How Can I Get More Facebook Likes?

Welcome to a very special episode of #KimTV.

I’m so excited because we’re launching our very first Q&A segment for #KimTV this week.  The amount of questions you all have been asking via email, Facebook, Twitter and even the YouTube comments has been amazing and it certainly inspired this special segment.

Today’s question comes from a very special fan,  Antonio.

Antonio asks, ”I am slowly building a following on Instagram, but can’t figure out how to do the same on Facebook. I don’t understand it. Should I treat them differently?”


The Difference Between Instagram & Facebook

First off, this is an excellent question.

Every brand on Facebook is there for one reason and one reason alone… to (eventually) get more business. Whether you’re on Facebook to grow your sales, spread the word about your new venture or simply build a loyal customer community, it all starts with getting more Facebook likes.

So in order to get more Facebook likes or grow any following in general, it’s really important that we understand that just like every party we go to is different, each social network will be a different experience as well.

Take for example, Instagram.  Although it was acquired by Facebook, it is a completely different platform.



With its 200 million active monthly users, Instagram it’s a platform that inspires creativity, makes photo & video editing incredibly easy and is solely photo and video based.  Users also consume content via a time-sensitive feed.

Facebook on the other hand, has 1 billion active monthly users (talk about a crowded party!) and the platform helps users stay in the loop of what their friends and favorite brands are up to via stories.

Users consume content via the news feed, which publishes content based on Facebook’s algorithm.  The algorithm helps filter through the an average of  1,500 stories published  from friends and pages user’s like.


So now that we’ve established the main differences between Instagram and Facebook, let’s talk about some tips to get more Facebook likes.

It’s more important than ever that we learn how to treat each social network differently.” – Tweet This!


 Three Tips To Get More Facebook Likes

Tip #1: Get active outside of Facebook.

What does this mean?  It means you have make sure that you are sending people back to your Facebook page with every opportunity you get.  Think about the different  marketing assets and opportunities your business has.

-Website: This is such a valuable asset, you always want to make sure you include Facebook light box to entice your web visitors to become Facebook fans.  You can check out how to install a Facebook like box on your website here. 

-Email List: If you have an email list, this is a phenomenal opportunity to turn your email subscribers into Facebook fans.  You can get creative  by linking back to a Facebook post and asking your email subscribers to reply to a particular question or share their thoughts on a particular topic.

-Physical Store: If you have a physical location, use signage to entice customers in your store to find you on Facebook. You can even give away a 5% discount at checkout when they like your page or create special promotions available only to Facebook fans.

Don’t forget to print your Facebook page URL on receipts or invoices and use this space to promote any contests or giveaways you may have going on.

-Speaking Gig: This is one of my favorites so if you are a public speaker, or give talks on the regular, you can test out getting your audience engaged after the talk is over.  Have participants continue the conversation on your Facebook page or promise to give them a downloadable worksheet that is pinned at the top of you Facebook page.

-Email  Correspondence: Get your entire team to add your Facebook page on their email signatures.  That way whenever they correspond with prospects or clients the page is getting exposure.  You can take it a step further by providing an incentive such as ”Get $5 off your next invoice by becoming a fan—> link to Facebook page” or ”Get a free cupcake on your birthday when you become a fan —>”.


Tip #2: Create Awesome Content

When you create awesome content that resonates with your audience, engagement is inevitable.  Figure out what works, post that more often, and your content will be pushed out into the news feed a more often.

Remember that every time someone engages with your content they are creating a story their friends might also see via the Facebook news feed and as a result you’ll get more opportunities to be found on Facebook.

Need a little inspiration?  Check out these 15 Facebook post ideas to increase your engagement and keep your content fresh.

Tip #3: Facebook Advertising

If you want to hyper-boost your page and get more Facebook likes, you can always give Facebook advertising a go.

You won’t need a crazy huge budget because results on Facebook are dramatically less expensive than traditional advertising.

If you’ve never tried Facebook ads before, or you’ve tried with little success, check out my Facebook Like Ad Guide. It will guide you step-by-step to creating your ideal Facebook like ad.


In the video I mentioned I would give you all access to two great resources to get more Facebook likes.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Your First Facebook Like Ad

8 Tips To Get More Facebook Fans

Got  a question? Don’t forget to come over to Twitter & ask away using hashtag #AskKimJ and I might answer your question next week!

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