I hope my husband doesn’t read this because I have a confession to make…

I have a legitimate love affair with Coschedule.

So much so that a few months back when Coschedule rolled out some exciting new features one of my clients literally asked me (very kindly) to shut up about it ( I can’t help it!). Coschedule is one of those tools in my business that I just can’t replace.  

Ok, enough about my love affair, let’s get serious here… If you’ve been following the blog lately you might have noticed I’ve been talking a lot about content calendars and that’s definitely because I’ve been getting loads of questions about how I get keep my own content organized.

At least once a week I get an email that says something like: ”Kim, I love your blogs, your emails and your videos but where do you find the time? I wish I could create so much content for my own business.”

To be completely transparent, I know I don’t put out as much content as I could. I struggle with the same consistency issues you do… So this year my team and I decided to do something about it and we gave Coschedule a try.

It’s amazing, to say the least, and I think that after reading this blog post, you’ll think so too.

That’s great for you, Kim, but what’s in it for me?


If you’re reading this I’m willing to bet you’re a busy entrepreneur and you probably don’t have the luxury of spending your entire day pumping out new content (at least I know I don’t).

You know how important being consistent is online – so if you’re doing any type of content marketing you need a tool to keep everything organized and on track.

Now, of course, I’ve written a ton about organizing your content here, here and I even have a free downloadable template here. But this time around I wanted to do something different and give you a chance to look over my shoulder and learn exactly how I organize and schedule my content with Coschedule.

So what is Coschedule and what the heck does it do? 

It’s an amazing content calendar tool that does a lot more than simply plan out and schedule your content.

Here’s their sexy demo: 


Awesome, right? If you’re still curious, keep reading because I’m about to show you exactly how my team and I use Coschedule to increase our blog engagement and stay consistent.



A Little Context


Back when I was rolling in the corporate world, the company I worked for wanted to design a solid content marketing strategy that integrated both online and offline marketing events. So my team was tasked with finding the perfect content calendar/editorial tool.

We invested hours on end searching for the perfect tool, from Social Bakers to Compendium to Kapost, we demoed dozens and dozens of tools and I can tell you this, they got nothing on Coschedule.

This tool has all the features you would expect from the ”big boy” content calendar tools (that by the way range anywhere from $300-2000 per month), plus, some amazing features I’ve never seen before all for a start-up friendly price.

Now that I have my own business (and a limited budget), Coschedule has been a real lifesaver. My team and I get to see what’s coming down the pipeline and we get to plan our content and promotions way in advance.

The tool allows us to pull in my social media content, my email newsletters, blogs, video shoots, promotions and even my meetings into one place so we can strategize, plan and organize all of it.

Here’s exactly how we use it.

Check Out My Review



Other Cool Features

Adding different content types.

There are so many cool features I love about Coschedule, but one of the big selling points for me is the fact that I can plan, schedule and publish both my social media content and all my blogs seamlessly.


CoSchedule (3)


Plan, organize, collaborate & publish your social media content.

Say, I want to schedule my Facebook quotes. I can easily create the copy and assign a task for my assistant so she can take care of the rest. Little things like making sure the right image is showing up when we post a link from the blog on Facebook or correcting the meta description are made super simple when you use this tool.

CoSchedule (2)


Queue up the social goodness. 

Another feature I obsess about is their social queue, which reminds me to schedule more than one social media post out whenever I release a new blog.

CoSchedule (7)


Super-charge your analytics.

Oh, yeah… did I mention they also keep track of your social sharing analytics and you can integrate it with your Buffer and Bitly accounts?

Coschedule also does a fantastic job at integrating with Google Analytics and creating custom social media dashboards so you can accurately track all of your social media traffic onto your website.

If you want to learn more about super-charging your Google Analytics with Coschedule, check out this tutorial. 


Another awesome feature is that I get to assign specific content pieces to myself or my team so we can all collaborate and stay on track.


CoSchedule (4)


Integrate bomb tools like Google Docs & Evernote.

If you love Google Docs & Evernote, you can easily integrate both into the platform to make the content creation process even more seamless.

If you upgrade to specific plans, you can even turn your Evernote notebooks into blog posts, which definitely saves lots of time if you are a hardcore Evernote user.


CoSchedule (5)


Save your tasks for the next content piece. 

If you are into organizing your tasks and delegating part of them like I am, you’ll love Coschedule’s task templates.

This feature allows you to save a list of recurring tasks and assign them to any piece of content. So for example, my team and I have different tasks that need to get done whenever we publish a blog, but there’s a whole nother list of tasks if the blog includes a YoutTube video, for example.

So it definitely saves lots of time to have the task template handy and ready to go. This way everyone knows what needs to get done and tasks get assigned automatically.


CoSchedule (6)


So there you have it, my secret weapon to creating awesome content for my business and leveraging the heck out of it.

Go check it out and let me know how it goes.

But now over to you, how to you organize your content calendar? What are some of the victories or challenges you’ve experienced in keeping up with your content creation? 

Head over to the comment section below and spill the beans! I’d love to hear more about your world.

Sending peace, love and money-making vibes,



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