Communicating effectively on social media, and really through any medium is essential for your business.

I mean, we’re talking about your messaging here! So today we are going to talk about 3 ways you can write better social media posts.

This topic has been on my mind for a while now, and I want to show you a few strategies to make sure you are communicating with your fans & followers in a way that capture’s their attention instead of turning them off.

Let’s begin with a little story, shall we? The other day I was writing copy for a client’s social media pages and she was really upset that I was using contractions on her posts.

I laughed to myself and kindly explained that contractions were exactly what she needed to be using if she wanted to connect with her audience in a relatable way. 

She couldn’t believe it. ”Contractions? Really? We were taught never to use those! They are so unprofessional!!”

If you need an English class refresher, contractions are two words that are made shorter by using an apostrophe… ”we’re” instead of ”we are” and ”it’s” instead of ”it is.”

I see tons of entrepreneurs that freak out about using relaxed, conversational language in their social media posts and quite frankly, I’m not surprised.

After all, we were taught in school to address our peers in a professional manner and then that conditioning was reinforced when we landed our first “real world’’ job. Am I right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that we all have to switch the script when it comes to communicating effectively on social media. And you know what that means? You gotta throw all the official corporate talk out the window because it won’t work.

Your audience wants to feel like they know you personally.

They want to feel like you guys are best buds.

And more importantly, they won’t be able to understand your message if you talk to them like you would address your boss during a quarterly budget meeting.

Makes sense, right?

So let’s talk about 3 ways you can flip the script and write killer social media posts.


3 Ways To Sound Like Yourself On Social Media

#1 Use contractions.

These cute little words are actually very powerful on social media because they humanize us.

Let me prove my point…

Let’s say I post on Twitter something like, ”I am hosting a social media class this Thursday and you will not want to miss out on it.”

Now let’s add some contractions, ”I’m hosting a social media class this Thursday and you won’t wanna miss out!”

Think about it, without contractions, your copy sounds robotic and synthetic. It’s a bit stale and it’s almost impossible to show off your personality without using them.

See, when it comes to copywriting in the digital sphere, you kind of have to bend a lot of the writing rules you learned in your college English class.

Especially this one!

Avoiding contractions makes sense when you are writing an essay, a cover letter, your resume or any official document, but when you write your social media posts, your emails, your sales pages or any other piece of copy to market to your audience, you have to relax.

But we’re not done yet.

Tip #2: Write like you talk in real life.

Have you heard of the best friend rule? If you are writing any piece of content and you want it to sound like you, give it to your best friend and ask her if it actually sounds like you.

This is probably the one tweak that will make the biggest difference in your social media copy.

Your fans and followers don’t want to feel like they are just fans and followers. They want to feel like they are your friends (like in real life).

So ditch the corporate, robotic, non-authentic talk and just be real (meaning just be YOU).

I know this is sometimes a lot easier said than done, but let me give you a quick example

If you wanted to invite your bestie to your epic party, you wouldn’t pick up the phone and say ”Sofia, we are hosting a party tomorrow night and John Legend is attending. You will not want to miss it.”

No! Of course not. That type of language is stale, boring and cold.

If I talked to my bestie, Aranxa like that she’d give me a look like, “what’s gotten into you, dude?’’

Let’s be honest, in real life you would say something like, ”OMG Sofia, we’re hosting an epic party tomorrow night and John Legend’s coming. Can you believe it? You HAVE to come!

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t exactly use the word “epic’’, but you get the gist. Make sure that your copy is infused with whatever adjectives and adverbs you would normally use to describe real life situations.

Listen beautiful, here’s reality, you have to write like you talk or no one will be able to relate.

Remember, people are hanging out on social media to connect with their friends and family and escape the rigid environments they operate in every single day. So give ‘em what they want…

 An intimate relationship with you (or your brand).

Tip #3: Use proper grammar.

Just because social media is supposed to be a relaxed, social environment it doesn’t mean you can forget proofreading your content.

Make sure your posts’ are typo-free and use proper punctuation.  

I’m the queen of grammar mistakes, so trust me, it’s a huge struggle even for me.

A great tool that has really helped me improve my grammar is Grammarly. It’s a cool little app that follows you around the web and corrects your grammar on any sites or apps you visit.

It’s actually correcting this blog as I type it up right now (if you see any grammar mistakes, take it up with Grammarly! Haha, JK!).


How To Be Fun + Conversational Without Being Unprofessional


“But Kim people are not going to respect me if I don’t conduct myself a certain way.’’

I totally agree, you do have to show up on social media #likeaboss.

But here’s the thing, being conversational and having a relaxed tone of voice in your copy does not mean you are unprofessional or that you are sending a negative vibe to your fans and followers.

There are plenty of ways where you can send the, “hey, I’m fun and all but I mean business’’ kind of message.

1.The first is to act professional (novel concept, right?)

Just because you get to be conversational and fun doesn’t mean I want you to share personal details that fall into the TMI (too much information) category. I know I don’t have to elaborate on this one because you know exactly what I mean.

2. The second is to take your copy seriously. Don’t skip the punctuation marks or have sloppy grammar.

I’m the queen of grammar mistakes, so trust me, it’s a huge struggle even for me.

3. And third, take your branding seriously.

My mom always says that the most humble of homes can feel like a palace if everything is clean, neat and organized with care.

Your online home needs to feel the same way.

Just because you’re not a big brand with hundreds of employees and millions in the bank doesn’t mean your branding has to suck.

With free graphic design tools like Canva and the beauty of freelancer sites like UpWork, there’s no excuse, baby.

Make your branding a true representation of your fabulous self.


So, let’s recap.

Unless you are marketing your message to scholars, philosophers or academics, skip the big words, ditch the corporate talk and just be… you!

If you are having a hard time sounds like yourself on social media, no worries,  I have a free social media class all about creating engaging social media posts the right way.

We’ll talk about time-saving strategies, how to organize your content and the best ways to get more engagement on social.


Your FunWork

(Think of it as fun action steps)

  • Review your lastest 10 social media posts and check for robotic, non-human copy.
  • Send those 10 posts to your BFF and have him/her give you honest feedback (remember, this still applies if you’re a traditional brand).
  • Sign up for my free social media class & learn even more great strategies to write awesome social media posts in 2016.
  • Let me know in the comments below which of these strategies YOU will be implementing in 2016. I’m dying to know more about you.


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