You Don’t Have to Feel Overwhelmed With Social

Social Media Overwhelm

Social media overwhelm zaps us all at some point.  Do you ever find yourself totally turned-off over the idea of having to update your social media pages?

Have you ever secretly desired there was some kind of program that could intuitively create all your posts (ninja-style)?  Trust me, I TOTALLY get you.

Back when I first started dabbling in social I had no strategy, no plan and I wanted to build our presence on every social network under the sun!

I was truly overwhelmed to say the least but that doesn’t have to be you anymore.  We’re about to dig into some really simple strategies that will place your social efforts into auto-pilot so you never have to feel social-guilt ever again (no to mention it will help you create some kick-butt content).

Enter batching.

This is my #1 strategy to getting things done, stress & hassle free.  You would never do your laundry by placing just one item at a time in the washer, right?  Of course not!

We use this strategy in our every day life.  Running errands, paying bills, doing the dishes – it makes sense to group similar tasks together and knock them out at once.

Social media is no different.  You can easily dedicate just a few hours per month to planning and creating your content and then set it on auto-pilot without feeling like its taking over your life!

Step One- The Strategy

Let’s break it down.  There are only a few types of posts on social media and I like to put these into 7 categories.  Of course, you may have a different take so don’t be afraid to make these your own and stick to what works.

1. Blog Posts: Here is where you get to communicate with your readers and really showcase your know-how & expertise.  Having a blog helps position your business as an industry-leader and should always be your main communication channel.  While you don’t have to publish a blog, creating original content in the form of text, video or audio & can be incredibly valuable for your visitors, not to mention the huge SEO benefits.

(4) Social Media News & Tips



2. Inspiring Content:  You know the feeling you get when you see an image quote or read an article that really hits home?  Your fans and followers want to feel it too.  Start creating some inspiring content and publish it frequently.  Does it have to be someone else’s stuff?  Absolutely not, although you can always quote someone else’s thoughts, the most powerful insights come from your personal perspective and your fans & followers want to know what’s going on inside your head so don’t be shy and spill the beans!


(5) Social Media News & Tips


*Note that Sandy brands all her quotes and graphics with either her logo, Twitter URL or website.  This is really important so that when your fans share your content you are promoting your brand along the way.

3. Questions:  These are great conversation starters.  By asking questions that are easy & fast to answer you’re breaking the ice with your fans and encouraging them to converse about topics that interest them.  You can tie questions in with your brand or go completely off-topic.  There are no rules here, just experiment and learn what works.  Once you do, simply repeat the process.




4. Tips & Tricks:  This is probably one of my personal favorites.  Create short tid-bits of advice around topics that are either related to your products (or services) or around topics aligned with those topics.  So for example, if you’re a make-up artist you can easily create short make-up tutorials or post some great skin care advice.


(2) Solid Brands






















5. Other People’s Content:  It’s virtually impossible to create all the content your audience is interested in all on your own (unless you’re a publication)  so show fellow industry leaders some love & share their content with your audience whenever you think they’ll find it helpful.




6. Contests & Giveaways:  These can help build buzz about your products and get people talking about them.  Get really creative and you’ll be able to leverage contests and giveaways really efficiently.

(1) Solid Brands (2)


 7. Promos:  Of course you want to sell your product but there’s an art to doing so.  You should never be afraid to sell on social media but always make sure that you’ve given enough free value away first.

(1) Solid Brands


Step-2 Setting Up Your Content Calendar

Go ahead and plan out the frequency with which you’ll be publishing each individual post & place it on your editorial calendar.  If you don’t have one yet, check out this blog post.

Here’s what my category plan looks like each week:

Blog Posts- 4 times/week

Questions- 3/week

Other People’s Content- 3/week

Inspiring Content (quotes) -3/week

Tips & Tricks- 4/week

Contests & Giveaways- 1/week

Promos- 1/week


Step 3-  The Art Of Batching

Now that you have your posts planned out, you can begin to create them in advance.  Start by gathering any photos or graphics you may use.  Then, head over to Canva to create any posts that require images.

Next, write up the copy and simply schedule that content in advance using Facebook’s free scheduler, Tweet Deck or any publishing tool you like.

Viola! Before you know it you’ll have a full month worth of content planned, scheduled and set on auto-pilot.  It’s the 3 step process I use & recommend to all of my clients.

So now it’s your turn!  Start implementing this strategy and let me know how it works out for you in the comments below.



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