Creating Awesome Graphics and Images

Need to create custom graphics for your website, blog or social media pages?

Of course you do, because creating high-quality, custom content is incredibly important to visually capturing your audience; increasing engagement and spreading brand awareness.

When I first started dabbling in social media marketing I desperately wanted to create high quality graphics for our business and had absolutely NO IDEA how to use Photoshop or any of those uber-complicated software programs.

We were boot-strapped and paying a graphic designer was out of the question.

Especially since the amount of content I wanted to create was pretty extensive.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, since we were lacking in the financial department I had to get REALLY resourceful.

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This is kinda funny, but I actually started using Power Point for our online and print ads, and though if you stumble upon one of my primitive creations you’d probably shriek, we actually got a lot of business by creating those ads.

Anyway, time went by and I eventually upgraded my resourcefulness to include a little Photoshop in the mix but for the most part I use  free graphics tools to create Facebook covers, blog photos, business cards, social posts & even custom YouTube video thumbnails.

I’m no graphic designer but one of the questions I get asked most often by my colleagues, friends and clients is, “How do you create all those beautiful social media graphics?”…

 Don’t worry, it’s not via a super complicated graphic design software.  

I put together this Free Graphics Toolkit so you can take a peek at the tools I use to create high-quality graphics for my social media pages, my blog and even my website.

In fact, the PDF itself was created with these tools.

I think you’ll love it and truly hope it is serves you well! Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments or suggestions.

Oh, yeah! Grab your free Image Creation Toolkit right here:

Untitled design

Over To You

Let me know what tools you like to use to create graphics in the comments below.

I’d love to add more resources to the PDF. 🙂

Talk soon,



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