Exactly How To Create Facebook Ads Reports In Under 2 Minute


Hey guys!  On this video we’re gonna go through a highly-requested Facebook Ads reports tutorial.

If you follow me on Facebook (which you totally should if you want daily social awesomeness), I asked a question about creating this tutorial because many of you have been messaging me about it.

So here it is! I’m gonna show you exactly how to create your Facebook ads report to really get into the nuts and bolts of what’s happening with your ads.

It’s definitely a must-watch if you’re running Facebook Ads and want to optimize them to get the most bank for your buck (and who doesn’t want that?)

You can also use this Facebook Ads report tutorial if you’re running advertising for clients and haven’t found an easy and precise way to send them reports.

This tutorial is a super-brief overview, so if you would like a more advanced one on how to create Facebook Ads reports for specific types of ads, how to schedule the reports and how to use the data to optimize them,  definitely let me know in the comments below.

It would be a much longer video and I didn’t want to bore you with a total geek-out sesh on Facebook ads if you weren’t interested.

Let’s Get Down To Business

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learn how to create Facebook Ads reports for all of your current and future ads campaigns.

Got questions?  Hit me up in the comments below and I’ll answer all of your questions.

Catch ya next week!

much love, Kim




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