Free Stock Images?

Let’s face it.  Social media and content in general is becoming more and more visual each day and you gotta create original graphics if you want to stand out. Finding free, high-quality images is not always easy but there are several awesome resources you can utilize to find them.  In the video tutorial below I’ll share with you a few of the resources I use to create beautiful graphics for my personal brand and also for my clients.

License- Free Resources:

MorgueFile: Morguefile is a pretty cool resource. The photographers have released these images for commercial use. You are free to edit them as you please as long as you conform to their license stipulations:

Unspash: I love unsplash. It’s a website with beautiful images that you can use without attribution. They post 10 new photos every 10 days, which I think is pretty unique. Although there isn’t a search functionality on the site, the graphics are outstanding.

Death To The Stock Photo: This site is pretty unique. It’s a subscription based site and each month you receive ten new, gorgeous photos related to a particular theme. They’ll even incentivize you with 10 graphics you can download right away when you join.

Pixabay: This website is pretty useful but their lack of licensing clarity is a bit concerning and that’s why I did not include this resource on the video tutorial. I would contact the original photographer before utilizing these images.


Creative Commons – Attribution Resources:

Photo Pin: Photo pin displays gorgeous images that are especially artsy ( or Instagram-worthy). There’s a large variety of graphics available, but don’t forget to give the author credit every time you use these.

CompFight: Comfight is very similar to Photo Pin. You’ll find a great resource of graphics you can you use for your blog or website once you provide the proper attribution. Different file sizes are available for download which is very nifty when you need specific graphic dimensions.

Stock Free Images: Powered by Dreamstime, Stock Free Images is also a great resource for stock images. Though they don’t have a wide variety of graphics, I always use the search tool in case I stumble upon a great find.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a lawyer and my knowledge is solely based on personal research. I’d like to invite other business owners to take caution and also research this topic.

What are some other resources you use to find free stock images for your blog or social media? I’d love to add more resources to the list so share them in the comments below 😀

Stay tuned because the second part of this video “How To Create Your Own Custom Graphics” is coming up soon!

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much love, Kim

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