#FacebookDown – A Lesson In Digital Resilience & 3 Marketing Assets You MUST HAVE To Protect Your Business

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Facebook was down for almost an entire day a couple of weeks ago. And a lot of people freaked out.

That time was absolutely a validating moment for me as an online business entrepreneur (and I’ll tell you why in a bit). 

And in this episode, we’re going to break down exactly what that means for online entrepreneurs, as well as three strategies that you could be leveraging to protect your business moving forward.

I’ve been preaching for five years now the importance of having resilience and following my number one business rules: never ever-ever build your business on somebody else’s business.

Why? Well, because you can’t control what that business is going to do. 

So I really want everyone to come to grips and be prepared and know how to make your businesses stand on its own for the long run.

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So how do you practically prepare your business?

The number one thing that you need to do is you need to understand what is happening.

Why is there so much instability in the social media space? There is an ideological, spiritual, informational, and financial war happening right now and the online space is the battleground.

Did I just say that? Yes… and I think most of you would agree. 

Given everything we’ve seen the past almost two years, it’s time we come to terms with how destabilizing all of this has been for all of us.

And so as you research and stay awake in terms of what’s really going on, you have to figure out a balance to be aware and be educated on the issues that are happening right now without getting sucked in.

As entrepreneurs our job is to see the opportunities when everyone else sees the downsides. 

So leverage this time of chaos into an empowering experience to help stretch you skills and prepare for what’s next.

It might be a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to building outside of social media or if you haven’t set up assets or systems that enable you to create an independent channel of leads and sales, and traffic as much as it could be. 

And as we discuss this topic, let’s be honest…

We’re never going to be fully fully fully independent on the internet because there are so many platforms that gather users and create communities and provide that value to advertisers and small business owners.

So it’s one of those things where you want to be as independent as you can be and we’ll get into the strategies in detail in the audio/video episode. 

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So here are 3 Marketing Assets You MUST HAVE To Protect Your Business


You definitely need an email list.

Why? Because it’s a very intimate communication channel. 

To give you an email, something as precious as that, is a significant gift that you should not take for granted.

These are people who have literally given you one of their most precious assets and given you access to their inbox. So now you better add value to their lives.

So if you’re one of the people who sent your newsletter many weeks ago now, and you’re not keeping up with your email list and adding value and treating them like the VIPs in your business, wake up and start treating your list like the leads.

You should be emailing your list at the very least once a week. You better build that relationship and build those connections. (Related Read: Send This to Your Email Subscribers)

Master Email Marketing and Social List Building courses are accessible and available inside The Business Lounge and they’ll help you grow an email list from absolute zero or take your email list to the next level.

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You need to have a website. 

Because your website is your real estate in the digital space, it is your digital storefront. It should be your highest performing salesperson that is unpaid.

Your website is where transactions happen, where people buy from you, book discovery calls, buy your services, and purchase your products.

The problem is that we’re lazy as entrepreneurs and modern marketers, and we want everything done in an afternoon with fries to go with it. That’s just kind of how we are. 

We don’t understand that the time and energy invested in building our most important asset will pay off long term.

YES, people can run full-on businesses without a website. But when things like Facebook down happens, so as your business. 

So there’s no excuse in 2021 to get a website done for your business.

Plus, you also need a blog.

It should be a website and a blog.

And your blog should be the place where you’re producing the highest quality of content. Because that’s where transactions happen. 

So for me, when I have a new episode, I don’t send my email lists to my YouTube channel or podcast. I send them to the blog on my website.

Why? Because I run ads on my content. And it allows me to sell more of my products, programs, and services. 

So a website and a blog are a must-have even if you do not like writing as I do.

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This is why it’s so important to understand that there is a big fight going on. And by supporting alternative platforms, you’re not just sticking it to big tech, you’re also creating a backup plan for your business.

And the last thing you can do is to start planting a flag outside of big tech.

And for me, I have chosen Telegram as a place where I feel we’re going to start building our business.

Because so far, after I’ve done all my research from other alternative platforms, Telegram stood out for me. I loved it after looking at their growth, how they’re set up, the founder’s mentality and commitment to free speech, and the key feature of using it.

So if you want to join us there, I would highly encourage that you do. 

You’re going to get access to my unfiltered thoughts on a lot of things. 

I’m just going to be telling you the truth with anything there, and I’m going to do that everywhere, but primarily on Telegram

However, that doesn’t mean that Telegram is suitable for you. Go check out other alternative platforms, and see what fits best for you.

There are tons of different alternative social media platforms that are up and coming.

And I highly encourage you to think about how you can move your business, take your followers on the leading tech platforms and move them over to an alternative tech platform that you have more trust around.

So do your research. This doesn’t have to be something you do immediately but has to be at the back of your mind as a thing you want to start shooting for.

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I hope that you’re starting to get ideas. I hope that your creative juices are flowing on how to stand up and be an independent business.

I just crammed down my perspectives down your throat, and I want you to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes so that you can better prepare for what we’re about to face. 

Again, it’s coming out of a place of empowerment.

You own your power as an entrepreneur when you are informed.

There are always people who succeed and thrive when there is chaos. And there’s disturbance and when there is insecurity. So you got to level up your mindset and start looking at this as a massive opportunity to stand out and succeed when other people are just sleeping on their laurels. 

I know you got this. And I’m going to be with you the entire step of the way.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below (scroll a bit to the bottom) – some of the best insight comes from YOU, our community, so don’t miss a chance to share your perspective (you never know who you could be helping). 

I love you!  And I will see you in the next episode!

Bye for now.


Kim 😘

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