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Frequently Asked Questions

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When Does The Business Lounge Open?

TBL opens once or twice per year, depending on our bandwidth. Usually, the Spring Cohort launches around March- April, and the Fall Cohort around September-October.

The program is capped at 1,000 members since Kim & Chris are very active in the community, and we’ve found over time that more than that amount of members doesn’t allow us to create the ‘hands-on’, close-knit culture we like to foster. So we open up a new cohort when new seats are available.

Is Kim + Co. Only For Women?

Lol. We get this one a lot. In short, no! Our online programs, digital downloads, and coaching are open to both men and women alike.

We love working with coachable dudes too and do so often. However, 90% of our clients are women (that’s who we tend to attract) and we love every second of it. 

Do You Offer 1:1 Coaching?

Yes! The Business Lounge 1:1 Coaching program and TBL+ Group Coaching are both extensions of The Business Lounge program (so make sure to start there first).

🌟 Coaching is best for those who are at least 2 years into their business journey OR want to grow quickly and can afford a minimum 4-figure investment. 

We have programs for ALL kinds of price points, that’s why we require an application that we personally review to place you in the right program for your business stage and budget.

✨ Spots are limited for 1:1 Coaching to 10 spots per calendar year. And group coaching to 30 spots per calendar year based on Kim & Chris’ bandwidth.

You can apply for either program here >>

Who Are Your Programs NOT For?

Developing an online marketing strategy is KEY for growing your cash flow no matter what business you’re growing, but that doesn’t mean our programs are the right fit for everyone.

We primarily serve online entrepreneurs who sell services, courses, or physical products in the online business space. 

Here’s the short list of who we don’t work with: 

  • Influencers who want to get rich and famous quickly.
  • Uncoachable folks who know it all.
  • Anyone who wants their marketing ”done-for-them” (contact us and we’ll refer you to our best marketing agency students).
  • Creators who don’t aspire to build a business.
  • MLM’s
My Business Is In (Insert Crazy Niche/Product) - Do You Work With Business Like Mine?

Maybe! If you’re an online business or want to market yourself online, we probably work with you. 

Message us directly via this page to find out.

I Purchased One Of Your Templates - Can I Get Your Eyes On It?

For sure! That’s what VIP Sessions are for. 

You can book one here and Kim and Chris will critique it for you in real-time via Voxer (you can ask follow-up questions & get personalized feedback too).