If you’ve ever dug through your analytics only to find out 4 of your Instagram follower are actually coming over to your site and reading your content, you’re not alone.

I’ve been there and I get how frustrating it can be to work REALLY hard on a gangsta’ piece of content for your blog and then get… crickets.

So in this #KimTV episode, I’m going to show you exactly how to create a winning blog promotion plan to send more traffic from social media to your content.

BONUS: We created this dope Blog Promotion Plan Worksheet to help put what you learn into action.



Diggin’ Into The Strategy

Your Blog Promotion Plan

So let’s break down this blog promotion plan into the specific social networks you are using to get your message out there.

Remember, you don’t need to use all of them, okay?

Just focus on the ones that either show the most promise or are moving the needle forward in your business.


  • On Day One: Share a link post.
  • On Day Three: Go live on Facebook to summarize the key points you covered in your blog post. 

Or, simply record a video and upload it to Facebook natively (meaning don’t share it from another channel, upload it directly to your page).

Make sure to add a link back to your blog post and viola!

  • On Day Ten: Turn a key point you covered in your blog post into an image or ”quick tip”. 
  • Day Fourteen: Create some slides in Canva and post a slideshow on Facebook. 

Make sure to always include a link back to your blog post.

And from there, keep using this system to repurpose and recycle your content.



  • Day One: Tweet out a link.
  • Day One (3 hours later): Change the caption and tweet out another link.
  • Day Three: Share a clip of the video you created on the FB live or pre-recorded.
  • Day Seven: Create a Twitter Moment and start collecting all the tweets related to your blog posts.
  • Day Ten: Share another link but this time include an image.


  • Day One: Post an image with a text overlay of your blog title and link your blog post in your bio link. **Quick Tip: I love using Later because it manages Instagram links really effectively.
  • Day Three: Post an Instagram story about your blog, preferably in a video format to introduce the blog post content to your audience in an interactive way. Include a call to action at the end.
  • Day Seven: Post a clip of the video you posted on Facebook and repurpose it.
  • Day Ten: Share the same ”quick tip” image you created for Facebook.


  • Day One: Design beautiful image, add a link and pit it to your boards.
  • Day Three: Change the caption of the pin and the image and pin it up to your board.
  • Day Ten: Pin a link to your video.


On day one…

  • Upload your video.
  • Make sure you add a link back to your blog post in the description.
  • Add YouTube cards to your video with the pertinent links to your blog/website.


Over To You

Have any insights and takeaways you wanna share?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂




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