3-Step Digital Marketing Strategy – Are You Doing It Right?

July 22, 2022

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

Why are you even using a digital marketing strategy?

I’ve been asking this question in conversation lately and I’ve realized beyond the obvious ‘to get more clients’ answer, most small business owners and entrepreneurs have no clue how to turn a follower into a buyer and use their digital marketing strategy to sell.

And it’s absolutely not their fault.

We’re bombarded with messages from well-meaning experts & influencers who are constantly telling us to try this one hack or this other trick over here…

Inevitably, we stay stuck in the minutiae, never coming up for air to create a holistic strategy, frustrated when things aren’t working.

That’s why I’m very excited about today’s episode, because I’m about to show you how you can simplify this entire process of marketing your business online.

Because here’s the truth:

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, the Pareto Principle applies–20% of your marketing efforts are yielding 80% of the results.

That means that 80% of the customers are buying (or not buying) from you because of the 20% of things that you did really really well in your marketing strategy. 

So the more you overcomplicate your strategy, the fewer your chances of nailing what really works for you.

Does that mean you can’t experiment and have fun with your digital marketing strategy? 

Absolutely not.

I just want you to think about marketing a little more strategically.

Is what you’re doing really working right now?
What marketing strategies did you do so well?
How can you do more of that and less of what’s not working?

And so these three steps that I’m going to tackle with you today will help you refocus on what really matters and why we do digital marketing to begin with.

BTW, if you are brand new to the business, this is going to be super relatable to you.

And if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll lean how to simplify your strategy so that it’s more efficient.

And I’m willing to bet you’ll be relieved to hear it too.

Let’s get into it.

This episode will cover:

  • The 3 Steps to marketing your business.
  • The meaning and examples of every marketing step.
  • Quick nudge and a reminder on your marketing strategy.

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Before we begin, let’s first look at your digital marketing strategy from a bird’s-eye view. 

These 3 basic steps that I’m going to give you are not just going to show you how to create a digital marketing strategy, but also why you’re marketing online to begin with.

The entire idea is to craft a marketing process to lead your audience into the sale seamlessly.

Because around here we’re marketing with a purpose–creating content pieces that serve a specific purpose, help us reach tangible goals, and that’s where the magic happens.

So, let’s dive right into it.

STEP #1: Discovery

Let’s get discovered!

This step is all about doing the marketing activities that attract new eyeballs into your business. 

It’s usually all the trendy strategies we hear about it all the time…

E.g., Creating Reels, IG Stories, Pinterest Pins, TikTok, Facebook Posts, blogging,  YouTube, etc.  

The discovery step of your digital marketing strategy is all about growing an audience, getting in front of other people’s audiences, and building your community.

This is where a lot of the content comes into play when it comes to our digital marketing strategy–all the attraction and discoverability can be super fun (but also a tad overwhelming). 

Playing with different content styles, curating an Instagram feed, creating viral reels, hitting the algorithm… you probably know what I’m talking about.

Be wise in this stage, because it can be addicting (science tells us that social media creates a massive dopamine response-and just because you’re creating, doesn’t mean you’re immune to it). 

🚨Warning: Most people go wrong in their digital marketing strategy because they stay in Discoverability phase forever. It’s too easy to lose focus of why they’re creating content, and get addicted to the likes, the followers, the comments & shares.

So they never move people down the sales process. They’re making zero sales, but are satisfied because their audience is growing. 

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Step#2: Consumption

Let’s warm them up!

The next step in your digital marketing strategy is consumption.

And the reason we’re trying to get people to consume your content (regardless of the format) is to deepen the relationship and, in marketing terminology, ‘warm them up’ to your brand.

And so you’re warming them up, showing them great contact, teaching them a thing or two, inspiring them, educating them, or entertaining them.

In this step, you want to change the relationship, from being a stranger to getting to know each other by capturing their name and email so you can follow up with them. And that’s where you’re changing the relationship. You’re going in deeper.

That also means that there’s different content that you use in this consumption phase.

We’re shifting from micro-content that’s quick and to the point, like social media posts and short videos, to longer-form content like blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Those longer-form content pieces should connect them with the start of your sales process. And in most cases, that’s a lead magnet / opt-in/ freebie that you exchange for their names and emails.

And so you’re going to follow up with them, creating content to encourage them to take the next step and purchase your product through a variety of touchpoints.

E.g., Webinars or workshops, YouTube videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc.–usually long-form content comes into play in this stage.

So when you think about the consumption phase in your digital marketing strategy, I want you to think about changing the relationship.

Getting them to opt in to your email or text list (so you can follow up and deepen the relationship).

#3 Aquisition

This is where the fun part comes in. 

So far, you’ve managed to get discovered by a good amount of your ideal clients, and hopefully, a percentage of them have transitioned into the consumption phase where you’re warming them up & changing the relationship from stranger to lead.

In this stage, you’re following up and making them an offer. If you need help in this step, I highly recommend joining us inside The Business Lounge where our Design Profitable Funnels’ course will walk you step-by-step through creating a selling system that runs on autopilot.

And if you do it right, you’ve gotten a few of them to say yes and give you their hard-earned money!

Congrats! You acquired a client! 

You have now solidified your actual stance, you now have a customer that hopefully, you can continue marketing to because they are happy with your product enough to buy from you time and time again.

And the process begins again.

As you solidify and perfect your digital marketing strategy, remember this basic business principle…

It’s far more lucrative to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

So I hope you’re seeing how the 3-step digital marketing strategy when done right, can have a serious snowball effect that keeps building your business on consistently.

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Hey, just a quick Nudge

intoIf you’re not seeing success from your discovery phase (social media content, etc.)–it’s probably because you’re not moving people towards the consumption and the acquisition phase.

Don’t get discouraged! Get excited because that means there’s so much opportunity for growth and profits.

Of course, if you want some extra hand-holding, we’d love to help you create a solid digital marketing strategy that’s holistic and custom to your specific business inside The Business Lounge. 

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I hope this episode is valuable for you.

And if it was, would you share it with a business friend?

We’re on a mission to help thousands of entreperneurs create this three-step digital marketing strategy in every niche.

And of course, I want you to remember that you are on the path to building a profitable, purpose-driven business for a reason. God has put you in this position to multiply your gifts.

Make sure to use them to serve other people & honor The Creator.

And hey, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, don’t forget to hop on the waitlist to join The Business Lounge, and dive deeper to learn how to start an online businessbuild a brand that fulfills you, helps you make a real difference all while being wildly profitable.

And now, I would love to hear from you in the comments below this article or DM me on Instagram @kimannjimenez.

What’s your biggest insight or takeaway from today’s episode?
Do you have specific ideas or suggestions that you want to hear for future episodes?

I would love for this to be a conversation.

I love you and don’t forget about leaning into your purpose.

I’ll see you in the next episode.

Un beso!

Bye for now.

Kim ❤️

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