Schedule and Automate Your Instagram Posts      (Later Tutorial)

October 23rd

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

In this episode, I’m going to show you how you can schedule Instagram posts, both direct and manually, using my favorite tool Later.

I know there are a million Instagram tools out there. But this is the one that I love trust and have used for years and the same one that I recommend to all my members inside The Business Lounge and my private coaching clients.

Schedule and Automate Your Instagram Posts      (Later Tutorial)

File Uploading

One of the things that I love about this tool is that they create a roster of assets of images you can upload. My husband and I share an account because you can have up to two Instagram accounts on their paid plan. 

And I love being able to deposit all of our Instagram assets into this library. One of the cool things you can do is show assets via filters. It can filter the used and unused media.

Leverage this asset. You can also go in individual images as you upload them and add labels or notes or edit them within the app itself.  

When uploading a photo, all you’re going to do is click on Upload Media, you can import it from your computer, or you can actually go in and upload directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Once you have your photos or videos or your Instagram Stories added into this library, all you’re going to do is come over to the calendar and then drag and drop and add captions. One of the things that I love and saves me a lot of time is that you can have saved captions that you can immediately add.

I use this feature as a way of adding hashtags. You also have an advanced feature, which is hashtag suggestions. I like this because you can go in and type in hashtags, and then they’ll show you a list of related ones. 

If I type in social media marketing, they’re going to suggest many different hashtags that you can look at in terms of posts and all of the different relevance percentages, which is really cool. And can add the first comment and your post if you’re going to schedule this to be automatically published. 

Photo Editing

You can edit the photo here as well. For example, this ratio or the dimensions of this photo isn’t ideal for a square crop. So I can go in and immediately decide how I want this photo to be published automatically. Or I can choose more of a portrait feel. All that stuff is in there. You can add filters. 

Another great feature is the, this is where you can add a specific link that’s unique to your Instagram account. And when you post on your page, they’ll automatically switch that link.  And what you’ll see here when you click on it is a variety of different posts, and each has its individual links.

So this actually expands my reach and allows my audience to find specific links on specific podcast episodes or videos on YouTube or lead magnets, products, workshops, all that good stuff. 

It easily connects to whatever landing page you want to automatically redirect this. The way that you do that is really simple. Select your link that you want to add. And then you would add it here to the link and bio. You can also add a location if you want, and then select whether you want to auto-publish it.


Now for stories, you’re going to want to just click on the stories tab. And you can immediately just transfer the story here. Just schedule the story, you can hit save, and it’ll alert you the minute it’s ready to be published. Whenever you schedule, it’ll send you notification stories can’t be auto-published, as far as I know, on Later, but that might change in the future. 

The last thing I love about Later is the fact that they have a full calendar view. So you can see exactly what your feed will look like. And you can preview your feed as well if that’s important to you. So you can see here, you have all the posts that you’ve already published.

You can rearrange posts as well if you want. So you can click on preview. And let’s say that you wanted to have this post be published. After that one, you can do it as well. 

You also have the option to publish the post manually or automatically.  You might want to save a little bit of time and experiment with the auto-publish feature. And it has a feature where you will be sent a notification via the app, you can select the time and date.


This is probably my favorite part of it because I get to see your specific date ranges, which is something that analytics doesn’t show you inside of Instagram. 

I love that we have the best performing posts here. I can look at my audience and get more insights on them from post-performance. I can filter the information based on the date.

And then I want to see it based on not just engagement, but I want to see saves, what has gotten the most amount of savings, what has not gotten the most amount of clicks link in the, all of that stuff super powerful and you can also see story performance and hashtag analytics. 


I love this! I think it is well worth $19 a month on at least that’s the price I believe right now. And I think it’s something that you should check out. And hey, I could talk about tools for social media marketing all day long. 

The next one will show you how you can create a full-blown content marketing strategy with a follow-up template that you can print out and fill out with me as I take you through the process. 

I hope to see you there.


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