How To Deal With Negative Comments On social Media

Dealing with negative comments

So, today we’re gonna talk about a not-so-sexy but uber-important topic most brands are terrified of…  Ready? Negative comments/feedback on social media!

We’re all afraid of it… Let’s be honest,  no one likes getting up in the morning to find nasty Tweets or Facebook comments, but it happens to the best of brands.  And that’s ok.  Even the most stellar customer service gets some push-back because well, not every product, program or service is right for every customer.

The Positive Side of Negative Things

I want you to get a bit adventurous with me and actually think of negative feedback in a more positive light.  I know! You’re probably thinking ”Ain’t no way Imma see this as a blessing, Kim” and I totally get that.

As a social media manger I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to haters on social.  But I’ve also come to learn that very often these people are giving out priceless information that brands can use to better thier products even more.  Not to mention it provides a fantastic opportunity to show the rest of their fans how much they truly care about the customer’s product experience.

I’ve covered this topic before in my blog but I’m baffled at the amount of business owners and even social media managers who don’t have a clear plan of action when it comes to dealing with crisis on social media ( if that’s you, no worries, we’re about to shake things up!).  That being said, I figured I should reiterate the importance of being ready for lash-back 24/7.

Learning how to control a risky situation on social media is incredibly valuable.  In fact, it can not only save your brand of some major embarrassment, but also position your brand as a customer happiness advocate and as a result, propel your customer loyalty like it’s nobody’s business.

You Can’t Please Everybody

The sad truth is that no matter how hard we try to please our customers there will always be someone who is not 100% satisfied with our product, program or service.  It’s just how business works.  The important thing is not so much that it happens but that we, as marketing-saavy entrepreneurs know how to tackle the issue head-on and have a clear plan in place to do so (especially if someone else is heading our customer service).

In this video I’m going to show you 3 easy steps you can follow to turn nasty commenters into loyal customers.  Plus, I’ll show you how to determine whether negative feedback is coming from a real customer or just a hating troll.

See you inside!

much love, Kim

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