Why Focusing On Getting More Fans Isn’t That Important

Would you like to get more Facebook fans?  I recently hit my 1,000 + fan mark and I’m UBER excited.

Of course, 1,000 fans isn’t many fans at all compared to most brands.  Heck, YOU probably have more fans than I do!

The point is, it took me a LONG time to qualify my fans (more on that soon) but it feels good to hit the mark.

It seems like most everyone is crazy focused on gaining more Facebook fans these days, but the truth is… (are you sitting down?) your fan base is JUST A NUMBER.

Crazy right?

In the grand spectrum of things, the amount of fans I have isn’t gonna guarantee more customers (I wish it did though).

Yes, having a large fan base does provide your business with social proof and growing a qualified Facebook fan base is very important in terms of increasing your conversions.

 The problem lies in solely focusing on THE NUMBERS.  We need to make a mind shift from quantity to quality.




Why?  Because it really doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 20K Facebook fans.  

If your fans don’t care about your product, program or service, they aren’t doing your business any good at all.  Instead, when you focus on growing a Facebook fan base of enthusiastic, brand-loving advocates, you’ll start to see a dramatic impact on your business.


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So the next time you start obsessing about the amount of fans on your social media pages, try focusing on qualifying future fans and nurturing your current fan base.

Need some ideas to get more Facebook fans?

Here are 6 ways to gain more of the right type of fans.

1. Create kick-butt content

This is probably the most obvious suggestion because no one wants to follow a page that shares boring stuff.

Put some real effort into your content and soon enough people will start sharing that content and enticing their friends to join the club.

Want a few ideas? Grab my Free Post Ideas Cheat Sheet (it has over 52 post ideas).


2. Optimize for SEO

Optimize your fan page’s description & details with keywords so your page starts ranking for those keywords.


3. Send everyone an invite

Ask your current clients to join your community on Facebook & entice them with discounts or promotions.

Make a promise to answer their questions & participate in discussions.

You can do this in person, via prints like ‘thank you’/ business cards/ receipts or just send your email list a teaser.


4. Turn your staff into advocates

Get your staff to become advocates of your brand on social media so they can spread the word on their personal social media profiles.

TIP: This is one you’re not gonna want to skip on, I’ve seen crazy awesome results when my clients start getting their team involved.


5. Get a big ‘ole sign

If you own a physical location with substantial foot traffic, put up a big ‘ol sign at your shop with the Facebook page URL and a printed ‘Like Us’ promotion.

Offer a fan-only discount or offer.


6. Run a promotion

 Take advantage of running a promotion or giveaway on your page.

Make sure to qualify your fans by giving away a prize that’s directly linked to your business.  So often we don’t really think through our contests’s objectives.

Make sure that you’re attracting fans who actually care about your products, programs and services by giving away whatever you sell.


7. Install a like box

Ask your developer to install a ‘Like Box’ on your website.

These are ideal to convert your web visitors into fans without distracting them.  Here is how to set it up.


8. Use Facebook ads

Target your fans by geographical location, behavior and interests to make sure you are targeting people who are genuinely interested in what you have to sell.

Take some time to set up your promotion correctly via the self-served ads dashboard (never, ever promote your page via the boost button on your page).


So there you have it, eight ways to qualify your fan base WHILE you grow.


Of course, come on over to my Facebook page & join the community!  I love to put a name to a face so feel free to gimme a shout!

Rock on!




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