Social media tools are spreading like pancakes on the online industry, may it be an app or a software there are helpful to perform wonders for your business.

As I’m writing this blog I have my big ole studio headphones on and I’m trying to dance to Micheal Buble’s Christmas album while I type… which is proving impossible right now (need to calm down here)

So as you can imagine, Christmas is BIG around here. I’ve been driving my husband nuts for the past couple of weeks with non-stop Christmas music and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…

Speaking of Thanksgiving and being thankful, at least once a week I get a question that goes something like this…

”Kim, I was browsing your website and I just have to ask… what social media tools do you use to create your posts, blogs, and videos?”

So as you can imagine, I get super excited about these types of questions because creating content is what I do for a livin’ and I’m insanely thankful for all the lovely questions you send me.

I thought it was about time I created an updated post of all the tools that I’m using and loving right now to create content on social media, my blog and across the web.

Now, I do want to make one thing clear… Although having the right social media tools doesn’t really mean you’ll get more engagement, knowing how to use them will save you loads of time and set you up for success (as cheesy as that might sound).

So after you read this post, make sure to enroll in my FREE social media content class so you can learn how to use these social media tools to create purposeful content your clients will devour + set up a posting system that works like gangbusters.

So without further adieu, here is a list of the tools you’ll find smack in the middle of my iPhone home screen or bookmarked on my browser for easy access.

If you prefer to watch a video, I mention some of my favorite tools in this one.


Social Media Tools: Peek Inside My Content Toolkit

Post Planner

Up first, my top dog tool, Post Planner.

It’s a content curation and publishing tool for Facebook and Twitter and I absolutely love it because it helps me find new and fresh ideas for my social media content. In fact, it has an entire Library of pre-populated posts you can sift through and schedule.

It’s not free but for $7/mo, you really can’t get more value.

Post Planner (3)

This is why it’s awesome…

  • This  tool is dope for SO MANY reasons. Not only does it work as a publishing tool for Facebook and Twitter, it also collects data from pages across the platform that are just killing it on Facebook and shows you exactly which posts are the most popular.
  • PostPlanner also allows you to manually add pages from your competitors or industry leaders so you can ”keep an eye on” their most popular Facebook posts.
  • As if that is not cool enough, they also have a content library full of post ideas you can ”plug and play” to keep your posts fresh and varied. Simply click on the posts you want to add to your queue and you are all set.
  • You can also monitor keywords, add blog feed and track hashtags.


Of course, you know Coschedule is one of my social media tools of choice when it comes to creating my content calendar and organizing every piece of content that will be published for my business.

I’ve demoed Coschedule in a video right over here and during the demo/review I go in depth into how I use it to organize and plan my content. So if you are interested, check it out. 


This is why it’s awesome…

  • Coschedule allows you to schedule blog content and it measures how many social media shares each post receives.
  • This tool is perfect for planning and collaborating on other content pieces with your team and being able to see what is coming down the pipeline across the board. Think blogs, newsletters, social media posts, video blogs and more.
  • You can integrate apps like Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox to pull in documents and repurpose content pieces.
  • You also get to schedule your social media posts and sync your Twitter queue to Buffer.


Zapier + Evernote (My Content Library)

Ah! The beauty of customized workflows.

I love this combo because it allows me to save a copy of every post I publish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to Evernote, so I can create my own post Library. This way I can repurpose and reschedule the most popular posts without having to dig through each individual posts in search of my old content.

Hat tip to Chalene Johnson for sharing this awesome tip on her Build Your Tribe podcast. I followed her advice and made some tweaks to find what works best for me.

Evernote Web


So here’s how it works…

Once my social queue is empty, I open up my Evernote notebooks and go through my old content to pull the best stuff.

Each note includes the post copy I used, an attachment with the post image (if I included it) and a link to the original post. This way I can simply download the images and copy the post copy.

Evernote Web (1)

This is why it’s awesome…

  • It’s free! Setting up a zap that connects your Evernote account with your social media profiles is pretty simple and you can use up to 5 zaps for free. You can also use a service called IFTTT, but I find Zapier is much more specific in terms of the content I want to be attached to my Evernote.
  • I don’t have to worry about creating new content all the time.
  • My assistant can go through and pull new content to repurpose on other platforms.
  • Everything I post is saved in one, centralized location.




Grammarly has been my saving grace in my social media tools.  Why? As I’m sure you already know, English is not my first language and my grammar mistakes were getting a little out of control. So I decided to find a solution and it has saved my life (okay, that’s really dramatic but you get the point)!  

This of this app as your personal grammar coach. You can install it on your Chrome browser and it follows you around the web helping you correct every grammar and misspelling mistake you make with just one click. So whether you are responding to your email, writing a blog post or drafting a quick Tweet, Grammarly has you covered.  

Grammarly (1)

Grammarly at work on my Facebook page.


This is why it’s awesome…

  • It’s far superior to any autocorrect program out there + it has an app for Windows you can download to compose your copy directly inside of the app.
  • It follows you around the web and teaches you what mistake you made and how you can correct it in the future (I’m learning so much by actually writing, that it’s crazy).
  • It’s free! There’s also a paid version that I’m sure is amazing, but the free plan is a perfect place to start.


Peek Inside My Visuals Toolkit

So let’s get into the apps that can help elevate your visual content game.

Legend App I reach for this cool little iOS app at least once a week. Legend animates text automatically and I use it all the time to create animated quotes like the one below.

Cool, right?


This is why it’s awesome…

  • It’s super light and it requires zero tech skills to animate your text and create something new.
  • Since you can export it directly to Instagram or save it as a GIF or an MP4, you can share it to any social network that accepts video post formats.
  • I haven’t seen many people use this app to create animated text, so it’s really eye-catching and new inside the news feeds… which only means more eyeballs on your content!



This cool little app is my go-to when I need to create a quick text overlay on a graphic or a photo and I don’t have time to go into Canva and style something up.

WordSwag literally does all the heavy lifting for you. Simply pick your background, add some text and a filter and you got yourself a gorgeous post (especially neat for Instagrammers).

WordSwag is a paid app, but at $3.99, you really can’t ask for more dopeness (yes, it’s a word). 

Step #1: Open The App



Step #2: Select your background

photo (9)

Step #3: Add your copy or pick it out from the options that are included.

photo (1)


Step #4: Enjoy!

photo (2)



My beloved. Canva is a graphic design tool for people with zero graphic design skills (aka me).

So if you haven’t hopped on the fan bandwagon yet, you have to check out Canva. It is one of the most essential social media tools for every small business owner & solopreneur out there.

Plus, it’s free. #AwesomeSauce

Custom Dimensions – Facebook cover Zilch To Social

This is why it’s awesome

  • It’s free! There’s a paid version that I highly recommend but if you’re just starting off, the free version is perfect.
  • Their Design School is incredibly entertaining and you’ll learn so much just by going through their tutorials, so check out those out.
  • Canva has easy to edit templates you can customize and make your own with a few drags and a couple drops. Plus, you can also upload your own stock images, pick from their free ones or pay $1 for their premium stock photography.


Movie Pro Camera App

I first heard about Movie Pro in one of James Wedmore’s video courses and fell in love. This app basically turns your iPhone camera into a super dope professional video recording cam.

photo (7)

This is why it’s awesome

  • It lets you control a lot of settings you would only typically have in a DSLR camera, like aperture, balance, temperature, and ISO.
  • You can use it to record audio only and there are additional audio settings available as well.


Manual Camera App

Manual camera is my latest find and I really, really like it. It’s an app that gives you much more control of your iPhone camera.

Like Movie Pro, you can adjust the ISO, the shutter, and the white balance.

I’m still learning how to adjust every setting on my iPhone camera to snap the perfect photo, but it’s so much easier to control with Manual.

This is why it’s awesome… 

  • More control means you have the ability to take professional looking photos with only your iPhone.
  • It’s super simple to navigate and there are plenty of tutorial videos online.
  • Lot’s of Instagrammers us it to capture that perfect shot.


VSCO Editing App

If you love the Instagram photo editor, you’ll love VSCO. It’s another awesome photo editing app that gives you tons of control over your photos.

From adding more brightness to controlling the temperature, to adding beautiful filters, you can do it all without having to post you photos to Instagram.

Introducing VSCO Cam® 4.0 for iOS 8 iPhone & iPad from VSCO on Vimeo.

This is why it’s awesome…

  • There’s more than you traditional filters available plus you can shop for even more filters inside their marketplace.
  • Easy and super simple to navigate, VSCO lets you edit Instagram quality photos without having to post them to the platform.


So there you have it, the social media tools I highly recommend, use & love every single day! Now it’s your turn to take action & implement.


Your FunWork 

Think of is as fun action steps!

  • Pick one of this social media tools and play with for a for a few minutes. If you enjoy it, experiment with it and create a few content pieces.
  • Sign up for my free social media class & learn how to use these tools to create content your fans & followers will absolutely devour.
  • Leave a comment below & tell me which social media tools you want to explore and how you’d like to use it to improve your content.






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