Can The Done-With-You Model
Help You Scale Your Service or Course Business?

June 29, 2022

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

I’ve been in both camps… 

#1. Working super hard to scale my business but drowning in client work that takes up ALL my time…

#2 Scaling my business through courses dramatically but knowing my students needed more 1:1 time with me.

How could I offer the best of both worlds without sacrificing my time and freedom or burning out trying to do too much?

I think we finally figured it out, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

So whether you are a course creator looking for ways to better understand your audience, or a service provider looking to start scaling your business at a lesser cost yet more quantity, you’re gonna love this episode!

Because I’m gonna share with you a little bit of behind-the-scenes of what we’ve been experimenting with all year long that I think can serve you.

It’s called the Done-With-You Model.

You’re going to want to explore some of these ideas as to how you can leverage this model in your business, not just to make more money but to build deeper, more long-lasting relationships with your clients.

So let’s get into it.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to scale your services or courses with the Done-With-You Model.
  • Why I think this is an amazing opportunity for services-based businesses transitioning into selling digital offers.

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The Done-with-you models we have

Live Workshops

I love live workshops for most people because they’re so darn verstatile.

If you’re offering services but want to start scaling, live workshops are a great way to dip your toe in the water. And if you’re already selling courses, live workshops give you a chance to charge more, and build a lot of rapport with your students.

Either way, you can schedule them at a time that works for you, and even sell the replay for an extra source of income. #winning

We recently swapped our monthly Live Coaching Call for themed, Live Workshops inside The Business Lounge, and it’s been a hit with our members.



Let me start off by saying, you can host Bootcamps in loads of different formats. They make look totally different in your business than they do in ours, and that’s the whole point. 

 Leverage what works for you.

For us, Bootcamps are all-day intensives with about 12 to 15 people. We go through high-level and advanced training on a particular topic.

We’ll kick off the actual Bootcamp about four weeks before the intensive day. And we’ll give our students some homework and training, and we’ll essentially prep them for Bootcamp there.

At the same time, because most of our Bootcamp members are in The Business Lounge, we’re merging the actual monthly workshops we’re doing Live, with the Bootcamps. So the workshops tend to be precursors to the higher level training in the boot camps.

And so this allows us to have this excellent connection between our offers to where we’re naturally and seamlessly taking our students through an ascension process.

The variety of offers we have in a very organic way not only feels really supportive and encouraging for them but also gives them maximum results in a concise amount of time.

Coaching Programs

And then there are coaching programs.

Whether you offer 1:1 coaching or group coaching, there are clever ways to make these offers more accessible for your students and less time-consuming for you.

Chris and I have structured our higher-end coaching program, TBLC (The Business Lounge Coaching), as a bridge between our courses and our premium 1:1 coaching programs. 

The difference? The format & frequency give us and our clients more time freedom which means we can charge a fraction of what we do for 1:1 coaching and still deliver exceptional results.

So the way that TBLC works is we Voxer back and forth every day with ur clients depending on their access level. Three days a week or five days a week with us.

They’ll Voxer us with questions, and we’ll Voxer back with answers.

We’ll walk them through challenging situations in their business, review their sales & marketing assets and provide real-time support.

From walking them through pivoting strategies in the middle of their launches or handling difficult conversations with their clients, they have business mentors they can trust in their back pocket.

We give them clear action steps, daily feedback, encouragement, and support.

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Why Done-with-you model is valuable

Here are three benefits that I see as to why you should start implementing these services.

And I want to challenge you to try it out potentially or start thinking and dreaming about how you could maybe implement something like a Done-With-You Model.

1. Get To Know Your People On A Much Deeper Level

One of the most significant benefits we can glean from those offers is getting a deeper understanding of our members based on how much interaction we have.

Getting to know your people is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Because if you don’t know them, then you don’t know their problems, and you can’t create a solution; therefore, you can’t sell.

2. Get a Great Number of Content Ideas

From the daily questions to the challenges to just plain reaction, we’ve made significant tweaks to our current course offers. We see what’s resonating with people and where are the gaps in our programs that we need to fill.

Also, we’ve been able to get so much insight from our marketing perspective. From more Instagram Stories, Podcast Episodes, YouTube videos and blogs, and even more courses and offers.

It’s been invaluable to have that level of interaction.

Dive Deeper— Our signature program, The Content Calendar System 2.0 takes you through the entire process of how you actually build an audience, create content consistently, and stay on top of it even when you’re super busy.

3. Builds Rapport and Relationship

The amount of loyalty we’ve achieved through just showing up in more meaningful ways for our audience has been incredible.

We have made a massive difference in our customers and businesses. We get to feel that they will be with us for a very, very long time because, again, we’re sowing into them.

We’re building that relationship and doing it in a way that continues to be very, very meaningful.

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I hope this episode was helpful.

I hope that you start thinking of ways where you can connect with your audience at a deeper level that can serve them in bigger ways. And help them build momentum while at the same time leveraging bigger and more good offers in your business and adding more value to the world.

So dig deep into your purpose, continue moving forward with passion and keep building that train. 

And hey, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, hop on the waitlist to join The Business Lounge, and dive deeper to learn how to start an online business — even if you don’t have money, time, and resources.

And now, I would love to hear from you in the comments or DM me on Instagram @kimannjimenez.

What’s your biggest insight or takeaway from today’s episode?
And most importantly, how can you put it into action right now?

I love you. I’m cheering you on, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

Bye for now.

Kim ❤️

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