The Struggle Is Real


Have you figured out your social media goals for 2016? If not, we’re going to do it together in this first episode of our Countdown To Zilch: Kick Off Your Social With A Bang in 2016.

Figuring out what your social media goals I should be pursuing and how to measure them wasn’t always easy for me and I’m willing to bet you’ve ”been there” too.

Here are some of the things I personally struggled with:

  • I’m too ”busy” right now to set goals and track my progress. 
  • I’m completely confused. Should I be trying to get more followers or more engagement?
  • I don’t have a lot of time – where should I even start?
  • I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to follow-through once I set up my goals. 
  • I was doing really well sticking to my goals and then that big project came along… 
  • Goals? What goals? I don’t think those are even important.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Let me start by just saying – I hear you! I’ve been there too… Heck, in my mind I’ve justified every single excuse in the book to NOT set goals and stick with them.

Last year I wrote all about my journey to setting goals and making them stick here – and that blog post resonated with a lot of my readers (no surprise there).


The Solution Is Worth It


Tracking my goals and analyzing my results on social media (and the rest of my marketing) landed my business some major exposure + some amazing clients in 2014.

And I just know it can do the same for you.

The good news is that I’m about to simplify the heck out of this social media goal setting thing so you too can have your very BEST social media year yet.

We’ll talk about tracking your goals and your progress in a later video inside our brand new series, but for now, let’s get this goal setting party started!



This is the perfect time to figure out your social media strategy for good. When it comes to social media goals, like any other type of goal or resolution, we really need to figure out what our big picture, long-term objective is.

If you are doing social media marketing, you probably already have an idea of what your big picture goals are… Like most of us, you want to get in front of your clients, reach more prospects and make more sales.

If you’re a non-profit, your goals might be slightly different, you are on social media to raise awareness and get more donors.

But whatever the case, we are all here to make more transactions and get our message heard in BIG WAYS. 

So where do you start with social media goal-setting and how do you make your goals attainable and measurable?

You might be overwhelmed with all the ”to do’s” that are already piling up on your 2016 resolutions list but don’t fret.

I’m going to simplify it.

Let’s Break It All Down


It all starts with picking your BIG picture goal and it most likely fits into one of these four categories:

  1. Growing your following
  2. Getting more traffic
  3. Growing your email list (the most important one)
  4. Get more sales

For the next 30 days I want you to pick your big picture goal you are going to stick with. From there, we are going to break down your goal into daily, weekly and monthly to-do’s so you actually stick with your goal long term.

So let’s break down these goals so you can figure out which one fits you best.


Big Picture Goal #1: Getting more followers

If you are first starting out and you have less than 100 fans or followers, you have to make it a priority to grow your first 100 fans. Then, focus on getting your first 500 fans and followers and then your first 1000 fans and followers.

If you have less than 500 fans or followers, these need to be your goals. Now, if you have more than 500 fans or followers, you need to focus on big picture goal #2, getting more traffic.

Here’s a great resource from the Buffer blog on specific strategies you can use to grow your following everywhere.


Big Picture Goal #2: Driving More Traffic

If you don’t have a website yet, forget about setting goals on social media. Work on getting your website up and running first (this is your most valuable online asset).

Boom. So you have 500 or more fans or followers. Awesome. Now, what? Focus on sending traffic back to your website.


Your Traffic Goal Checklist

On Facebook

  • Share more links to your blog, website and lead magnets (these are freebies like discount codes or free information).
  • Install a Facebook share button on your blogs to make sure your existing readers are spreading the word.
  • Use short videos to deliver value and drive your fans back to your website for more.
  • Make sure your page’s about section has a link back to your website or blog.
  • Use Facebook ads to run a simple traffic campaign (you don’t need a huge budget).


On Twitter

  • Twitter more often + make sure your tweets have links back to your site.
  • Install a Twitter share button on your blogs to spread the word.
  • Use Click To Tweet to make it easier for visitors to share your content.
  • Update your Twitter bio with a link back to your blog or services page.


On Periscope

  • Have a call to action on every scope and get clear on where on your website you’ll be redirecting your followers.
  • Direct your followers to your website or better yet, a landing page where they can sign up for your email list.
  • Get creative! Write down your URL on a piece of paper and show your followers where they can learn more from you (make that URL as short as possible so they remember).
  • Make sure there’s a link to your website on your bio.


On Instagram

  • Let followers know they can learn more over on your website by clicking the link on your bio.
  • Add the actual URL to your Instagram posts even though they are not clickable because followers can copy and paste them directly into their browser (I’ve seen this become more of a trend in the past couple of months).
  • Use short video to promote a specific URL and make it short.


On YouTube

  • Optimize your descriptions with links to related blog posts or lead magnets.
  • Use YouTube cards to tease your content.
  • Make sure to redirect your subscribers to your description box to learn more about the topic and sign up for your mailing list.


Big Picture Goal #3: Growing Your Email List

So goal #3 is to grow that email list! Engagement is great, but email is where those sales are going to happen. So make sure that growing your email list is at the top of your priority list for 2016.

My hubby recently launched his podcast, #EntrepreneurHour (you can take a listen to one of our episodes here) and although he’s still focused on goal #1 which is to grow an audience, he’s also building his list as he grows.

 Here’s are some amazing ways to grow that email list with social media.


Big Picture Goal #4: Make More Sales

Now, this typically happens over email so you might need to look at ways to increase your email subscribers and send more effective email campaigns.

You can also promote more heavily on your social media pages (I’m giving you permission) and really start taking note of what your fans and followers react to and what they ignore.

Here’s another great resource on how to sell on social media #likeaboss. 


Your Fun Work


  • Pick the ONE big picture social media goal you are going to be focusing on for the next 30 days and crush it!
  • Reasearch 3 specific strategies you are going to be implementing to reach those goals.
  • Download my Social Media Tactical Plan Cheat Sheet so you can break down those goals into simple daily, weekly and monthly actionable tasks.

Zilch To Social Vertical


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