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True Fans | My Secret Guide

November 3rd

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

In this episode, I’m going to share five content strategies that will ensure that you’re attracting the right kind of buyer to your social media, to your blog, to your podcast, your email list. And I’m also going through five mistakes that you want to steer clear from as you come up with your own strategy. Let’s get into it!

How To Find Your 1000
True Fans?

This 1000 true fans concept is from Kevin Kelly’s work, he wrote an amazing essay back in 2018 about why businesses could totally flourish if you just attracted 1000 true fans. He says that a true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produced. 

Do you have 1000 true fans in your business?
Can you forecast having 1000 true fans?
What would it mean for being able to have a consistent stream of customers who absolutely love everything that you have to share?

And if you’ve ever wondered how to find your first 1,000 true fans, we have you covered. 

Tip #1: Focus On Profitability vs. Popularity

Leveraging profitability, focusing on monetization is thinking of your entire content strategy, the people that you’re going to attract on social media, wherever it is that you’re active. Let’s start having that mindset of profitability. 

Let’s focus on making products that are ideal for our first 1000 true fans that really put them at the forefront that gives them value instead of hustling to boost your popularity. 

Mistake #1: Obsession over growth hacks

Of course, we want a bigger audience, we want to leverage any specific growth strategy that’s going to help us get there faster. But we don’t want to compromise. We don’t want to overlook the marketing part of content marketing.

Before you obsess about any growth hack, I want you to start obsessing about your customers’ success and about what is it that they need from your brand.

What problems can you solve as an entrepreneur, as a creative as a service provider, however, you define yourself in this career space of the online world, I want you to get obsessed with the people that you serve. That is how you achieve long term success. 

I want you to focus your attention. How can you put your customers at the forefront of what you do? And that starts with content creation. You don’t just miraculously attract those people, you have to get really specific on who they are.

Tip #2: Start messy and push through the pressure

When we’re just getting started, whether it’s with social media marketing, or just marketing in general, it can feel really intimidating because there are so many competitors, instead of looking at your competitors at the local level.

Don’t compare yourself to other people, it can become overwhelming. Their journey is unique and totally different than yours. So instead, I want you to think about what it would feel like to have two and 500 people in one room to listen to what you have to say that changes the perspective completely. 

So push through the pressure, you can’t stay stagnant, you’re better than that. And when we really understand why we’re doing, what we’re doing, everything changes, and we can get so much more focused and on mission. And that empowers us to move forward. 

Mistake #2: Posting whenever you feel like it


Posting inconsistently and when you feel like it. There’s an interesting balance between pushing through and starting messy and staying consistent. And being a professional and showing up and committing. 

Just because I’m telling you to start messy and push through the discomfort doesn’t mean that now you get to just hang back and just relax.

You’re building your dream. You’re building your business. And if you’re committed to whatever lifestyle you want to live, you got to stay focused no matter what. And this takes discipline and practice. You got to build on that muscle of consistency. You got to commit to getting the results.

There is no space for excuses when it comes to looking at your legacy. It’s about helping other people. It’s about funding your mission. And you got to take that seriously if you’re going to attract your first 1000 true fans.

Tip #3: Get Clear on Your Who + Your What

Get clear on who you are serving and what you’re delivering for that person. When you have answers to those questions, you really can outline who your ideal client is, and this isn’t going to happen overnight.

“Consistently and that’s clarity comes from engagement, not from thought.” – Marie Forleo.

You’re not going to get clear on who your people are and what it is that you’re going to offer as a solution until you start engaging with those people. And social media is the ideal place to do that. Having conversations with your ideal clients will show you who truly is an ideal client and who isn’t. 

And as you go through the process of creating content, as you have this at the forefront of your business of finding your 1000 true fans, I want you to keep this in mind, know who you serve and what you offer.

Mistake #3: Creating selfish content

I have to give a shout out to Sean Cannell. He talked about creating selfish content and how common this is. And I have to agree. I’ve even fallen into that trap many times in my career.  

Instead of creating selfish content, I want you to create value-centric content. I want you to create content that people cannot wait to open their inbox to read, content that hits them hard in the heart section that helps you connect with them. So I want to challenge you to start thinking about that as you go about creating your strategy and auditing it.

“Audience first is the idea that you build that group of people by providing them value.”

– Brian Clark. 

Listen to the feedback. You’ve got to be paying attention to what type of content resonates. And that even goes as far as format, especially if you’re the kind of person you share your interest with your audience.

There are certain elements of your life; there are certain formats that will interest them more. Let’s totally skip out on selfish content and focus on our people first and foremost, that my friend is a winning strategy for sure.


Tip #4: Emulate before you innovate

Find other brands who are already crushing it with their strategy in your industry and outside of your industry. And I’m not saying you should steal their ideas. A very clear distinction here. 

Tony Robbins always says success leaves clues. I for sure, would not attempt to do something for the first time on my own without studying what other people have done before me. There is no reason why you should try to innovate off the gate. You want to emulate before you innovate.

Go in and make a list of five brand models. I talked about this in The Business Lounge at length when sharing with my students how to validate their idea and how to launch their business into the world. 

So you have to look at what’s working for different brand models and come up with a strategy that works for you. Take ideas, don’t be afraid of modeling, please don’t steal. 

You can leverage what other people are doing and what they’re doing smartly to implement into your own business into your own content strategy. There’s no need to innovate when you can emulate, especially as you start a new season in your business.

Mistake #4: Throwing things at the wall to see what sticks

There is no reason to experiment and try things. I think that’s important. But when you’re first getting started, especially when you’re brand new, let’s work on modeling what is already working. 

I’ve been in business for over nine years now. And I still, to this day, when I’m launching something new, I try to model what’s already working because I’ve made a mistake in the past to try to innovate before I was ready to. It was a total waste of time and energy and money and team resources. And it was unnecessary. 

Find proven content that already does well. Emulate what’s working and look for what people are searching for. Look at trends and look at search. People are going to tell you what they want. 

Tip #5 Shorten your learning curve

You can skip ahead and shorten your learning curve by years if you’re methodical and strategic about learning. I don’t want you to get stuck in this perpetual cycle of just learning and not implementing it. 

I want you to be strategic with what you learn, who you learn from, and what format works best for you. But I don’t want you to do the opposite or stay on one end of the spectrum. And then just try to peace free advice. That is not always the best strategy. 

There are tons that you can learn for free, but there is a ceiling to what you can learn for free, not to mention it’s going to take you a ridiculous amount of time to piece together all these different concepts and these different principles when someone can walk you step by step through their proven process that they have figured out after years of failures. If you can do that, why not? 

So whenever you have the opportunity of learning in a specific strategic season, do it. If you can afford to buy a course, do it. It’ll accelerate your progress. Think about how much you could go ahead in life if you just embrace this idea of mastery. 

Mistake #5: ONLY piecing together free advice & getting stuck in perpetual learning syndrome

You have no reason to stay stuck. You got to level up your learning. You got to level up your skillset. There is a reason why people put 20-30 years of their experience in their books, podcasts, paid courses, and coaching.

How many times have you bought a course, a book, training, maybe even purchase a mastermind and didn’t attend? You just left the course sitting there and didn’t take action. It’s not just about committing to purchasing the thing. It’s about going through it. It’s about committing to learning about sharpening your skillset.

Do your research, come at your business prepared, especially in this day and age where we have just a ridiculous amount of resources at our fingertips.

Most content creators, at least the ones that I know who are actually crushing it, they’ll share with you for free, maybe A, B, and C, but D through Z. That’s what you’re learning in their paid products. They’re teaching you the surface level strategies that are still valuable and helpful. 


I will leave you with one final thought, what you’re doing in the world, it matters. There are at least 1000 true fans out there, who need your products and services, and most of all, they need you and your message. 

And you’re preparing to meet them with incredible enthusiasm with crazy commitment to put their needs and their challenges first, and that starts today. It’s your responsibility to reach those people and empower them with whatever solution you offer. 

I am counting on you just as much as they are. And we will be here at every step to root for you along the way. 

So I hope that you found this episode helpful. I can talk about content strategies all day long. But I want you to look at our other episodes, especially when creating an amazing content marketing strategy.

Thank you so much for listening, and I will catch you in the next episode.

Un beso!

Kim ♥

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