Do You Really Need To Post 15+ Times Per Day On Social Media To Stay Relevant?

October 14, 2022

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

Okay, things have changed A LOT the past 2.5 years on social media. The game is different and we all want to stay relevant…

But does that mean we should up the anti, grinding on social media and posting 15 plus times a day? 

If you do, how do you go about that? 
If no, what is the right frequency? 
What platforms do you need to be on? 

It’s gonna get good, y’all. 

We’ve been having this conversation over the last couple of months inside of The Business Lounge membership, because a lot of the experts tell you that the market is getting more competitive, things are getting crazier, you need to be posting 15-20 times all over social media on different platforms.

And while I think that there’s validity to that point, is it realistic?

So let’s talk about what you should be doing as a solopreneur, to stay super relevant with your content creation.

Let’s jump right into it!

We just sent out a poll recently asking about your biggest content challenges and we heard from over 400 of you who shared things like…

I’m just burnt out…

How do I make content work when the business takes up all my time?

I know I need to be creating content, but I don’t know how to do that when my lifestyle is so busy…

I 100% get it. Not just because I’m a former social media manager, but because this is my third startup, so I understand what it likes to do everything in the business and feel the pressure of having to create MORE.

So when I hear experts saying that you have to post 15+ times each day to stay relevant in this era, I’m calling BS.

I love it as a goal. I don’t love it as a blanket statement (it’s not true).

Because number one, is that really necessary? And number two, is that sustainable and realistic to where you’re at in your business journey right now?

I have yet to see a small business owner and entrepreneur who’s running an actual business solo createa that much content consistently, and profitably.

I’m sure that unicorn is out there, and we’re rooting him/her on because that’s an amazing goal. 

But for the 99% of entrepreneurs just trying to make things happen online, I’m giving you permission to not have to start there.

Content creation is a full time job. Period.

As a former social media manager, who managed over 50 businesses content one on one, over the first few years of my career, I can tell you that what you see as the finished product on social is only half the story. What you don’t see is the hours and hours and hours they’re spending putting that content together.

So, as entrepreneurs, as a small business owners, we have to look for a better way. We have to think about how we deliver our content differently.

Yes, there are experts in this field who are telling you, you need to post more often. But frankly, those people are very much out of touch… 

In fact, some of the big names have upwards of 20 people just on their content team managing, editing, and posting. Which is awesome, and 100% how it should be done…  they just don’t tell you about it.

And so I just want to give you permission to play your game and show you how you can still post consistently without burning out, or producing an exorbitant amount of FOMO content.

Okay, rant over…

Now, how do you actually figure out how frequently you should be posting?

When it comes to frequency and how often you should be posting on social media. Think about two very important things.

Number one is sustainability; what is a frequency that you can sustain? 

And number two, what frequency will give you the best results for that specific platform?

#1 Sustainability – What Frequency will help you post consisntently?

If you’ve been part of The Business Lounge, or you have downloaded our Online Success Path, you know that there’s six stages in your business journey. So, based on the stage that you’re at in your business journey, what is sustainable for you?

Master one platform that’s your pillar content —like podcast, blog, YouTube video, etc. And then one other supporting platform where people can find you, where you can share your show, where you can get discovered.

Let’s say you’ll want to commit to creating three reels every single week. You batch those in advance, and boom, you got your three reels. And so, you start developing that consistency that is by what’s sustainable for you. And then, as you stay consistent, you’ll start to see success.

So you just have to be smarter. And you got to think about how do you leverage the resources that you have when you have a very limited amount of time, very limited amount of energy and maybe even limited amount of money.

#2 What Is The Best Frequency For the specific Platforms you’re posting to?

So if you’re using the same frequency on Twitter, like you do on Instagram, you’re probably not going to see much success. Right?

Twitter has a very short kind of window of opportunity when it comes to individual tweets. There’s a very short bandwidth there. And so you probably need to post more frequently on Twitter.
Well, what if TikTok is your thing? What’s the frequency like in TikTok?

What can you get away with that will still give you the algorithm boost but is still going to be sustainable for where you are right now?

So, really, that’s the wisdom behind content creation that is purposeful and that is geared to build a business in a way that is profitable.

#ProfitabilityOverPopularity all day long.

And so you’re stair stepping that idea.

And hey, I just want to be so so clear that I am not saying that you should not aspire to someday soon be able to post 20 times a day on all the different platforms and have a team that helps you manage it all. 


So, I hope this episode was helpful.

And if it was, drop some comments below or DM me on Instagram @kimannjimenez.

If it was not, drop me some comments too…

I would love to hear from you.

And hey, sneak into my five secrets to creating irresistible content consistently, even if you’re super busy and without being on all the time with our FREE Content Class. So you’re gonna get my exact five step system to nail your content creation once and for all, grow an audience of buyers, not just followers and show up unapologetically as an entrepreneur without spending all your time glued on your devices.

Again, I hope you enjoyed this episode!

Don’t forget to go all in. God has put you on this earth to serve others, multiply your gifts, and reach your full potential. Honor that gift.

We’re rooting for you.

I’ll see you in the next episode.

Un beso! Bye for now.



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