So, hopefully after reading the first part of this blog series, you’re considering Re-Branding your business (fingers crossed). If you’re not, shame on me for not being convincing enough!… I’m sure that’s not the case & by now you are on the other side of the screen, game face ON and READY to completely dominate your brand’s image! Today we are going to concentrate particularly on translating (or establishing) your business’ brand online.  Let’s get started.

In the previous blog we emphasize the importance of branding a new business concept or re-branding an existing one.  So, if you haven’t read the first part of this blog yet, STOP right where you are and click here.  Ever heard of the term “online presence”?  Well if you haven’t, I’m pleased to inform you that your brand has one, and if it doesn’t (which I highly doubt), you are missing out on a GINORMOUS amount of leads & sales.


What is an online presence and where on Earth do I get one?


An online presence is exactly that; your brand’s “presence” on the “inter-webs” (Internet)- like Marie Forleo playfuly likes to call them.  You online presence encircles all of your brands’ social media platforms, the online directories where you are listed, your website, your blog etc. The benefits of a great online presence? Creating that “Aha…!” moment that automatically intrigues ( and hopefully “hooks”) your ideal customer when him or her finds you online.

In the example above (Zest’s Facebook page) we can see how Zest translates their specific brand beautifully while displaying the company’s racing team (which is a big part of their marketing campaign).

Although your brand’s online presence is composed of all the previously mentioned sites, and they should ALL be branded, we’re going to hone-in specifically on your social media platforms.

How can I translate my brand’s image into my social media?

Piece of cake! Since we’ve been using Coke as our prime example, let’s take a look at their branding on Facebook.


This is Coke’s Facebook Page. As you can see, it displays a very well branded cover image with a matching, minimalist profile picture; perfectly displaying a clean, fresh look. If you scroll down to view the tabs, this is what you will find…


Each of these tabs are fully customized and contain great, eye-catching images. Let’s dive a little deeper into the custom tabs.


This is one of my favorite customized tabs by Coke. A simple, yet visually enticing welcome page that grabs the fans-to-be’s attention while enticing them to click LIKE in a subtle way. Did you know tabs can be used as landing pages for Facebook ads? More on that later.

With all this Facebook talk going on, you’re probably thinking that social branding is limited to Facebook….well, it’s not!

Let’s take a sneak peek of Coca-Cola’s Twitter profile. Notice how they give each of their social media platforms a unique look, while keeping their overall style consistent. Coke cleverly balances out classic elements (like condensation on a red layout) & fresh images to create a visual impact on their followers.


If we head over to Pinterest, we’ll find a similar pattern. Beautiful.


OK Kim, I’m not a BIG name brand like Coke. There’s no way I can brand my social media!

Not true. Let’s take a look at what one of my favorite local businesses is doing with their social media branding…


ARTini’s Art Studio, Gallery & Lounge is one of the most innovative business concepts I’ve seen in town. This gallery has designed amazingly simple artistic strategies that allow people to paint glamorous pieces of art, while enjoying their favorite drinks!  But their art doesn’t just hang-out on their walls, it seeps in through everything they do and their social media isn’t the exception.


Take a look at their Twitter; it portrays a simple design statement that screams THIS IS ARTini’s space! I love, love, love it. Learn more about ARTini’s here!

So, there you have it folks, being a small business does not give you an excuse to slack on your social media branding.

But, I don’t know how to get all fancy with my branding…

I knew you’d think that. Well, as a small business partner in this economy, you’re probably trying to cut back on expenses; which probably means you don’t have a lot of marketing dollars left to invest in branding (or re-branding) your business. However, I strongly recommend that you hire branding strategists like my friends over at Launch Box Media (they are phenomenal and worth every penny of your initial investment). These guys can really take your business’ image to the next level…

However, if this option still seems out of budget for now… I suggest you hire a good freelance designer who can help you strategically beautify your brand ( I can recommend some awesome peeps in town, too).

If all else fails, try working out a trade of either the services or products you render in exchange for some good designs (we did that at The College Moving Company!).

I hope you found this article helpful ( and if you did, LIKE & SHARE it with your peeps)! If you have questions or comments don’t be afraid to start the conversation below.




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