Your Tactical Plan Worksheet

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Your 3-Step Guide to
Creating Your Social Tactical Plan

  • 1

    Determine What Your Goal Is

    Pick the single goal that is the most important for your business on social media.

  • 2

    Figure Out What Resources You'll Need To Accomplish These goals

    So, here comes the fun part. You need to figure out exactly what resources you (or your team) will need in order to accomplish the goals you want to set. These resources could be anything from getting an assistant involved & increasing your marketing budget, to signing up for a new social media tool.

  • 3

    Break It Down Into Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

    Next, you want to break down how you are going to accomplish your goals. Start out with a single goal in mind and break down the action you or your team need to get done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to stay on track. You’ll also want to establish a key metric. This is just a fancy word to describe how you are going to measure your progress.