Content Strategy: Stop Creating ‘Random Acts of Content’

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Ever felt like you’re just throwing darts in the dark when it comes to your content strategy and posting online?

Yup, I’ve been there. 🙋‍♀️

So my friend Sean Cannel calls it creating “random acts of content,” and that’s EXACTLY right!

When you’re shooting from the hip with your posts, it’s like trying to hit a bullseye with your eyes closed.

You *might* get lucky, but chances are, your post won’t land.

Which reminds me of a quick story…

Once upon a time, (circa 2012) Chris and needed to get the word out about our little student moving business, so I thought, ”I’ll just started posting content on social media.”

(yesss, I dug up our cringey white-background-corporate-shot as evidence just for you) 😩😆

content strategy

Back to the story...

Somehow I thought randomly posting photos of what everyone was eating for lunch at the office would somehow help us move more students (remember when that was a THING?).

As if food pics had ANYTHING to do with moving college kids out of their dorms.

Welp… naturally, that didn’t help at all. 🤣

Additionally I had no idea what I was doing, let alone how to organize it all.

Then, one of my friends literally begged me to, ‘PLEASE stop posting disgusting photos of your food on Insta.’ True story. 😝

I call it my ‘content chaos era…’

content strategy

But after months of practice and studying EVERY newsletter, podcast and webinar I could get my hands on, I had a breakthrough.

💡 I learned that teaching our customers how to pack their stuff so it wouldn’t break was a waaaaaaaay better strategy than showing them our sandwiches.

So we went ”all in” on creating valuable content with a strategy and made it our MISSION to track where EVERY sale came from with our ultra-high-tech strategy:

We just asked! LOL.

But seriously, we asked our customers where they found us and wrote it down on every invoice slip (see… tracking your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated – it just has to work). 🤣

One night at the end of the summer Chris and I sat down with a slice of pizza in one hand and a stack of invoices in another to tally up how much we had made from word of mouth, vs from online content…

We were BLOWN away… $23,000 just over the course of 3 months!

So as a baby startup with ZERO funding, that was a breakthrough moment for us.

We were HOOKED!

So, here’s what we learned: Content marketing (with a strategy) is SO freaking worth it, and the good news is, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed to make it happen…

Moreover, it doesn’t have to feel chaotic all the time. You don’t have to ‘shoot from the hip’ with your posts or keep creating ‘random acts of content.’

So, the first step in calming that content chaos and getting CLEAR on your strategy is a badass content calendar!

In fact, I have a FREE resource that will transform your content chaos into a well-oiled machine.

Introducing my Ultimate Content Calendar Template 🗓️! If you haven’t snagged it already, this is your chance to make it your content creation BFF. 👯

So think of a well-crafted content calendar as a map for your content strategy. It’s where you can plan, sort, and see all your content ideas in one strategic spot!

👎🏻 No more cringey food pics (unless you’re into that, no judgment).

So if you don’t have one in place already OR yours could use a little makeover, THIS is your sign to join the 52,376 business owners who have already downloaded from the blog!

➡️ And since we closed enrollment to my signature content-creation program, Content Calendar System 2.0 last Tuesday, I figured it would be the perfect free tool to send you this week. 💕

Plus it comes with a snazzy tutorial bonus walkthrough video to help you get started right now.

content strategy

So, don’t let randomness rule your world.

​Plan, post, and profit!​

Heck, yesss! Let’s do this >>

🛠️ HOW TO:

EDITORIAL AI?! Yesss… that’s my kind of thing.

I’ve been playing with what I’m calling, ‘editorial AI’ for the past year which is having AI edit, re-write, and assist me in creating content without creating it for me.

(I don’t like/use ‘generative AI’ which is when AI writes content for you for A TON of reasons I can’t get into now)

So I figured I’d give you a few of the prompts I’m using for social:

Use this prompt to turn long-form copy into bite-sized post for social media–>

”I have an [insert copy type ex. blog or email] I want you to summarize into 3 key takeaways.
Then, for each takeaway create an Instagram caption [you can insert ANY social media platform instead here] using my original email.
Use casual language. Avoid jargon. Use short sentences. Write at the 4th grade level. Use conversational, witty tone.
Here’s my email: [INSERT YOUR EMAIL COPY]”

* Pro Tip: Play with the prompts and have it re-write it with different ‘voice styles’ like casual, witty, ‘like beyonce’, etc. to play with different ways of communication.

You can also ask it to re-write each caption in 2 different ways if you plan on creating more than one post (for ex. a reel + an image post) OR you just want options. #varietyisthespiceoflife

This works really well to dust off any old blog copy, longer Instagram captions, YouTube videos, podcasts, sales scripts, sales pages or any other long-form copy you’ve created & give them a new spin!

Over To You

Bookmark this post for when you’re out of time and need some quick content ideas…

content strategy




Rule #1 in business: Offer something people want.

I think as creatives, we often fall in love with our own products before we’re SURE they’re what our audience wants.

I’ve done it more times than I’d like to admit, and it’s cost me dearly.

So instead of falling in love with your product, fall in love with your customers. 🤗

Co-create with them a solution they absolutely NEED and you’ll always be in business.

And hey, want to learn more about content strategy? Here are 3 ways we can work together:

1️⃣ Wanna turn more content into customers consistently? That’s exactly what we do all day every day inside The Business Lounge – with over 30+ marketing courses, it’s my best marketing work in one place (doors are opening again this month)!

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3️⃣ Totally stumped on how to create a sustainable content strategy without feeling overwhelmed 99% of the time? I create The Content Calendar System 2.0 to help you create content systems that help you content creation flow (vs feel like a chore) based on YOUR business model >>


I’ll see ya in the next one!

Un beso! 😘




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