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So, you want your Facebook business page to stand out? Facebook’s Timeline features are designed to help you showcase your brand in a visually, enticing way.  Let’s get started.  It’s important that both your profile and your timeline cover photo provide an accurate representation of your business.  In other words, make sure your Facebook Timeline branding is consistent with other social media platforms as well as your website and any other print or advertising material.

Quotation MarksMany a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.Quotation Marks Right ~Mark Twain Tweet This!

Why Is Branding Important?

It’s simple.  Brand recognition is probably the single most important factor when it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd.  Facebook Timeline provides a huge branding opportunity to create a visual impact on your potential customers… for free! That’s a no-brainer, if you asked me.  Remember, what you display visually on your Facebook page is, in essence, your business’ face.  So, ask yourself, what do I want my potential (and current) clients to see when they visit my page?

The one thing I love about Facebook (one of the many things) is that they allow a lot of room for creativity when it comes to Timeline Art.  So, don’t think that the only thing you can use as a profile photo is your logo.  In fact, I often encourage business owners to display a photo of themselves.  There’s no point in hiding behind your logo.  After all humans want to do business with… humans!

Facebook Cover Image Guidelines

In the past, Facebook did have some rules about what you could and could not include in your cover photo.  However, in an attempt to make Facebook more visually appealing, they’ve recently decided to loosen their grip on these regulations.  As of right now, the only restriction Facebook puts on cover photo is that they must be a least 399 pixels wide and cannot contain more than 20% text. Pretty sweet!

Take Facebook’s Advice Seriously

“Use a unique image that represents your Page. This might be a photo of a popular menu item, album artwork or a picture of people using your product. Be creative and experiment with images your audience responds well to.” -Facebook

Get The Dimensions Right

Here’s a cheat sheet to get your design going.

Timeline Art Dimensions

Get Inspired

Here are a few examples of creative branding techniques. Get Inspired!


The Rise to the top

This Timeline art featuring “The Rise to The Top’s” radio show host is very clever. More often than not, customers would rather conduct business with a face rather than a logo. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, this is the perfect opportunity to unveil the face behind your business and allow you welcoming personality to seep through.
Next? Dunkin’ Donuts (Writing this section is giving me some legit donut cravings).’

Dunkin Donutss


The Donut Kings use their cover photo to showcase both their product and their fan of the week contest. What an awesome way to display a popular product AND get customers excited about Dunkin’ Donuts!  Did you notice they also brand their tab images?  This technique helps increase the “buzz” for contests and giveaways while increasing brand awareness & recognition.  So, if you are in the products business, here’s the perfect way to display them front and center!


The flats

These guys are in the housing business.  Located right here in Athens, GA they use their cover photo to display a fun living environment for their clients. If your business offers services this is the place to display them!

By now you probably have a ton of ideas for your cover photo, but if you don’t, take a few minutes to check out what some of your favorite brands are doing (for inspiration only) and come up with something creative of your own.

Now Create Your Own With These Tools

1. Canva: This is my all-time favorite tool for graphic design and they have Facebook cover templates ready for you to customize via their drag & drop editor.  You can always create your own if you want as well.

2. Pic Monkey: Want to turn your Facebook cover photo into a collage?  Pic monkey is the right tool for the job.

3.  Timeline Photo Cover Maker:  This simple drag and drop editor comes really in handy for creating custom Facebook cover photos on the fly.


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much love, Kim


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