This week on The Business Lounge we released the final modules for our Smart Facebook Ads course, and I’ve been reviewing ad copy and creatives for our members.


So I thought I would share some of the examples I’ve been using to teach them how to craft compelling Facebook Ads for their online businesses with style.

It’s interesting because I remember when I first started running Facebook Ads in 2012, I had NO idea what to create that would entice our audience.

And that seems to be one of the biggest stopping points for creative entrepreneurs these days.


Four Elements Of An Effective Facebook Ad Creative

So before we dig in, let’s talk about the four elements of an effective ad creative.

  • The Avatar: You need to know who you are speaking to before you ever take a stab at crafting a marketing message they are going to resonate with. What are their pain points and how are you going to solve them?
  • The Hook: This is your value proposition. You need to explain the benefits clearly and concisely. Why should they care about YOUR ad when they can scroll a bit further to see what cousin Mindy is up to?
  • The Copy: This is your messaging, and it’s comprised of your tone and the types of words you use to communicate your value proposition. Will your audience relate to your messaging? Will it stand out? *Make sure you include a clear CTA in your copy.


  • The Visuals: Whether you create graphics, gifs, videos, slideshows, etc. it’s important that they resonate with your audience and stand out (but only to them). Are your visuals attractive? Will they catch your ideal client’s eye?


7 Fresh Facebook Ads Ideas For Your Online Business

Here are 7 of my favorite ad ideas.

I organized them into three, main categories so you can model these proven strategies for your own Facebook Ads campaigns.

Lead Magnet Ideas

#1: I love this ad from Digital Marketer because it’s pure value.


Their opening line both evokes curiosity while stating the benefits of their lead magnet.

And I love how they break down each benefit of downloading their lead magnet in the ad copy itself. It’s a simple, yet super effective strategy.


#2: You’ll find a very similar copy format from Zack Spuckler. Wanna know why?

Because leading with benefits works. 

Especially if you are targeting folks who have never heard of you before (a cold audience).


But what I want you to pay attention to is the image.

The ad is graphic has three strategic elements that are sure to stop the scroll in the news feed (it did for me).

#1. By including an image of the lead magnet, it becomes visually tangible to the viewer. It’s no longer just a PDF; it’s a workbook and that increases the perceived value of the lead magnet immediately.

#2: A clear and colorful headline grabs attention and the call to action tells the user exactly what to do next (whether they read the entire copy of the ad or skim over it). 

#3: Zach’s photo positions him as an influencer. He’s clearly giving a talk which immediately tells you he’s someone other’s listen to. Awesome visual positioning.


Webinar Registration Ideas


#3: This ad from Kimra Luna speaks to her audience in a way that represents her brand as a whole. that is uniquely her.

She’s uniquely her all around and it works like gang-busters.


If you’ve run value-add Facebook ads in the past, you know that a great indicator that you have winning ad is that folks start tagging their friends in it.

Kimra knows this and she encourages it openly. Smart gal.


#4: Rusell Brunson is always innovating with cool strategies.

Who says you can only use conversions or website click objectives to run profitable ads?


Facebook live videos are incredibly effective (especially if they have emoticons… kidding) and it’s a great idea to run popular Facebook live video replays as ads.


#5: Lewis Howes produces some amazing videos.

Why not use them to run ads to his webinar workshop?

Not only is his ad copy leading with clear benefits, his video ad is really engaging and definitely speaks to his target audience’s desires.


Product Sales Ideas


#6: Okay, so far these ads are great examples of value-first content, but what if you are selling a product directly to your (hopefully) warm audience?

Simple Green Smoothies always creates gorgeous images that draw their audience in.


Plus, this carousel ad is the perfect format to showcase their delicious 7-Day Reset program.


#7: Rick Mulready’s retargeting ad leads with a clear testimonial and that’s a phenomenal strategy.

Social proof is gold to any business, so give this strategy a try for your own advertising campaigns.



Over To You

Got other Facebook Ads ideas that have worked for your online business?

We want to hear about them!

Post them in the comments below & if you have any questions, let me know as well.







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