How to Grow an Audience From Zero 
More Qs Answered!

September 24th

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

In this episode, we’re going to tackle your toughest questions, marketing business life, how to grow a brand, and how to do it sustainably. I’m so excited because you have sent in so many awesome questions, and I can’t wait to dive in. Let’s start!

Growing An Audience From Zero


I love this question because we get this all the time. Honestly, all of us start from zero. Everyone has to get that first follower or that first email subscriber or website visit.

So my first tip is just a combination of things—it’s important to have a strategy. Don’t just start putting out random acts of content. My friend, Sean Cannell, talks about how you got to be intentional about the content that you’re producing. You have to know your people. You have to create content that people care about, content that people want to consume, and can find relatable.

There are two important factors here because I’m sure that as you’ve stumbled across multiple creators, you’ve probably found some hidden gems. Some people that maybe haven’t made it to mainstream numbers, but having credible content, they do really valuable pieces, and they have a super loyal following. And it’s all about quality over quantity.  

Understand that having a thousand true fans like Seth Godin talks about is all you need to grow a profitable business. That’s so few people, but I promise that you don’t need to have a massive following to be super successful. The philosophy of profitability over popularity is about looking at content as a vehicle and spreading your message.

We could be here all day unpacking what it takes to create a winning marketing strategy to grow an audience. But I talked about this in-depth inside of one of my courses, Zero to Social

And the next step is to identify how you’re going to get discovered. And this is going to be platform dependent. I want you to leverage discoverability. It’s way easier to get discovered when there’s some intent when you create content around topics that people are already searching about. So Pinterest, YouTube, and blogging/SEO are the three main ways I’ve been able to attract an audience.

And if you’re not going to leverage a platform that leverages search and helps you get discovered, then you have to have a discoverability strategy which means that you have to know where the big players are in your industry. Start building relationships. You have to leverage what I call OPAs—Other People’s Audiences. 

So whether that’s Instagram, takeovers, or podcast interviews, or guest blogging, or anything. Getting featured on other people’s platforms is going to serve you.

Question #2 How do you bust through the blocks of being the face of your brand And any tips for Instagram?

There’s definitely a lot of tiny challenges when you’re the face of a company. It’s a lot of pressure all the time. And so I can relate obviously, and I totally understand, but there’s also a lot of perks. 

As practice, you have to stretch yourself and be a little bit uncomfortable and put yourself out there. It’s hard because it’s your name on the products, and it only gets harder as you hire people and grow a team.

You have to learn from an emotionally healthy standpoint to separate who you are and your identity from the company. You’re way more than just the face of the company. You are an empowered individual and so many other ways. 

You will be receiving criticism every single day non-stop but you will learn from that, and you will eventually become comfortable being the face of your company. And you will have the ability to reach people on a much more personal level than when you were just hiding behind a logo. 

When it comes to Instagram and photos, my best tip there in terms of figuring out assets and all that good stuff is a dive into photography. There are some great online courses. Learn how to use a camera, whether that’s your iPhone, a digital camera, or even a professional camera. Just getting the hang for photos and playing with that can really bring out an artistic sense.

When it comes to Instagram tips, be as personable as you can. So when you’re posting on Instagram, make sure that you’re actually engaging with people, reply to your DMs, try your best to answer as many comments as you can. It’s not just a one-way street here, and just be patient. 

The final thing I would say with Instagram specifically is it’s super important to understand that you should be promoting on Instagram. In every five posts, you may share your lead magnet, a special offer with your audience, guide people to that free consultation or that webinar, or whatever the first step is in your sales journey. 


So for me, I really look at three core things. Number one, you have to do your research. You have to understand the business model and the reputation of this brand of this company or person. 

What are people saying about this brand?

What is the online reputation and offline reputation? 

I make sure that every single time that we’re working with a brand, we’re vetting that company or product for years before we ever actually publicly promote them and put our stamp of approval and vouch for that brand, that person, that company. 

And so for us, we decided that we were not going to do brand sponsorships, and we still don’t do brand sponsorships. We prefer to sponsor our own episodes. And as I’m sure, you know this episode is sponsored by The Business Lounge.

Number two is to look at opportunities from two lenses. One is the profit side, and the other one is the heart side. If you have an established company…

Does the business model makes sense profitability wise? 

Does this new venture align with my brand’s main goal, or is it going to be a distraction?

Is it going to make us money, and does it align with what we’re doing right now? 

Does it already help us to get where we want to go? 

This is not a brag. I’m just trying to give you background so that you understand that I’m actually living what I preach. I say no to 99.9% of the opportunities that come my way. And I have always done that. I’m not just talking about now that we have an established brand.

I have always been really selective because I recognize every time I say yes to an opportunity, I’m saying no to something else in my business that I’ve already mapped out and established. 

Number three is heart.  Judge your level of excitement for sure, and what would success look like for you? What would be an outcome that would make this opportunity worth it? And is it again and distraction, or is it something that is worth your time.

And last but not least, I rely on just experience for this. And you start learning how to spot what’s legit versus what is not. I’m not saying it at a hundred percent of the time will be accurate, but you have an instinct for business and what’s actually going to make sense. And you can tell whether the vision is there or whether it’s just a trend and something that’s just fleeting. 


So when it comes to business books, there are so many. I’m always reading. My husband runs a book club for entrepreneurs, shout out to StartUp Books. 

These are some of them most impactful business books that I’ve read:

Profits First by Mike Michalowicz. I loved that book. Incredible. Kind of just cemented our philosophy of profitability over popularity. I read that last year, and it was super good. 

The One Thing by Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams, a complete game changer, incredible book for just hyper-focusing on the one domino that’s going to actually knock all other dominoes in your business and help you get your goalfaster. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a huge game-changer for me. I have read that book several times. It’s such an amazingly powerful book about personal responsibility. It’s about empowerment and taking life by the reins and actually doing what it takes and when it was written. It just blows my mind that it was written during a time where the world was completely different yet was identical. There are still many things that are parallels in that book. 

This is Marketing by Seth Godin and Rework by Jason Fried are super helpful, and I think that with marketing and with content.

So I find I get so much more creative when I kind of watch content from totally different platforms or different niches. So I’m a huge YouTube addict, especially cause I have a lot of interests that kind of align with YouTube content like:

Sean Cannell. Amazing YouTube channel about video marketing.

Peter McKinnon. I find him so inspiring him and the dope squad. Those guys are so cool. I love their content. 

Brendon Burchard, huge for kind of motivation, peak performance, mindset.

And of course, the OG Marie Forleo. She’s incredible. 

Dave Ramsey. I find a lot of great financial advice from Dave. 

And I love Valuetainment, it’s an amazing YouTube channel, especially discussing things that are going on right now and how it affects entrepreneurs. Some group conversations about politics and just business in general that I think are current right now.

When it comes to content creation, I love paying attention to what other people are doing outside of my industry and replicating it in a way that has zero-conflict with what they’re doing because it’s something that we apply to our brand and makes it our own.

And finally, I get really inspired by content creation, specifically by real life. I tell my members all the time in the business lounge, how you experienced a world in really unique ways. No one experiences the world the way that you do. And so that is a superpower in itself—getting inspired and training your mind to get inspired by just environmental cues.

Just learning and training your mind to react to social and environmental cues that inspire content is important, and super helpful.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode, and it serves you and helps inspire you that brings your own practical applications to complicated and sometimes overly difficult strategies. It was a blast to just sit down, catch up, talk a little bit more about some of the questions that you guys have, and now I’d love to hear from you as always. Let me know in the comment section below. What question would you love to see featured in a future episode?

Hopefully, you’re implementing them in your daily life and your business. 

Question of the day: What goals are you most excited about in the next six months?

‘Till the next one!



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