So a few weeks ago one of our  The Business Lounge members asked me the following question, ‘Kim if you were spending $100 on ads to promote a new product/service, how would you spend it?

And earlier today I popped into a Facebook live video to answer this question and show you the two campaigns I would run if I were launching a new product or service using Facebook ads on a budget.

It’s actually a very simple strategy that you can use whether you’re just getting your toes wet with FB Ads or you’ve been at it for a while.


Getting Into The Strategy


  • Campaign #1: Create a value-backed video (it can be a Facebook live video or just a pre-recorded one) and turn into a cold audience ad.  Meaning you are going to reach folks who don’t know you or your brand just yet.
  • Spend $60% of your budget on campaign #1.
  • Campaign #2: Create a follow-up offer. This can be a webinar, a lead magnet, a discount or just an offer to an introductory product.
  • Then, create a page engagement custom audience and select the video ad you are running for campaign #1.
  • Set that audience as your target so you can show this campaign only to folks who viewed campaign #1.
  • Spend 40% of your budget on campaign #2.


Want To Learn More?

So there you have it, a super simple way to turn cold users on Facebook into buyers using two simple campaigns.

If you wanna learn more about running profitable Facebook Ads, come on over and enroll in my brand new, free class, How To Run Profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns In 3 Simple Steps.



Over To You

Had any takeaways or insights from this video?

Let me know in the comments below!



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