You’ve probably heard a thousand times over that engagement on your social media platforms is important.  But why does it really matter if people answer or like the silly questions you post on Facebook or RT you via Twitter?  Why is it so imperative that we get those re-pins on Pinterest or +1’s on Google?


In this blog post I’m gonna show you exactly how you can leverage social media engagement by using a very simple strategy to grow your business and build long-lasting relationships with your clients.


While I can go all technical on you about how engagement helps reach friends of your fans & serves as a mega phone for your message,  I won’t.  Enter the strategy of giving.



Folks aren’t use to the idea that brands are real people; much less people who are willing to help them for absolutely no reason.  So let me give you a real-life example of what whole-hearted social media engagement can do for your business.  Last week  Georgia (and most of the South) got hit with a pretty ridiculous snow storm.  We only had a few inches of snow but long story short it was complete chaos.  The city shut down, kids were stuck in schools, hundreds of accidents, the interstate was jammed…


Lots of my friends had to walk home and some didn’t even make it back until the next day.  Here in Athens,  the University of Georgia cancelled class so I decided to post this question on my very first client’s Facebook page (it’s my fiancée’s awesome moving company so I’m totally biased).


  What happened next was pretty amazing.  Enter the strategy of giving.


 Two days later something totally unexpected happened.  We got a reply back from one cool (and grateful) mom.




Now, by no means am I trying to encourage you to give away Starbucks coffee gift cards to every fan you interact with in hopes of getting business from them.  That’s plain scammy, but  I definitely want you  to  be helpful without expecting anything in return whenever an opportunity arises.  Go crazy and turn your brand into a warm-hearted, love-spreading human-being on social media.


Afraid people won’t take you seriously?  Just because your brand should be human doesn’t mean it has to be unprofessional.  Learn to balance the two on social media and you’ll gain that ”know, like and trust factor” that your business needs to succeed on social.


Don’t have the budget?  Who says you can’t be helpful anyway?  Surprise your fans with a hand written ‘thank you’ note or a random motivational email.  Send them a discount coupon just because it’s Wednesday & LISTEN to their struggles.  Be human, be helpful and have real conversations.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Now go out there and start building lasting relationships with your current fans and crush it with that social media engagement!


Don’t forget to post in the comments below with even more ways you can be helpful on social.

much love, Kim

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