Building Strong Relationships on Social Media

Building relationships with potential customers is at the top of all of our lists when it comes to social media goals.

After all, that’s why we are on social to begin with.

So how can do this in a genuine way and get major exposure from it?

That’s what we are covering on this week’s KimTV episode.

How To Do It

In this episode I’m sharing a few ideas to celebrate your fans on social media and ‘breaking the ice’ so to speak by highlighting them (plus getting more engagement as a results of it).

The whole premise of this concept is to celebrate your fans and do this from a place of service without expecting anything in return, which is the key to success here since your fans can definitely tell when you have an agenda.

When you put your fans in the spotlight instead of your own brand, it immediately breaks down barriers and gets other people talking about you.

Brands Celebrating Their Fans

Here’s a few brands who are doing it right so you can get inspired to celebrate your fans on social media the right way.

Dr. Miami is the real deal. He might be a little too out there but when it comes to featuring his fans and patients, he’s got it down to a science.


Express celebrates their fans by letting them pick out a cool outfit every week. Talk about giving your fans a voice.
Our tropical print soft shorts are your Fan Pick of the Week. Just add a tunic tee and an umbrella drink!


Posted by Express on Monday, June 8, 2015



Dunkin Donuts brings it home by featuring a cool photo each week of a fan enjoying their product.
Coffee in hand, you’re ready for anything! Congrats Grigoriy O. on being our Dunkin’ Fan of the Week!


So how can you apply these same concepts to your small business? Easy.

A Few Ideas To Celebrate Your Fans

So here are a few ideas to inspire you to put your fans in the spotlight and gain their loyalty.

1. ”Coffee is on us”- You can send out a coffee gift card just as a ‘thank you’ to a random fan for being part of your community. You can easily do this via Twitter or Facebook through the Starbucks app and get even more social with it.

3. Send customers a birthday cupcake to celebrate their special day.

4. Turn it into a weekly segment on your social media pages. Highlight a fan’s journey, interview them or share a compelling progress story. You can even name the weekly segment after #FanFriday, #StorySundays etc.

5. Share a photo of a fan using your swag (or even your products).

6. Take a selfie with a customer just because they are awesome and tag them in it.

7. Give specific fans a special discount on an item or simply give them a bonus product.

8. Create a social station at your store or location where you can take a quick photo or short video with the people who walk in your store. You might need to get a little creative with this one, but it can produce some awesome story content.

9. Fan takeovers are always fun. Pick a customer or fan who you already have a good relationship with and have them take over one of your social accounts for a day.

10. Bring on a fan or follower behind the scenes and have them be part of your product creation process.

11. Document ”a day in the life” of one of your fans or followers via social media.

12. Blog about a great success story you’ve had with a customer or client.

13. Interview a fan via your YouTube channel.

14. If you are a lifestyle brand, doing something random is always a good idea. Surprise a fan with their favorite candy bar. You might need to do a little extra work for this one to not look super-creepy, so one way to do this is to just ask. Your fans and followers will likely just tell you what their likes are and you can use this information to surprise them at a later time.

15. Create a ”hall of fame” at your location (or virtually) and turn it into a contest for your fans. There’s a million things you can execute on this one, so get creative with it.

Over To You

So what are other ways you celebrate your fans on social media? I’d love to know!

Head over to the comment section and share some of your experiences.

much love, Kim

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