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How To Know If Your Business Is Ready To Run Facebook Ads

Ah, Facebook Ads. We all want to jump right in and start seeing the profits right? Well, before you invest your money, here's how to know if your business is ready to run Facebook Ads. Yes. You read that right. Your business may not be ready to run Facebook Ads, yet....

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5 Steps To Build Your Email List From Scratch

  Oh, the quest to build your email list (from scratch)... Back when I launched my blog I remember having 4 people on my email list (my boyfriend was one of them) and thinking, how on Earth am I going to grow this list to 1,000 subscribers? Let alone 10,000,...

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My Favorite Marketing and Business Books

Hey you! These past few days, a huge chunk of my subscribers have been asking me about my recommended books to read this year. It all started with a conversation I was having with my members on Facebook LIVE  inside The Business Lounge Facebook group and turned into a...

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