How To Supercharge Your Business Workflow With Trello
Kimberly Jimenez, Social Media Strategist
August 10 2016

Last week I released a video all about the impact that creating workflows can have in your business & so far it’s been a massive hit.

Ever since I’ve been receiving a flood of questions via email and a lot of you have also been asking when I’m going to be releasing Part II of the series. Well, it’s finally here.

But make sure you watch Part I if you haven’t already because you need a framework to set up your workflow before you dive into Trello or any other tool & start controlling the way you operate your fabulous business.

If you’ve been following me for a while or you are part of any of my training programs, you know I’m a Trello junkie.

From organizing my daily to-do list to mapping out a new membership launch to planning my wedding & my grocery list, I run my business, my team and my life via Trello.

“From organizing my daily to-do list to mapping out a new membership launch to planning my wedding & my grocery list, I run my business, my team and my life via Trello.”

Why? Because Trello is dope. 

I love the flexibility of customizing every single board to my heart’s content and that same flexibility allows me to plan and manage our team content bank or do something completely different like create a bonus progress tracker for my students.

However, that same flexibility can sometimes make Trello uber confusing when you first jump into the platform because you are staring at a blank board with no logical workflow in place and no idea how to make it work for you.

Not to worry, though, I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process so you can see behind the scenes inside my own workflow and literally steal& implement it for your own business. 

So without further adieu, meet my business sidekick, Trello.

Click here to get a copy of my personal Trello board & save it to your Trello account.


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I can’t tell you how Trello has helped the team and I stay focused and on task, especially when we launch new projects like The Business Lounge.


The Business Lounge - Trello


This new project has been simmering in the back of my mind for the past six months and it’s inspired by you.


So many of our subscribers and students have been asking for training that compliments their social media marketing efforts like…

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  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Business Systems & Workflows
  • How To Create Profitable Online Courses
  • DIY Branding
  • DIY Web Design… and so much more.

The Business Lounge is where I’m going to be sharing everything I’ve learned about running a successful online business with you. It’s going to be a tactical course library where online creators can uplevel their businesses, with class.

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And don’t forget to take action right away by downloading your free, Trello workflow board below.

Over To You


What do you use Trello to organize and plan your business tasks?

What insights and tips can you share with us to help streamline our processes?

As always, drop the wisdom down in the comments below and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to come on over and get on The Business Lounge Early Bird list.




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