What if I told you that I can teach you exactly how to grow your email list with Facebook, and, more importantly that it can actually be fun?

Say what you may about the platform, if you ask any industry leader, they’ll tell you something like ‘Facebook just works. Using their ad platform is like printing money.” 

Crazy claims, I know. But as unrealistic as it sounds, people like Kim Garst, Brendon Burchard, and Chalene Johnson have raved for years about how Facebook has exploded their businesses.

The thing is, for quite a while I heard these mavens talk about how they’re growing their email lists on Facebook and thought, ”Okay, yes, Facebook is pretty amazing, but I don’t know about all that. I only have 2k fans and you guys have 300k… big difference.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Facebook because of all the tools they provide business owners but it wasn’t until I got serious about growing my list that I started to realize how much more profitable Facebook is than any other social network I market my business on.

And, more importantly, that I didn’t have to have a monstrous fan base to grow my email list consistently. Like every. Single. Day.

Allow me to get more specific.

In October of last year, I had a mere 1,200 people on my list, and as grateful as I was for every single one of my subscribers, I knew I needed to get serious about growing my list.

Especially considering I had 5x’s more social media followers. #NOTGOOD.

So I got serious about growing my list with Facebook and by the end of 2015, I had tripled my list.

And so far this year, we doubled it again.

So, where do the majority of email subscribers come from? You guessed it. Facebook.

And don’t think they’re all coming from ads either. So far only 1/3 of my email subscribers come from paid advertising, the rest are all organic leads.

And before you start thinking, ”Oh, that’s only because you teach this stuff, Kim”.

I’m gonna stop you right there, sista (or bro)! With A LOT of love, of course.

I’ve used Facebook to grow the lists of Plastic Surgeons, Art Gallerias, Wellness Coaches, Photographers, Moving Companies, Roofing Companies, Hot Tub Dealers, etc.

So if you are a blogger, a coach or a consultant and you don’t have a list yet, there’s no excuse.

Get your behind in gear and let’s grow your email list with Facebook, shall we?




Let’s get into this week’s episode and talk about these 6 ways to grow your email list with Facebook.


#1: Get Your Lead Magnet On A Publishing Rotation

If you’re wanting to grow your email list, I am going to assume that you already have a very solid lead magnet.

So tip number one is to put that lead magnet on rotation, which just means you are going to determine how many times per week you will be sharing it on your Facebook page and then you are going to commit to doing just that.

I recommend a minimum of twice per week and a maximum of four times.

Plus, you can get really creative with your post types so you don’t bore your fans with the same updates every week.

One of your posts can be a simple photo of your awesome lead magnet.



Or maybe post a link. Simple, right?

grow your email list with facebook






The whole idea is to stay consistent when it comes to sharing your lead magnet.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ”I can’t grow my email list with Facebook, no one opts-in.” 

And then I’m like, ”When was the last time you shared your lead magnet?”  The answer is usually ”a few weeks ago”. 

Dude! Do you think your fans are patiently standing by your page to see what you are going to share next? NO!

They have lives. They’re busy so your job is to remind them that your or your brand are alive.

In official marketing terms, it’s called staying top of mind. 😉


#2: Pimp Out Your Facebook Page

This means you are going to share your lead magnet link EVERYWHERE.

Make sure it’s included in your page’s short description and add a call-to-action button on your page.



Bonus points if you promote it on your cover photo!

grow your email list with facebook


#3: Create A Video Around Your Lead Magnet

Since last year, Facebook has really been pushing video content and giving video posts a slight boost in reach.

So aligning yourself with Facebook’s algorithm by creating a video post about your lead magnet and you’ll notice your video will reach a lot more people than your traditional link posts do.

Not to mention, video also helps your fans make an emotional connection with your brand, helping you connect with them a lot quicker. Which just means they’ll be more likely to join your list.


grow your email list with facebook


#4: Go LIVE On Your Facebook Page

I haven’t tried this myself just yet but I’m definitely going to try going LIVE and talking about a topic that is closely related to my lead magnet and then promoting it at the end like Amy.

Definitely, a very smart strategy, especially since Facebook is really pushing LIVE videos right now. 😉


#5: Share Your Lead Magnet With Relevant Facebook Groups

This is a phenomenal strategy that has worked really well for my clients but there are two very important things I want you to take into account before you even consider posting your lead magnet to a Facebook group.

#1: Make sure self-promotion is allowed. Most Facebook groups have very specific rules and you will get banned if you break them.

#2: Be subtle and don’t ever lead with a link to your lead magnet. Foster relationships by adding value first, preferable over a few weeks before you attempt to share your lead magnet.

In short, invest in your Facebook group before you expect them to invest in you. People can smell spammers from a mile away.


grow your email list with facebook



#6: Use Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


This, of course, is a more advanced strategy but one you should definitely incorporate.

It’s actually really simple and you can get some great results even if you have a tiny budget.

The whole idea is to drive traffic to a blog post related to your lead magnet that gives value first, and then provide a content upgrade (the opportunity to opt-in for your lead magnet) within the actual blog post.

Below you’ll see a quick video with an example from my own blog.

And while I am not going to go into a lot of details with Facebook ads (that’s reserved for a future blog), make sure you are using the ”Send People To Your Website Objective” and be sure to research your targeting thoroughly before you invest any amount on Facebook ads.



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So there you have it, my 6 ways to grow your email list with Facebook.

I hope you take action and start putting one of these strategies into play this week to grow that email list like the rockstar that you are.

Let me know which of these strategies you are going to be implementing this week in the comments below. 😉

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