Who’s Mail Buy Wife?

Mail order wife, since the identity implies, is actually a type of marriage where the better half is hitched to an specific and is not allowed to be committed to her partner, but the husband http://hotlinesteel.com/2018/09/20/locating-rapid-solutions-in-wife-now/ is liberal to be hitched to her. This is certainly a very popular choice for many who want to live with their partner as husband and wife, but tend not to want to have to invest their lives as couple. In the past, this sort of marriage was around as long as the world wide web. It is now a well-liked option because people will be able to contain a life free from virtually any emotional ties to their spouse, and it is an excellent way to generate a living. This sort of life is not as common any longer because of the detrimental stigma which has been created because of the romantic relationship between those two people.

So what would it be to be -mail order wife? Well, there are many different things being considered while you are considering this sort of your life, but the most significant thing is that you are free to select. You can best mail order brides choose to live as a partner, husband, or perhaps a girlfriend. You may have the choice of having https://spy.com/articles/grooming/hygiene/how-to-be-more-attractive-to-women-grooming-skin-care-146657/ your own business, and you can travel and leisure the world whilst you are betrothed to your spouse.

That’s Mail Buy Wife?

Mail purchase wife, while the identity implies, is known as a type of marriage where the wife is wedded to an individual and is not allowed to be hitched with her partner, but the husband is liberal to be married to her. This can be a very popular choice best mail order brides for individuals that want to live with their spouse as couple, but will not want to have to pay their lives as husband and wife. In the past, this kind of marriage persisted as long as the world wide web. It is now a popular choice because people have the ability to https://www.healthline.com/health/parenting/single-mom-blogs experience a lifestyle free from any emotional ties to their partner, and it is an effective way to produce a living. This type of life is not as common anymore because of the destructive stigma which has been created as a result of marriage between these people.

So what could it be to be all mail order better half? Well, right now there are many different things to get considered while you are considering this sort of https://klien.ratakan.com/an-update-on-necessary-factors-for-find-wife-online/ life, but the most critical thing is that you are free to pick. You can choose to live as a partner, husband, or maybe a girlfriend. You could have the choice of having a small business00, and you can travel and leisure the world although you are wedded to your partner.

How to get a Date Internet – Suggestions That Work

If find a wife in thailand you are looking for techniques to find a night out online afterward this article was written along in mind. There are plenty of things that go into online dating that could be required for some people however, not to others. If you have by no means tried to time frame or in case you have only went out with a few times then this article is very beneficial internet dating messages examples to you. These tips will help you be successful.

The primary tip that you ought to know is the fact it is a positive thing to know they’ve age. If you possibly can find someone that is similar to your self, and your grow old you will have a better chance of reaching someone. Another tip is about being sincere. This is very important. If you happen to met a person, in which it seemed like they had all of the luck then you definitely would not always be happy within your life. When a person has the perfect attitude, they are going to have the right type of luck. You will notice that being able to be nice is definitely the step to dating achievement.

It is a incredibly big bonus offer to know how to find a date on line. The reason this is so wonderful is because the online world is a very smart way to meet people that share prevalent interests. Now there are numerous dating sites that happen to be created particularly for people who need to meet other people difference friends with benefits and dating and make friends. Websites like these can help you meet people who are happy to give you the time. If you are in search of a date web based then you will probably be happy to realize that the internet is a wonderful place to meet other folks that discuss the same fascination as you.

The Top YouTube Channels And Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

The Top YouTube Channels And Podcasts For Entrepreneurs


The Top Youtube
Channels & Podcasts
For Entrepreneurs

March 29th

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

So what are the top Podcasts and YouTube channels for online entrepreneurs?

I got this question from one of my subscribers, Ashley. She asked, “Can you share your favorite YouTube or podcast shows?”

So I’m here to deliver.


These days we have content coming at us from every possible direction.

And while having loads of valuable business advice a huge blessing, it can also be a curse if you try to consume all of it at once.

Not to mention, with so many amazing YouTube and Podcast shows for entrepreneurs out there, it can be totally overwhelming to figure out who to learn from.

Honestly, I’ve had so many favorites throughout the years it was SO hard to pair it down to the top YouTube channels and Podcasts for entrepreneurs.

But most importantly, in this episode, I’m going to be sharing the YouTube channels and Podcast shows that…

#1. I think every online entrepreneur should follow.

#2. I personally absolutely love, get loads of value from and would pay to get value from.

However, please remember that I’m here to share my opinion. As you evolve as an entrepreneur, you’re going to be listening to different influencers and leaders in the space and that’s a great thing.

Use these as recommendations to curate your own top YouTube Channels and Podcasts for entrepreneurs into your own, unique, journey.


I’ve been a loyal subscriber to the show for about two years now and I love every single episode Think Media puts out. It’s run by Sean Cannell and his amazing team.

ThinkMedia is all about creating profitable YouTube videos for your business and helping creators run successful brands.

For example, I love watching Sean explain and review different tech tools for video creators. He breaks down the science of growing your business on YouTube in practical ways while peppering practical know-how for entrepreneurs.

So even if you’re not running a YouTube channel, his insight on business, social media and online marketing is super valuable.

A huge shout out to Sean who’s crushing it over on ThinkMedia.


Amy Porterfield’s podcast has been a ride or die Podcast since it was launched a few years back and it’s no surprise it made it in my list of the top YouTube channels and Podcasts for entrepreneurs.

Looking back, things have changed a lot since I first started listening to the show. And through the years, I’ve listened to so many different creators, influencers, and thought leaders, but Amy is one of those people that always seems to get me through every stage of my journey.

Additionally, she’s ridiculously likable, raw and real. Not to mention, her teaching style makes learning online marketing easy and heaps of fun.

It’s fair to say that she’s my favorite female podcast host.

Check out her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. You won’t regret it.


The next one is definitely a podcast that I have to mention, not just because it’s my husband’s podcasts, but because I legitimately love listening to it.

My husband, Chris Micheal Harris, hosts the Entrepreneur Hour podcast show and he interviews some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship.

Folks like Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, Dave Asprey, Dr. Axe, etc. frequent the show to talk strategy, struggles, health, business & life.

However, I love that he focuses on both guests who are big name entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who aren’t in the limelight yet but are doing awesome things in the marketplace.

So if you want a good mix of practical business strategies, behind-the-scenes stories and epic life advice for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Hour is for you.

I highly recommend tuning into the Entrepreneur Hour Podcast.


This dude is goals.

I’ve been listening to him before I started my business and let me just say, he’s the real deal.

His awesome YouTube channel is chock-full of inspirational, motivational and practical business strategies. Whether you’re having a hard time finding the right hire or need to improve your energy level, he’s got you covered with a practical lesson you can implement right away.

For instance, I love how he can break down deep, intellectual principles into practical and easy to consume lessons.

The past year I’ve made it a habit to start my day with loads of positivity and inspiration. And after my prayer time, I usually watch one or two of Brendon’s motivational and inspiring videos while I’m getting ready for the day.

It helps me kick things off with a fresh, new perspective and a deep level of awareness.

Check out his show on iTunes too.


Subscribe to Marie TV

It’s no secret that Marie Forleo is one of my favorite people on the internet (how can she not be, right?).

I deeply admire this woman on so many levels. Her videos gave me the courage to go after my passion back in college when I had zero clue what I wanted to do with my life.

Her award-winning Marie TV show ‘comes on’ every Tuesday and it’s jam-packed with entertaining, crazy funny but deep & practical business advice.

You’ll leave each episode excited, inspired and so much smarter.

Go check out Marie Forleo’s Marie TV and don’t forget to subscribe.


If you’re into photography or videography, you’ve probably already heard of the great Peter McKinnon. He’s exploded onto the scenes of the YouTube-sphere with 3.3 million subscribers (yes that number more than doubled from the time I filmed this video).

And it’s no surprise – the dude is legit.

If you create or aspire to create any type of video content for your business please go load up on some serious inspiration from Pete’s channel.

He’s really opened my eyes on what the new standard is when it comes to making engaging videos that are not just super entertaining, they’re integrating cinematographic elements to get a point across in a much bigger way.

If video and photos aren’t your thing, they should be. From leveling your blog photography to making higher quality videos, Pete’s punchy and entertaining videos are loaded with helpful tips & hacks to make your content stand out.

Go subscribe to Peter Mckinnon’s channel ASAP.


Next one on the list is a podcast that delivers SO much value – the Perpetual Traffic podcast. This is another ride or die for me and I never, ever miss an episode. It’s hosted by Molly Pittman, Ralph Burns and Keith Krance – all seasoned digital marketers and the entire show revolves around you guyessed it.. creating perpetual traffic sources.

And who doesn’t need more traffic?

I got to work with Keith’s & his awesome team a couple of months ago during a coaching intensive and it was a game-changing experience. We’ve 4Xed our business as a result – so when I say the podcast is legit, I mean that.

So if you want to learn more about Facebook marketing (Facebook advertising specifically) and running traffic to your business, you have to listen to the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

QUICK TIP: The topics Molly, Ralph and Keith discuss on the podcast are prettyhigh-level. So I definitely encourage you to listen as soon as you can. Even if you’re a beginner, or you’ve never ran a Facebook ad before, the podcast will open up your mind to big possibilities of what you can accomplish with Facebook advertising and Facebook marketing.


Last but not least, one of my favorite YouTubers right now is Kelsey Humphreys.

On her channel, she interviews some incredible guests like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Marie Forleo. I love wathcing her high-production videos and always leave learning something totally new.

This girl brings it and is an awesome resource for the online business community.

Go subscribe to Kelsey’s channel here.


So I hope that answered your question Ashley.

Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments section below: What are your favorite youtubers, podcasters, and bloggers?

I’m always on the hunt for new amazing content to share with our community.



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How To Start A Consulting Business – 3 Essential Steps + Q&A

How To Start A Consulting Business – 3 Essential Steps + Q&A

Ever toyed with the idea of starting a consulting business? I’ve been there.

A few years back I left my cushy dream job in the corporate space to launch my own social media management and consulting firm and never looked back.

It was a bit rocky at first but I made it work and it’s how I made a living for a few years and I enjoyed every second of it. Now that we’ve transitioned into teaching workshops, online courses and digital products I get asked how to start a consulting business all the time.

In fact, it was the first question that came up during the second part of our Q&A series over on the YouTube channel and I have a lot to say on the topic.

So if you’re thinking about starting a consulting business or have already taken the plunge, there are three essential steps I would take right away that really helped me launch a profitable consulting business from the get-go.

>> Catch up on PART I of our Q&A series here.




What most people don’t realize is that starting a successful consulting business or really any business at all starts with mindset.



Step #1: Own Where You’re At Right Now + Be Grateful For It 

Whether you’re in a 9-5 you love/hate, going to school full time or taking care of your family, you have to own where you’re at and really take pour yourself into what you are doing right now. Show up like a real pro and be grateful for the opportunity you have right now to serve others and strengthen your character.

I learned this concept from a book I read years and years ago when I was still at my corporate job and it really taught me to pour myself into my work and give my current employer my all before I decided to move on.

That idea seriously paid off because as soon as I turned in my resignation letter, the president of the company asked me to take them on as my first corporate client. #winning

That would have NEVER happened if I would have gotten distracted by my dream business and my work performance declined.

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who are bogged down by their current job and resent it like nothing else but that mindset is precisely what is holding them back from their dream business.

And hey, I get it. It’s a totally natural reaction to feel like your 9-5 is what is holding you back from starting your consulting dream business but the grass is always greener, my friend.

Instead, look at your current job as the financial vehicle that is allowing you to pursue your dreams without stressing out about paying the bills every month. Gratitude changes everything.

So what does that look like?

While you’re at work or at school or taking care of the kiddos, commit to showing up. Be present. Give it your all.

Resist the urge to work on your consulting business (or any business for that matter) while you’re at work, school (etc). That means no daydreaming and no Googling while the boss is away…

Be present, own where you’re at with gratitiude and show up like a professional because every other area of your life will reap the benefits. 



Step #2: Double Down On Your Learning

Use this time to dig deep and learn more about your craft. The biggest mistake you can make as a ‘consultant’ is to be a phony one.

If you’re starting a consulting business, start it the right way and that begins way before you put in your resignation letter and dive head first into your business.

Know your ish.

That means subscribing to Podcasts, YouTube Channels, Blogs, taking online or in-person courses and learning everything you possibly can about your craft.

Be a serial learner.

Nothing infuriates me quite as much as a mediocrity. I don’t subscribe to the idea that you can just charge people to teach them how to do something you’ve never actually done before which leads me to the next step.


Step #3: Close Your First Free Clients

Yes, you read that right. 

Do work for free.

Wait, but isn’t that counterintuitive? Heck, no. 

If you’re going to charge for a service, you better know what you are talking about and bring clients real, tangible, results. None of that theoretical fluff that doesn’t serve anyone. 

And the best way to prove that you know your stuff is to work with clients pro bono.

This gives you an incredible opportunity to get insight into your client’s most pressing problems and experiment with solutions that work.

Plus, you get to build your portfolio at the same time, gain more experience and prove yourself in your industry.

All of those skills will pay off big time in the long run so don’t skip this step.



0:40 – What are the essential first steps in starting a consulting company? How to get started if you’re already employed full time for another company but you want to start your own business?

8:50 – I want to know how to contact a company to make clothes for my preference and then sell them online? I don’t know where to start. Any advice?

10:14 – What are your tips on marketing a blog using Instagram?

15:19 – How do you figure out how to charge clients?




What are some of your top marketing or business questions?

Let me know in the comments below for a chance to be featured in PART II of our Q&A series. ?



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