On June 29th, Facebook announced that organic reach might be down for most pages due to yet another algorithm change.

Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages. The specific impact on your Page’s distribution and other metrics may vary depending on the composition of your audience.


For example, if a lot of your referral traffic is the result of people sharing your content and their friends liking and commenting on it, there will be less of an impact than if the majority of your traffic comes directly through Page posts.


We encourage Pages to post things that their audience are likely to share with their friends.


Notice Facebook is saying that ONLY pages that rely on people sharing their content and friends of fans engaging with that content will be affected. In my experience, only 20% of pages are actually creating content their fans want to share in the first place, so I don’t think the impact will be significant.

Naturally, everyone is crying bloody murder (once again) on the interwebs…

So this week I’m sharing my two cents about the whole dilema and how to make sure your page not only stays afloat despite the alogrithm changes, but actually thrives.

DISCLAIMER: My advice stems from my personal experience with Facebook after managing more than 50 Facebook pages for clients and my family’s businesses over the course of the past 4 years. 


Facebook Reach Is Down And Here Are 5 Ways You Can Increase It


Facebook Organic Reach Is DOWN. Here’s What To Do.Facebook organic reach is DOWN. Here´s what to do about it.

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Posted by Kimberly Ann Jiménez on Monday, July 18, 2016


I’ve broken down the Facebook algorithm before on my blog here and I truly believe that although Facebook marketing is getting more competitive than ever, as a small business owner it’s one of those platforms you really can’t afford to miss out on.

So if you want to learn more about creating PROVEN content on Facebook that converts, I have a free video for you that will walk you through my personal strategy to do just that.

Over To You


What’s working on YOUR Facebook page? I’d love to hear your tips and insights over on the comments so head over there now and share the wisdom.





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