What Should I Talk About On Social Media?

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out what the heck to post on Facebook…  

Sometimes it’s a real struggle to find new and fresh ideas we can use to engage our audience and keep our accounts thriving.

Through studying some cool brands I’ve quickly come to find that knowing what to talk about on social media is not rocket science. It does, however, take some brainstorming and experimenting to increase engagement and leverage it to attract more leads.

Lately, I’ve been completely fascinated by brands who are crushing it on social media.  So, here are ten fresh topics they are using to engage their fans and how you can easily use them too.

1. Share what inspires you:  You know that gushy feeling you get when you stumble upon a great quote, a touching article or simply hear something that truly inspires or motivates you?  Your fans want that feeling too.

Compelling content tends to stick on social media, so next time you read a great quote, discover some spiritual stuff or hear your kid say something hilarious, SHARE IT.  Marie Forleo spreads the wisdom with her fans on a daily basis via Facebook and they love her for it.

If you want to kick it up a notch, create your branded quotes or content graphics.  Here are two of my favorites tools that can help you do just that Quizio & PicMonkey.

Marie Forleo

2. Be Helpful:  This one is oh-so-simple, yet incredibly powerful.  Making it a point to answer your fan’s questions is essential to your business’ overall growth, but it’s often overlooked by many brands on social media.

David Siteman Garland takes it a step further on Facebook by not only answering his fan’s questions but also featuring them on his page.  This is probably a question other members of his audience are also asking themselves, so adding some public recognition to the mix is certainly a win-win for everyone!

3. Ask More Questions:  Wanna get your audience to talk back?  Ask them questions!  Whole Foods’s got this one DOWN for sure.  Like a good friend, they ask thoughtful questions and provide some good reads in the process.  Don’t be afraid to ask off-topic questions and pay attention to what your fan’s respond to.

4. Brag About It:  Reached a goal?  Got a cool award?  Share the good news!  Your fans want to know what’s poppin’ in your business, so give them the opportunity to celebrate with you.

Mr. Derek Halpern knows how to spread the good news via Twitter.  Of course, make sure you keep it light and non-douchey like Mr. Halpern, por favor.





5. Celebrate Your Customers:  This one is one of my all-time favorites.  Why? Because I’d love to see, more brands celebrate their customer’s on social media.  I love how Dunkin Donuts features a new ‘fan of the week’ on their Facebook timeline cover photo.  Their human touch is front and center on social media and hence, pretty hard to miss.

How can you implement this strategy?  Think of ways you can celebrate your client’s success, their stories and contributions via social media.

Something as simple as a shout out to a great review, an awesome observation or even a fan’s birthday makes your content sticky and ultra-shareable.

6. Be Human & Take It Off-Topic:  As a brand, don’t ever be afraid to be a real person on social media and talk about people stuff.  So often we tend to hop on corporate-mode as soon as they we hit the online space and miss out on personal connections with our fans.

The thing to remember is that people want to talk to people, so don’t be afraid to whip out some in-the-moment shots and celebrate your company’s culture.  LKR  posts insider pictures of their team quite often (I found Red Tricycle’s post incredibly amusing, so I included it as well).




7. Promote Yo Stuff:  Got a new product or program?  Don’t be afraid to promote it on your social media platforms, but always do so in an interesting way because no one likes the used-car salesman pitch, especially online.  Get creative and feature your products proudly.

Online marketing guru, Amy Porterfield is simply amazing at this.  Don’t underestimate everyday shots and use them to pique your fan’s curiosity!

8. Speak Their Language: Ok, I’m completely biased on this one because I’m Hispanic, but I think it’s incredibly important to post content that resonates with your fans.  In this case, Wal-Mart made me, and a bunch of other Latinos feels pretty special by providing value in our native language. ¡Arriba!


If you have an international fan base, pay attention to those demographics and send out occasional shout outs that resonate with a specific person’s culture!

9. Share Behind-The-Scenes:  Lift your business’ curtain often and let people into your day-to-day activities.  Melanie and Devin Duncan are so great at doing this!  Often they show off whatever they are working on that day and letting you into their classy home.

It’s no surprise their fans come to grow fond of their taste as well as their invaluable advice.

10. Spread Happiness: Last but not least, create content around special days, events or occasions that are highly shareable but can also be tied to your brand.  A round of applause to Target for this clever graphic celebrating the first day of autumn.


So now you have a better idea of what to talk about on social media!

Use these ten uber simple ways to attract and engage more fans through vibrant content on social media.

And if you want to take things to the next level, sign up for my social media post planner below and I’ll spill the beans on my five secrets to creating engaging posts that rock!

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