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So, this is my very first video blog and I’m still thinking of a good name for my video series…ViBlogz?  Just kidding!  Anyhow, today we start a video tutorial series on Pinterest and on this very first tutorial I will be showing you how to convert your personal Pinterest Account into a Business Account.


Now, you are probably wondering why this could be useful and interestingly enough,  a lot of people have been asking me these type of questions lately regarding Pinterest, so I’ll go ahead and tell you why you are already late in the game! Pinterest is currently generating more referral traffic than Twitter.  What does that mean?  It means that users who follow you on Twitter and engage with your content are less likely to visit your website and purchase your products or services than users on Pinterest.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons so, let’s just summarize it by saying that Pinterest engages users visually through images and video.  It guides users to your website in a very subtle way by providing direct links on images to your website.  So, stay tuned because I’ll be talking about all of this more in depth later on in this Pinterest video blog series.

Get your Pinterest groove on and let’s get started!


Now, it’s your turn!  Do you have a Pinterest account?  Have you converted it to a business account yet?  Let me know what your or thoughts are in the comment space below.

What more juicy tips that I only share with my super awesome subscribers? Sign up in the space below and I’ll see you on the other side.

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