October 9th

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to create a content marketing plan for your business. I’m going to break it down. Plus, we have a handy template that you can access and download it for FREE. 

So let’s get into it.


As we break down these strategies, I want to make sure that you’re pulling notebooks and pen and paper and take notes because you’re going to want to remember this. 

There are five Ps of content marketing. When it comes to creating your plan, you want to focus on these five key aspects. 

#1 Purpose. You need to start with the end in mind. You have to understand what objectives you’ve set up to meet them with your content marketing. 

Do you want your content going to position you as an authority, and you really are all about building a brand?

Do you want to increase your audience and create a community?

Is your goal right now is to monetize your audience?

There are so many different objectives, and we want to start with the end in mind so that we can reverse engineer that process. 

#2 People. Who are you trying to reach? And remember, we’re not about attracting just random followers. We want to attract buyers. People who are actually going to purchase what you have to offer whether that’s a service, a product or a program.

#3 Publishing. We’re going to decide what we’re going to publish and when—frequency versus the content type.

#4 Performance. We want to make sure that we’re measuring and tracking what’s actually working. What’s moving the needle in our business. We’re not about creating random acts of content like my friend, or Sean Cannell talks about.

We’re going to create content that has a purpose behind it. And then we’re going to track whether or not it’s actually working. 

#5 Promotion. How are we going to promote the content that we have to offer? Creating and  publishing the content isn’t where this game stops. We’ve got to market the marketing. Have a plan to get your content out there and do so in a strategic way. 

So I’m going to walk you through the template right away.  

One tip I have for you as you’ve downloaded this template is to make sure that you’re not opening it in the browser, download it to your computer, and then open it using Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.


So let’s start by laying out our marketing goals. I want to urge you in this section to just focus on one to three core goals. More than that is going to become a massive distraction. So as you begin, one to three goals tops. 

Something that I want you to realize is that I’ve created very general goals for a reason. If you want your goal to be more effective, give yourself a deadline. Same thing with driving more traffic, you want to have a set number. And finally, convert more customers. Also extremely relative. So you want to say, you want to convert ten additional customers or 20% more customers directly from content marketing.


Now we’re going to talk about our ideal client avatar. You want to outline here who your person is. If you already have customers, this is someone that you already have worked with and had a great relationship with and they’ve achieved amazing results. 

With your client avatar, I want to really encourage you to dream big. Dig into the psychographics more than the demographics. With psychographics, it means what her interests are? What are her passions? What makes her actually tick? 

And if you want to dive deeper into the art of selling with your content of actually taking this plan and turning it into a monetization plan, you got to sign up for my brand new masterclass, I hope to see you there.

And as we move to publishing. We want to figure out what content types you are going to be publishing. And how often are you going to be publishing that specific type of content? And move into performance through your KPIs. Something that’s important to know is that usually, we’re outlining our macro content. 

You might be creating podcasts, or maybe you are publishing live videos instead of videos on YouTube. Whatever your content types are with your macro content, add them. And then we’re going to add frequencies to each one. And I’m going to follow that with a related blog post and one newsletter per week. 

If I’m creating videos, I want to make sure that my videos are actually getting views. That is the first step and getting someone to click over to a lead magnet or to my website to purchase something from me.


Next, how will we measure whether blogs are actually driving the needle? Look at your history, and see what makes sense moving forward. So if we want to increase our blog traffic, we could say, we want to actually send 2000 or drive web clicks, two courses from each blog episode.

And then with newsletters, we want to figure out open rates and click-through rates. So I’m going to say that with the newsletter, I want to have an open rate and open rate of 30% and a click-through rate of 5%.


Next, we can go into detail. Brainstorm 5 to 10 blog post titles. If you do not write blog posts and wherever you’re publishing macro content, use that space, or just skip it altogether and figure out one of these sections that make more sense for you. You can do long-form content on social media. So outline the content types that you’re going to be publishing.

Now we’re going to promote the content that we’ve created, and we’ve put together an entire list for you of content promotion ideas that you can leverage.

For instance, you can use SEO to increase organic traffic and get discovered from now until the end of time. You can create a revisit your Pinterest strategy to drive more traffic. You can pitch podcast interviews for exposure. So many different ideas here.

But now, in this section, I want you to create your own content promotion plan. What are five to 10 ideas that you might have that you can implement at least during the entire quarter that will allow you to reach your goals?


I also want you to dig deep, get creative, and figure out how you’re going to be promoting that content that you’ve worked so hard to get off the ground.

You have a full-blown content marketing plan. And hey, I want you to go watch one of our social media marketing plan and strategy videos. That’s going to help you plan your micro-content.

And I hope to see you in that video. I have a full template for you for that as well. I hope to see you there.

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