas Swipe File

Trying to figure out what the heck to talk about on social media? Here are 74 awesome status updates you can use for inspiration.

Social Media Action Plan

Get organized and break down your goals into daily, weekly and monthly social tasks so you can stay on track.

Download The Ultimate Content Calendar Template

Use This Free Template To Organize, Plan And Execute Your Content Strategically.

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Most Popular Blog Posts

These are the blog posts my community loves.  Chances are you’ll find them useful too.


Catch my most popular tutorial videos in one place.

How To Create Lead Magnets That Convert

By now you've heard it a million times... ''You need to grow your email list if you want to grow your online business.'' And thought that statement is ABSOLUTELY true, it's often easier said than done (am I right?). List building is the lifeblood of any online...

How To Know If Your Business Is Ready To Run Facebook Ads

Ah, Facebook Ads. We all want to jump right in and start seeing the profits right? Well, before you invest your money, here's how to know if your business is ready to run Facebook Ads. Yes. You read that right. Your business may not be ready to run Facebook Ads, yet....

Popular Tutorials

Catch my most popular tutorial videos in one place.

‘Kim Approved’ Social Media Publishing Tools

I get asked about awesome social media tools all the time.  Here are a list of  ‘Kim-approved” social publishing tools.


Buffer has become my go-to tool for Twitter and Pinterest scheduling. But lately, they’ve really kicked it up a notch with amazing video scheduling across all platforms and a power scheduler so you can promote your content more than just once. With Buffer, you can schedule content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. I absolutely love this tool and will continue using it.


Hootsuite offers everything you need to get started with social media publishing, but it also provides super advanced functionalities like geo-location twitter searches and even Instagram scheduling!

Sprout Social

I actually recommend this tool over Hootsuite every day of the week because of it’s crazy simple user interface & it’s collaboration abilities. I could talk about Sprout for days, but I definitely love the fact that they group all engagement into one smart inbox for your review. Plus, their reports are crazy good.

Tweet Deck

This free tool is owned by Twitter and I absolutely love it to schedule, organize and curate content for Twitter. You can also create fantastic search streams & keep up with competitors via Twitter lists.

Meet Edgar

Think of Edgar as the perfect way to set your social media posts and forget ’em. Well, at least for a few weeks. Edgar is designed to help you repurpose your content by setting up a scheduling system that re-posts your content for you automatically. It’s a must-have tool if you’re looking to disengage from social media in a smart way and place your system on auto-pilot.

Ready to take things to the next level? Allow me to introduce my best work yet, Zilch To Social. It’s an online training program where we cover everything you need to know to take your social media marketing to the next level (with tons of fun & flair). Start by enrolling in my free social media class by clicking below.

My Favorite Editorial Calendar And Content Curation Tools

If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.  These are the tools that keep me organized and on track.

Google Calendar

It’s free and it rocks.

The Ultimate Content Calendar Template

If you’re into paper calendars you’ll love my free template. It’s designed to help you organize all of your social media content into one place and it’s free!


This dope app syncs with WordPress websites to create an awesome editorial calendar. Not only does it let you organize and set up drafts for blogs, it’s also a great social media publishing tool. It’s my go-to content calendar tool and you can see it in action here. 


Having a hard time keeping up with your favorite blogs and news sources? Google reader used to help with that, but Feedly is an awesome alternative.


Buzz Sumo is my go-to tool for researching what is being shared on social. Just type in a keyword in the search bar and a list of the most popular blog headlines being shared on social media pop up.

Check out my brand new training, How To Create A Kick-Butt Content Calendar by clicking below.

Design Tools

Take a peek at my all-time favorite design tools and don’t think I only use them for social media. From designing PDF’s & slide decks to creating my own business cards, these are the tools that help me brand myself like a boss. 


If you know me, you definitely know that I’m head-over-heels in love with this incredibly easy graphic design tool. Canva is simply amazing. You can create anything from gorgeous business cards to Facebook cover photos in just a few minutes.


It’s a one-stop-shop for all things infographics.

Death To The Stock Photo

I just love these peeps. They offer a wide array of awesome stock images that are updated on a monthly basis and you can get them delivered to your inbox for free. You can also access their entire library for $4.99 per month. It’s beautiful!


You might have to dig a little, but it’s 100% worth it for free stock images that look awesome. I use Pixabay constantly, especially to design this site.


Oh man, this thing is awesome. Qnap lets you capture your screen and add text, shapes and even share them across browsers.


Gimp is a free, graphic design tool that can help you achieve pretty much anything you need to create in photoshop. Think of it as the open source version. I’ve been using GIMP forever and I absolutely love it.


You’ve probably heard of this tool, and it’s awesome. I use PicMonkey to edit all of my photos and add text overlays. It’s free and really versatile.

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