Considered one of the most powerful marketing engines by many of the experts, Facebook is a space those of us who understand it’s value are trying hard to leverage.  Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay.  But this amazing social platform is anything but simple to leverage, aimma right?

Facebook announced this year a severe decrease in organic reach.  Yea, I’m sure you’ve probably seen the change affect your page in one way or the other.  But what does this mean for those of us who are trying to leverage it?

Simple.  We gotta step up our game & harness the power of engagement for EVERY SINGLE post we publish on #Facebook. -Tweet This!

Here are 15 Facebook post ideas from business pages that are thriving on Facebook & making waves while they are at it (yes, there’s hope for your page if you’re strugglin’ a bit these days!).


Diggin’ Into The Posts


1. Pique your reader’s interests with photo posts that incorporate a rhetorical question.

Quirkymomma does this very well, and although they are not abiding by Facebook’s latest announcement on click-baiting, these gals are a unique example of a business owner who knows what works on Facebook and keeps doing more of it.




2. Experiment with sharing fun facts related to your product, services, your employees or even YOU.

Of course, crazy facts is just what the peeps over at UberFacts do, but why not spice up your content with a few facts related to your products or better yet, the people who work at your company?



3. Take it off-topic while keeping it relevant and timely.

We all know Anthropology sells fabulous apparel, so why talk about cider on Facebook?  Because they know their audience VERY well and cider is a beverage, their target demo would enjoy this time of the year.  The key to crafting this kind of post is to think outside the box without becoming irrelevant to your audience.







4. Be real and authentic.

Kim Garst knows exactly how to get her fan base to go coo-coo on Facebook.  Her voice and tone are perfectly crafted to reflect her genuine personality, and she doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing herself.  Try that same type of boldness and transparency.  Your fans will probably love it.





5. Capture The behind-The-Scenes Action

Tribe Fitness is an excellent gym in my town, and they keep their community engaged & inspired by taking photos of their member’s working out on the regular. Think of ways you can keep your community engaged by pulling up the curtain behind your business’ everyday ops or highlighting your customers.  Fans tend to LOVE seeing their faces on a company’s Facebook page.





6. Be generous with your knowledge. Share some powerful tips!

If you know me, you know how much I love Canva, so I’m not gonna ramble about their fantastic free graphic design tool (see what I did there?) and just focus on how they incorporate useful tips & tricks on their Facebook page that empower their fans to become better graphic designers.  



7. Write about topics your audience can relate to.

I love how SHAPE creates fresh articles around timely topics that help their readers keep up with their fitness goals.  Seriously, sometimes I feel like they are in my head!  Think of ways you can model the same concept and blog about topics your audience is interested in before they even realize it.



8. Upload videos directly to Facebook.

Yes, Gary Vee is a total pro when it comes to social media marketing, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this post as an example and add-on some inspiration to your Facebook post bucket-list.  Experiment with an engaging video post and don’t forget to select the best thumbnail image possible.  The auto-play feature on Facebook may be annoying to some, but it proves very efficient when it comes to driving engagement.




9. Ask questions but give them your own, personal twist.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but I’m quickly starting to realize (after much trial and error) that you can’t just ask questions on Facebook and expect your fans to stop everything they are doing to interact with you.  There’s an art to it.  Figure out what your audience is interested in BEFORE you ask the question and add your personal twist to it like Amy did.   Nail this type of post, and you’ll unlock a surefire way to bump up your engagement.



11. Flash the spotlight on your team.

People on Facebook are there to connect with their friends, express their thoughts and catch up on the latest.  Help your audience build that same connection with your brand by spotlighting the people that serve them on a daily basis.  Don’t be afraid to let your company culture spill over on your Facebook page (love how Heyo does this). You’ll be surprised at your fans’ reaction.



12. Ask for some feedback.

People LOVE to share their two cents on social media (and really anywhere), so give them the opportunity to do so whenever you get the chance.  Usually having them pick between two pre-selected options makes it easy enough for them to participate.




13. Turn your advice into a quote.

Your fans trust you, and they want to be inspired by what YOU have to say.  Sure, it’s easier to piggy-back on someone else’s quote but don’t underestimate the power of YOUR insight.   Turn your best stuff into quote graphics and post them frequently.  Brendon gets this one right.




14. Leverage your testimonials into social proof.

Derek just launched a new product, and he used the opportunity to tease new prospects with a few quotes from some the clients that have already enrolled.  It’s a super cool way to pique curiosity and obtain high social proof by getting his audience to relate to his current customers.




15. Switch it up with a photo album.

Got a company event, retreat or just a making a fun upgrade to your facility?  Switch things up with a beautiful photo album and get your fans to engage for a longer period.  Facebook displays albums in a nice collage format that is sure to increase your post clicks, and you may even get your fans or employees to tag themselves in the photos.

Artini’s is a fantastic studio that offers painting classes to our community, and they nail their photo albums (take note of the quality of the photos).




 Over To You

So there you have it.  15 Facebook posts ideas to freshen up your content and serve as a guide to crafting incredibly engaging content your audience will absolutely devour.
Remember to keep an open mind and test things out as you go.  Keep at it for long enough and you’ll start seeing some great results on Facebook.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free social edia class and learn my 5 secrest to creating engaging content your fans will devour.

Now it’s your turn. What are some other Facebook post ideas that really work for you?  Share the wisdom in the comments below, thanks in advance for being awesome!


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