Design Your Next Lead Magnet With Canva In 3 Easy Steps [Tutorial]

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Over the years I’ve designed dozens of PDF freebies, webinar handouts & worksheets to help my students go through my online training programs via my favorite design tool, Canva.

In fact, my PDF lead magnets have been the primary way I’ve built my email list, added value for my subscribers and introduced them to my programs and services.

The Ultimate Content Calendar is one of those freebies, if you are one of my students or a subscriber, I’m sure you are pretty familiar with it by now. 🙂

So in this post, we’re going to give your lead magnets a fresh, new makeover.

I’ll show you how to design lead magnets that represent your brand and wow the heck out of your potential clients, even if you’re not a trained graphic designer. 

Let’s do this, familia!

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Lead magnets are a huge asset to my business and my subscribers + I get to showcase my expertise in a visually appealing way.

Because here is the thing, anyone can take Word document put a bunch of information in it, export it as a PDF and give it away as a freebie (freebie = lead magnet = freemium, you get the point).

But I want deliver so much more to my audience. 

Whenever a subscriber downloads one of my freebies, I want to package the content in a way that not just positions me as an authority figure, it also entices them to consume the content and take action.

And that’s what good design helps me do.

My freebies are so valuable my audience would actually pay for them (and I’m not just saying that, I know it because they tell me all the time) and I know it would be so much harder to deliver that kind of value without good design.

Exhibit A: My first lead magnet ever…


This is one of the first lead magnets I created back in 2013 and it was pretty popular (I also designed it on Microsoft Word because Canva wasn’t around).

While it delivered great content and it was straight forward, there was so much more I could have done with this freebie to make it stand out and help my audience consume the information easily.

Why Good Design Is A Must For Lead Magnets

I want you to pay attention to this part because you NEED to think through this before you ever create a freebie.

Lead magnets are usually ”the next step” in your relationship with a website visitor or a social media follower.

Which means people are typically giving you access to their email and inbox in exchange for your lead magnet and that is a BIG deal.

So that ”next step” in their relationship with your brand needs to be a glorious experience for your subscribers.

And of course, good design and branding can take great content to the next level.

Good design can take your content to the next level.

Not only does branding and design help elevate the perceived value of your materials, it also shows your subscribers that you took the extra time to design and deliver loads of value AND an amazing experience.

Here’s a fact, 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, which presents an incredible opportunity to help your subscribers retain the information by making it visually appealing OR to make your marketing messages stick.


Canva has incredible templates that can serve you. In this example, however, let’s not use a template that most people use for lead magnets. Instead, we’re going to pick a non-traditional template to get started with.

If you’re going to create a PDF download like a checklist, or an eBook, or worksheet, there are so many awesome templates to look at.

For example, this planner template is a great base to build something like a checklist or some kind of worksheet. 

If you don’t have your own photos, Canva has tons of stock images that you can use for free. Feel free to change the text, adjust the size and font according to your brand and your own style.



If you want to uplevel your existing lead magnet or if you’re going to create a brand new one to bring in more leads and more potential clients into your email list, I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

Remember, creating a lead magnet is a fantastic way of adding a ton of value to your ideal clients and just showcasing a brand new experience from the minute they sign up to your email list.

Oh, and before I forget, let me know your key takeaways or tips & tricks in the comments below.



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