There’s Hidden Money In Your Business! Let’s Find It.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Did you know that there could be some hidden money opportunities in your business that you’re just missing out on?

I’m willing to be that right now. There are areas in your business where you might be leaving some cash, some dollars, some coins on the table…

How do I know that?

We see it all the time! So often, as entrepreneurs, we get bogged down with the hustle & bustle of business and totally miss the money-making opportunities that are staring us right in the face!

So if you’re needing to increase your cash influx, or are feeling discouraged because things aren’t moving along as fast as you’d like…

We got you covered with an episode from our new Insider’s Podcast which I host with my business partner, Chris, for our members inside The Business Lounge program.

We’re talking real tangible strategies that will help you earn more right now… And most importantly, you’ll leave you feeling encouraged and excited.

Let’s get into the show!

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Oftentimes, with this new era of entrepreneurship, we’re just getting bombarded with messages that are so far removed from what it means to be an entrepreneur. 

Track likes… track followers… track engagement…

But are those numbers what really matter?

Yes, followers are great, yes engagement is wonderful, but these vanity metrics keep you unfocused from the real mission: to sell & serve.

That’s why we’re constantly talking about #profitabilityoverpopularity because when you focus on your ‘why’ followers, and like counts are a means to an end, not the destination.

So your first step? Diagnose your business.

Are you tracking the numbers that matter?

Or solely focusing on vanity metrics like followers & engagement?

Again… There’re tons of businesses that get a lot of revenue and sales from exposure. Visibility is really important (and we’re FOR it).

But it’s not going to matter if you’re only keeping your audience engaged on social media, and never moving them through the process of becoming leads and eventually sales. 

And that’s what happens when you don’t focus on the right numbers. 

You end up in a content hamster wheel trying to reach a certain milestone that all the experts have told you need to reach, and when it never happens, you give up because you’re not profitable.

I’m saying this with loads of love: If you’re not profitable, you’re not a business (yet).

And so we want to pull people out of that never-ending cycle. 


If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘funnel’, don’t worry. It’s essentially a strategic way of taking people through an online sales process.

The top of the funnel is that surface level attraction and discoverability.

It’s that idea of attracting eyeballs into your business and getting seen.

E.g. social media, getting SEO traffic, running paid ads. 

The middle of the funnel is shifting the relationship with someone who just found you on social media, but isn’t part of your email list.

There’s no way for you to follow up or change the relationship, send them promotional offers based on their interest, if you’re not moving people down in that middle of the funnel.

So what you’re focusing on in the middle of the funnel is building the relationship, going deep and nurturing those people, and then offering them an opportunity to dive even deeper via a paid offer. And this can happen in a matter of days, months, and even years.

E.g. lead magnets, long form content, newsletters. 

And finally, the bottom of the funnel is where sales happen.

E.g. building sales page, upsells, order bumps, ascension funnels.

And so understanding what those three phases are and why they’re important is so so so key to really understanding your numbers.

So, for example, you have a pretty decent following on social media but your email list is terrible the focus in this scenario should be to work on the middle of your funnel or list growth.

If, on the other side of the equation, you have a good email list; you have a good offer, but you’re just not generating enough revenue to grow as fast as you need, you might want to play with building the bond with your list and adding more traffic to the top of your funnel.

Always stay on top of your numbers so you realize where you need to improve.

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Sometimes, there are particular benchmarks that you’re not reaching, and you might feel deflated.

And that’s okay. It happens.

Instead of turning to self-criticism, use it to find the opportunity.

  • Do you need to launch a new lead magnet that grows your list?
  • Can you drive more traffic or build stronger relationships with your audience through your Instagram stories?
  • How are you going to drive more people to your email list?
  • How can you create a better content experience for people reading your blogs?

So, as you go through the process of looking at your numbers, keep in mind that numbers reveal opportunities, not just places where you might be failing.

It’s like looking at a scoreboard. Your opportunities are there. It’s a matter of looking at your numbers and figuring out how to adapt your marketing strategy to grow faster.

That’s how you create purposeful marketing.

That’s how you can feel empowered, NOT to follow marketing trends if you choose not to.

And more importantly? That’s how you unlock more sales and higher profits.


I hope this episode is valuable to you.

And if it was, drop some comments below or DM me on Instagram @kimannjimenez.

If it was not, drop me some comments too…

I would love to hear from you.

Because we want to make things actionable and practical for you here.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode!

Don’t forget to go all in. God has put you on this earth to serve others, multiply your gifts, and reach your full potential. Honor that gift.

We’re rooting for you.

I’ll see you in the next episode.

Un beso! Bye for now.



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