Posting Great Content on Social Media Requires Inspiration. Lots of It.

One of the questions I asked the most usually goes something like this, ”What should I post on social media, Kim?  It’s so hard to keep new ideas flowing.”

Don’t I know it!  

Keeping your content fresh so you can stay top-of-mind with your audience can definitely be a challenge for those of us who don’t have tons of time on our hands.

So I’m going to share with you three of my very best tips to stay inspired, and post great content on social media.

How I Do It

I posted this short video on Facebook a few days ago, and it seemed to get a lot of positive feedback.

So naturally, I turned it into a blog and here it is for ya.


Keep a Running List of Ideas

Ok, no.

I know you are probably envisioning me carrying a little notebook everywhere I go and jotting down ideas for Facebook posts as they dawn on me.  Ha!  

Although that’s certainly one way to do it, (and if it works for you, more power to ya!)  I like to digitlize most of my efforts.

So for example, If I’m browsing Facebook and find a great post that sparks my creativity, I save it for later with the save on Facebook feature and carry on with my day.


* To find saved posts, simply go to your news feed’s left-hand side menu and you will find a tab named ”Saved”. 



If you’re just browsing the web, however, one of my favorite tools to save web pages is called Pocket.

It allows you to organize web links under various categories and save articles to read them later.


Even More Ways To Keep Adding Ideas To Your List

The very best ideas just come to me  when I’m out and about, buying groceries or scoping out new patio furniture.

The other day, for example, my husband Chris and I were exchanging some wedding gift duplicates at Target, and I found this super cool ”Top Pinned on Pinterest” sticker hanging from one of the aisles.




Of course, I snapped a quick pic on my phone to post later on Facebook and show all of y’all a cool way to integrate social into your retail location.

But I’m a little more strategic than that.  

To stay organized,  I immediately shared the photo to my ”Ideas” photo album on iCloud.  This album is usually a huge time saver when it’s time to plan and schedule content for the next couple of weeks because by the end of the month, I have a collection of awesome photos and videos ready to be posted.


But say I just had a great idea for a blog post or video that wasn’t inspired by anything in particular, I use Trello to keep my ideas organized in little notes and checklists I can easily jot down while I’m on the computer or type via the phone app if I’m not near my desk.

So by the time I’m ready to schedule content for the upcoming month, I already have loads of ideas, photos and videos to post.  This way, scheduling and planning is a breeze.


Use Twitter & Facebook Lists

Try getting inspired with a Twitter or Facebook list.  Looking through other people’s stuff works great for some and not-so-great for others.

But definitely give it a try.

You can use these lists on Facebook & Twitter to filter through the noise and only see posts from other great pages you admire in your industry.




I have a ton of Twitter (and Facebook) lists.  They help me keep track not just of what other people are doing, but the posts also keep me inspired and in the know.


Get your hands on my ”52 Awesome Post Ideas” Cheat Sheet

If you follow me on social, you’ve probably already seen or downloaded my 52 Awesome Post Ideas Cheat Sheet, but if you haven’t, here is your chance.


I packed this Cheat Sheet with post ideas you can use to spark your own creativity and help you come up with more engaging content on the fly.

You can download the cheat sheet here.

Over To You

What are some other ways you stay inspired and post great content on social media?

I’d love to hear your comments and insights in the comments below.

Make sure to take action and integrate one of these ideas into your creative process.

Catch you soon,







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