Increasing Social Shares On Your Blog Isn’t Rocket Science

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, ”How can I get more traffic & shares to my blogs using social media?”.

And it makes total sense.

We’re all trying to get more readers, more subscribers and more clients via our websites.

After all, what good is it to invest hours, upon hours on a great blog post if nobody reads it?  No good.

A great way to get more readers  is to increase social shares on your blog.

Blogging is something I’m still exploring, testing and experimenting with on my own site, so I will be sharing a few super-simple strategies that have worked well for me, as well as new ideas I’ve recently discovered, and I am testing out.


First Things First

I’ll assume that you already have a blog or you are interested in creating one for business purposes.

So let’s start from the very basic elements that make up a great, share-worthy blog.

#1 Is my stuff interesting, entertaining or useful? 

This one is huge for obvious reasons.  If your readers are not your ideal clients, OR, if you are simply not writing about topics that interested them, you might as well pack up and move out of the blog-sphere.

What we are trying to accomplish here is not just to get more traffic to your blog from social media, but to actually get more readers who will buy your stuff.  Simple, right?

So on that note, remember not to get too caught up in the numbers.  Focus first of great content, and then move on to the distribution strategies that will get more people to read the darn thing.


A tool I use all the time to research blog topics that get shared around the web the most is BuzzSumo.

This online tool lets me type in keywords or phrases, and then gives me a list of the most popular blog posts that are related to those topics.

So by using it, I get to see what headlines and blogs are getting shared the most around the web, and I use those topics to guide my own content.


#2 Is my blog easy to read?

Ever been really excited about a headline on a blog post only to click over and find a huge mesh of letters and punctuation marks?  Major turn off.

You can publish the very best content out there, but if your blog posts are BIG BLOCKS of letters and punctuation marks, chances are, people are not gonna read them, let alone share them.





Creating a read-able blog is definitely something that I’m still working on myself, so don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t have this part down yet.

Take action immediately by implementing one of these basic principles and make sure to keep your paragraphs short, clear and clean.


#3 Am I writing properly?

This one shouldn’t be confused with with having a formal tone of voice.

We’ll touch on that point, but for now, just make sure you are using proper punctuation, grammar and syntactical common sense.  Simple, right?

We’re all human though (I make tones of grammatical mistakes), so get another pair of eyes to read through your blogs before you publish them.


#4 Am I writing like I talk to a friend?

Whenever possible, write as if you were speaking to a friend (assuming you are not publishing an academic blog).

Keep your tone of voice casual, friendly and positive (unless that’s just not you).  People thrive off of all three of those, and they’ll likely come back for more when you are being your true self.





Another tip: Ditch the big words and don’t write for your peers.

Make sure you convey  communicate (see what I did there?) your message in a clear and simple way, so that your audience can easily understand what you are talking about.


#5 Am I being myself?

This final tip may sound counter-intuitive, but everything I’ve shared with you up to this point are just good practices.

Sometimes you have to ditch the rules and be your authentic self (in other words, don’t let anything compromise your blog personality).

Derek Halpern from the Social Triggers blog does a phenomenal job at infusing his personality EVERYWHERE on his blog, and it’s working.




So quick recap:

  • Keep it interesting
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Don’t slack on the grammar
  • Talk like you would a friend
  • Be Yourself


Tiny Tweaks To Optimize Your Blog For Social Sharing

Use Awesome Images & Make Sharing Them Easy





Images make everything better.  Did you know that our brain processes visual information 60k times faster than text?

It’s no wonder why images are a blog’s best friend.

CoSchedule does an exceptional job at integrating beautiful graphics into their blog.

So test this one out to increase social shares to your blog via images.

Pro Tip: Use Canva to create insanely gorgeous images in a few minutes for free.




But don’t stop here.

Make sure that your blog readers can easily share those awesome graphics in very simple ways.

SumoMe is a great plugin that allows readers to share images when they hover over your blog images.



Cool, right?


Keep Your Meta Data Up-To-Date

Have you ever tried to share a link on Facebook only to find there’s no image automatically populating or the title looks a little weird?  Not good.

This is probably the most common issue I experience when I try to share a blog.



You always want to make sure to encourage shares, and if your information is not optimized for social networks, chances are people won’t be compelled to click-through to your article from social media sites.

But no worries because it’s an easy fix.

If you own a WordPress site, you can easily edit your social meta data using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. 

Once you install the plugin, simply head over to one of your blog posts and scroll down until you see the WordPress SEO screen.

From there, simply click on the ”social” tab and update the social network’s title, description and custom image.



Piece of cake!


Use A Click To Tweet Button

Using a Click-To-Tweet button is also a phenomenal way to highlight snippets from your blog post that readers can share on Twitter.

If you have a WordPress site, the Click To Tweet plugin integrates seamlessly with your text editor and embeds your content in a pretty little box.

If you don’t have a WordPress blog however, you can easily use the Click To Tweet website and manually encode this feature (plus it’s free!).


Optimize Sharing Buttons for Mobile




This is something I’m still exploring, but most social sharing buttons only have the capabilities for desktop devices (sucks, right?!).

I discovered this plugin thanks to Ian Cleary’s article on Social Media Examiner.

SumoMe takes social sharing to a whole new level by providing social sharing buttons on mobile devices (for free).




Pretty neat, huh?  I only installed this plugin a few days ago, and so far, so good!


Share It More Than Once- Create a Social Sharing Schedule

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.  My clients and I post the same status updates pretty frequently (what?, I know!).

For some strange reason, most of us are obsessed with creating new content and we post our blogs on social media once…

I was recently listening to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast and he was interviewing Social Media Maven, Laura Roeder.

And she advised to recycle your social media posts (especially the ones linking back to your blog). 

See, the thing we forget is that only a percentage of our audience are online when we publish a post.

So only a fraction of them even see it, let alone feel compelled to click over.

Set your blog on a social media sharing schedule such as the one suggested below.

It’s only a guide based on what I’ve been testing and experimenting with on my own blog, but it’s a great starting point.




Tool Alert: CoSchedule automates mosts of this social sharing schedule for blog posts inside their awesome tool, so go check it out.

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

 Over To You

Which of these 5 ideas to increase blog shares from social media to your blog are you going to put into action right away?

Let me know in the comments below.  I promise to lend you a helping hand if you get stuck in the process.

Talk soon!


 Good karma is a thing.  Don’t forget to be awesome and share this blog post with your friends. 😉



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