Design Your Social Media Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

Confession time.

I’ve never been a good planner. Back when I was in college I was a total nerd but I really struggled with this one summer session, Anatomy & Physiology. If you’ve ever had to name every bone, muscle & organ in the body, you know what I mean.

I was in the same classroom with a bunch of incredibly intelligent, medical students who seemed to just ‘’get it’’. Talk about being intimidated… Not only did I have boatloads of material to study, memorize and regurgitate… I had to compete against the creme of the crop.

The sad part was that I was letting it get to me. Bad. No matter how late I stayed up or how many flashcards I drafted up (multi-color highlighter & all) I couldn’t seem to retain enough material to ace the tests.


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Until… one of my professors hooked me up with a study plan. That thing was gold.

It really walked me through the importance of focusing on what my goals were outside of that single class & helped me draft up a killer study plan.

Every week I used listening strategies to retain more material during class, tweaked my study habits and watched my grades soar.

After the grueling 8-week marathon, I was at the top of my class and my professor was seriously impressed with my unexpected victory.

In the end, I just needed to study smarter, not harder. I should have known better!

Ok, but what the heck does my random Anatomy class story have to do with designing your social media strategy? Everything, actually.

See, most of us are so used to jumping on auto-pilot and doing things ‘’because we’re supposed to’’ that we rarely take a second to stop & figure out why we’re doing these things & how they serve our goals. In other words, we don’t have a strategy.

I don’t have to convince you about the importance of designing your own social media strategy ( I mean, there’s a reason why you’re reading this, right?) I’m about to give you 5 ultra-short steps to drafting the powerhouse of your social media marketing; a Social Media Strategy Plan.

Grab a pen and paper (or open up your Google doc) & answer these simple questions.



Answer Theses Simple Questions

Hit the street. Who are your ideal clients & how are they using social media?

This is possibly the most important questions you could ask yourself. It’s your #1 priority to know your buyer. Figure out who your ideal client is, what their interests are, what influences their buying decisions and you’ll be 10 steps ahead of the competition.

Don’t forget that what works for the coffee shop across the street might not work for your business, and that’s ok!

You’re here to experiment, learn & make changes to your social media strategy. The second most important question is where do these peeps hang out online and how are they interacting on social media platforms?

Once you have this info mapped out you can choose where to spend your time wisely.


1. Get hyper-focused. What are you trying to achieve?

Don’t waste your time. Think about your ultimate objective on social media & focus all your efforts on accomplishing those specific, strategic goals.


2. Sing it loud and proud. What makes you different?

Your secret sauce is what will ultimately seal the deal on and offline. Get really clear on what that is and make sure it transpires in your content and interactions.


3. Spill the beans. What is the one thing you want your customers to know about your product?

It’s easy to get caught up and forget what you want your fans to know about you. Post it on your wall, tape it to your laptop… whatever you do, always keep your messaging clear & consistent.

P.S. You might want to learn how to create a solid social media strategy by spying on your competition too. Check out this awesome resource.


4. Become Captain Generous. What do you have to offer?

Value. Value. Value. People won’t get enough of your free content so figure out what they want and give them lots of it. For free.


5. Ask the right questions. How will measure success?

Experiment, tweak & repeat. It’s crucial that you learn what works and what doesn’t so you can do more in less time.

So, there you have it- how to design your own social media strategy in these 5 easy steps. Now, go out there, test things out & learn what works for your business.


Over To You

I hope you’re ready to dive in and design you social media strategy. If you want to take things to the next level, sign up for my free social media class and I’ll spill the beans on creating engaging content (plus some awesome tools that can really help). Enroll by clicking here!

Already have a strategy in place? What’s worked for you? I’d love it if you would share your wisdom with all of us in the comments below!





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