Why Your Fans Are Not Making You The Green

I hear it over and over again… ”My fans are just not turning into sales, Kim.  I’m just so frustrated.”

I get it.  I really do.  

See, most people tend to think that all they have to do is set up their social channel, start posting and poof!  Sales start raking in!

While I so wish it was that easy, nothing valuable in life ever is.

But you and I, we’re about to change all that.

Let me ask you this,  you have systems in place so your business can function, right?  Of course you do!

The same goes for social media marketing.

Actually, it applies to any kind of online marketing because here’s the thing,  social media is just one piece of the puzzle.

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It is intended to function as a lead generation source, a brand awareness tool & a traffic generation machine.

So bring out the pen and paper because, we’re going to learn how to get more leads on social media.

If you know how to play your cards right, it can be all of that and much more.  But you have to get the rest of the parts going before it all comes together to provide results.

Listen up because this is going to change the way you utilize social media forever.  Social media is a tool, it cannot and should never be your entire marketing strategy.  

Now repeat it with me…


Yep, that’s right.  Your Facebook page can have 20 billion fans but if you have no strategy in place to turn those fans into leads, you might as well just shut the page down.

No worries though,  I’m going to teach you how to implement a process to turn your fans & followers into paying clients that can’t get enough of your stuff (without breaking the bank).


Turning Fans Into Paying Customers


Let’s do it.  

First things first – are you familiar with sales funnels?  If you’re not, they are processes that move your prospects from mere leads into paying customers via a series of steps.



I put it in simple terms in the graphic above so you can visualize it easily.

Leads will always be at the top of your sales funnel and the role of marketing is to turn as many fans, followers & web visitors into leads.

As far as social media goes, the most valuable type of lead comes in the form of email subscribers.

Now, if you’re still not sure about the importance of growing your sales with email marketing, I’m sending you over to expert Derek Halpern.  

Read his stuff.  It’s amazing.  That’s all I’m gonna say.

But, if you’re already on board with email marketing, keep reading.


The Step-By-Step Process


Now, let’s break it down into a step-by-step strategy.

I’m going to show you exactly what this process looks like with examples from my favorite mag, Fitness Magazine & a few people I admire.

I know, I know… you probably don’t have all the resources big brands like Fitness does, BUT the concept is exactly the same.

I’ve used the same process to build my one-woman-show biz & have used these same strategies with my clients.

It all comes down to moving your fans into leads using email marketing, and then into paying customers by giving them a ton of value over a period of time to build their trust & eventually making them an offer to buy.

Is it gonna be a hefty time investment? Sure thing.  Will it cost you a ton of money? NO.

That’s the beauty of online marketing…

Anyway, let’s get down to business.





Step #1: Getting more fans

Growing your fan base is incredibly important, but it’s only the first step in creating a highly-profitable online marketing strategy.  

Because we want long-lasting results, I want you to grow your fan base the right way, by focusing on quality and not quantity.

There are several ways to do so effectively.  Get the entire scoop here.

Step #2: Engaging your fans

Once you get your fans & followers to click that ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button it’s game-time.

You need to have a solid content strategy that allows you to create highly engaging content that is not only valuable but also easy to consume for your audience.

Having a solid content strategy includes showing up daily on social media, setting up an efficient content calendar (and sticking to it),  crafting your posts in advance & analyzing what your audience responds to.


Resist junkfood



Figure out the type of content your audience resonates with your audience by paying attention to your analytics and asking your fans for their feedback.   

If you’re brand new at this, and haven’t started creating & publishing your own content, now is the time.  

Keep reading because you’ll be ahead of the game if you understand how the pieces come together from the get-go.




The key here is to create original, highly-valuable & FREE content that your potential clients will devour.

Once you publish that content on your website, share it via social media as well so it reaches even more eyeballs.

Step #3: Convert them to email subscribers

Here’s where the magic happens.

I want you to create an awesome freebie that your audience can download & keep, in exchange for their name and email.

This doesn’t have to be incredibly elaborate, it just has to be something super valuable that your fans & followers cannot resist.

Depending on the type of audience you service, you’re gonna want to create a PDF download, an e-mail series, an e-Book, a video series or even an audio download.

Whatever it is, make it crazy awesome  & easy to access via your website.  


















Once you have your giveaway ready to go, you’re gonna want to create a landing page on your website where your fans can download their giveaway.

You can do this in 10 minutes by using a tool like Lead Pages that lets you design landing pages with drag and drop features.

You’re also going to want your email marketing service connected to your landing page so you can easily capture your visitor’s names and emails.

I love ActiveCampaign and Aweber. 


Step #4: Promote your giveaway

Now  that you have your giveaway landing page ready, you’re gonna want to promote it.  

I suggest you start by writing a blog post, creating a video or recording a podcast about your new giveaway (if you have a blog, a YouTube channel and a podcast, do all three!).

Of course, share it on social media & send out an email about it as well.

Be sure to add the link to your landing page to as many places as possible.

That includes your Facebook page’s short description, & your Twitter bio like Ms. Ann from Southern Social Marketing (add it on Pinterest, Google + & Instagram if you’re on those too).


(1) Southern Social


Some other nifty ways to promote your giveaway are by adding your landing page link to your email signature and also guest blog posting about your latest giveaway on an affiliates blog.

You can guest interview if you’re into podcasting as well.

Step #5: Paid Promotion:

Finally, promote the heck out of your freebie.

Consider setting up some highly targeted Facebook ads to promote your new freebie & capture as many emails as you possibly can.

A well crafted ad can get you highly qualified leads for just a few bucks.

Remember, you really don’t need to have a huge budget in order to get some great results, but be sure to take the time to learn how to craft a great ad.

I have leads… now what?

Step #6: The sale

Once you get a fan or follower to sign up for your email list, you can engage them on a weekly basis by adding value via email marketing.

Your emails should inspire them to take action, empower them or save them time/money.

In this phase we’re concentrating on building trust & encouraging them to engage with you.

Finally, after you’ve deliver great value you can propose an offer to turn them into paying customers.  

While this email offer might be too flashy for my taste, you don’t have create any fancy graphics or super complex format.



 Keeping The Cycle Going

There’s so much you can do with email marketing, but I’m not gonna go into too much detail because there’s already a lot to process here and I’m not an email marketing expert.

However, keeping your flow of leads is really important to your bottom line so,  keep growing your fan base and keep converting those fans into leads.

It’s also important that you stay consistent with publishing great content, and sending your valuable emails on a consistent basis, so when its time to sell you’ve given away enough value that your audience is ready to buy.





Let’s Recap 

  • Step 1: Grow your fan base on social
  • Step 2: Share epic content that is easy to engage with
  • Step 3: Convert them into email subscribers by offering an irresistible giveaway
  • Step 4: Promote the heck out of your giveaway and keep growing  your list by sharing awesome content with them
  • Step 5: Use paid promotion like Facebook ads to turbo-boost your list
  • Step 6: Present your email subscribers with a great offer (sell!)
  • Step 7: Keep growing your fan base & sharing amazing content consistently

What To Expect

If you’re just starting out, and have very few fans and followers and you don’t really have a budget, it will take some time to build your email list.

Nonetheless, don’t wait until you have a bigger fan base to start building your email list.

You are here to get more leads on social media, keep moving forward.


You’ll get out of it what you put into it, so keep hustling and be patient.  This is mostly all free, remember?

If you have several thousands of fans but no email list… put this system into place asap.

But also make sure that you’re creating great content on a regular basis and you have the resources to implement email marketing.

Follow through consistently and you’ll get good results.  Don’t be disappointed if you’re not getting the results you want the first time around.

Like anything in business you have to test, experiment, analyze and tweak.

I hope you found this blog helpful and if you did, don’t forget to pass it along!  Share your progress, suggestions and insights in the comments below.

much love, Kim


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