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There’s so many social networks out there. SO MANY!  I don’t know about you, but it can definitely get overwhelming when you are trying to grow and decide which social network you want to hit up next.

OR, perhaps you are just starting out on social media and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, so to speak.

How in the world do you find the right social network for you business?  There are so many options!– Tweet This!

I’m glad you asked because in this episode of #KimTV I’m gonna give you a 3-step process to finding the right social network for you business without the crazy drama.




3 Steps To Find The Right Social Network For Your Business

Step 1: Are my customers on this platform?  

It’s gonna be nearly impossible to grow on a successful social channel where your audience is non-existent.  Talk to your current customers or send out a survey to find out where they hang out online.

It’s ok to take an educated guess if you are not 100% certain, but do your research, and don’t take this step lightly.  The last thing you will want to do is invest your time and efforts into building an audience, only to find out your ideal clients don’t hang out on that social network after all.

Step 2: Where are my competitors active?  

It’s always smart to take a peek at what other people in your industry are doing.  Since you share the same clientele, it’s definitely a good idea to check out where they are grow their online presence.

Take caution though, you want to make sure that your competitors are actually thriving on that social network.  Pay attention to the size of their fan base, the amount of engagement they receive.   While you are at it, learn what people are saying about them on that particular network.


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Step 3: Do I have the resources to keep up with this social network?  

Research your social channels thoroughly, and figure out what types of activities you need to perform in order to thrive on that network.

So let’s say you are considering taking on YouTube, Vine or Pinterest.  Ask yourself the following questions and answer objectively.

Are you (or someone on your team) comfortable with the primary content type being shared on the platform? ie. Professional photography on Pinterest or short video on Vine.

Will we need special equipment?

These days a smartphone is pretty much all you need, but there may want to invest in some professional equipment down the line like a better camera, a professional microphone or a back drop.

Will it be time consuming to create content for this platform?  It will always be time consuming to create any type of content.  But some content takes a little more time and effort than others.  For example, planning, shooting and editing a video might take a bit longer than taking a photo for Instagram or crafting a tweet.

However, for some of you video production comes exceptionally natural and it actually takes less time than crafting posts on other platforms.

My point is, be realistic in terms of the time and resources you will have to allocate to be successful on the particular social network that interests you.

Will being active on this platform eventually require additional staff to handle customer service and monitoring?  
Although in the beginning you might not have an issue with responding to customers and prospects on your social networks, think ahead.

much love, Kim



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