How to Determine Your Ideal Customer Avatar for Your Business

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

I had a conversation recently with a young fitness enthusiast who’s thinking about starting an online business to share his knowledge…

And you know what his biggest hang-up is?

“I just don’t know who would want my stuff when there’s so much info on YouTube already.”

Show of hands, how many of us have thought that before?

I’m absolutely guilty.

And in the days of growing content, it only gets more daunting.

Keeping up with the trends…

Creating the perfect reel that’s going to get people excited and engaged.

But you know what MOST aren’t doing?

They’re not narrowing down to focus on who they can serve uniquely.

In today’s world with so much information, people are looking for specific answers…not just more information.

“What will work for ME?”

“How does this apply to ME?”

“How do I adapt this information to grow MY business?”

“What meal plan and workout plan will help ME reach MY goals?”

You get the drift.

And that’s where the niches lead to the riches, my friend.

Because I believe you have MORE of an opportunity today than maybe any other time before.


Case in point…we’ve had more requests for 1:1 coaching than any other time in the history of our business.

And that coaching is far more expensive than anything else we sell.

People are tired and exhausted by the barrage of info…

They want an answer and they want results.

And that’s where you can absolutely crush it.

But it starts with speaking very specifically to your ICA (Ideal Customer or Client Avatar).

So how do we KNOW who those people are?

Let’s dig in…

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Step 1. Determine your

NON-Ideal Customer

This might sound funny and peculiar, but seriously…

The best way to determine WHO is ideal, is to eliminate who is not.

Our non-ideal client is named “Lauren”.

She’s a total “know-it-all” man-hater.

She’s uncoachable, thinks she is the queen bee, and is very unflexible.

Since she has all the answers already, she spends more time defending her position than actually being receptive to your help.

For us, working with a “Lauren” on marketing her business is about as enjoyable as laying on a bed of nails.

Now, if you hadn’t guessed already, “Lauren” is based on a real person.

And this is a great place to start…

Who have you serviced or done business with that you absolutely want to repel?

Who would be an absolute nightmare if they were in your life and business all the time?

Figure out who that is, and document the characteristics that embody that person.

I already gave some details, but “Lauren” is middle-aged, she’s divorced, she’s had some degree of success (usually in corporate America), and is now trying to do her own thing with an online business.

Since her experience in Corporate was “Big Time” stuff, working an online business and getting coaching feels “beneath” her, and that’s why she has to constantly flex instead of just receiving new information.

She is a man-hater because she had to scratch and claw in her career, and her divorce didn’t help those matters.

Guarantee she is going to not receive any feedback from me, personally…and will likely chalk up anything I say to “mansplaining”.

She is technically not very savvy and will get frustrated with our online community, and she expects to be handheld when she runs into those challenges.

You get the point…

But do you see how specific this is?

You can almost see the person.

And that is important…because we want to use that to focus on who we DO want to work with.

By using the process of elimination, we now have a better idea of what a great customer or client would look like.

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Ideal Customer Avatar

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Step 2. Develop your IDEAL

Customer or Client Avatar

Who would be an absolute dream to work with?

Where is he or she hanging out on the internet?

What makes them who they are?

What age are they?

What are their values, goals, desires?

How do they align with you, and on what?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

And guess what?

If you can’t immediately answer these questions…we’ve got work to do!

But here’s some pointers to get started.

Who have you worked with that was an absolute dream?

If you worked with them or serviced them every single day, it wouldn’t even feel like work.

Now, maybe you’re too new to business to know…so either think of a real person in the world or imagine this person in your head.

Anthropologie is famous for this.

Their Ideal Customer Avatar is “Julia”…as in Julia Roberts.

And yes, THAT Julia Roberts.

Everything Anthropologie does is through the lens of “Julia”.

The presentation of the store, the merchandise, and the color scheme.

They ask themselves "would Julia like this?"
"Would Julia wear this?"
"What would Julia think of this?"

That’s the level of immersion you need and the thought process you need to have when it comes to obsessively thinking about who is your Ideal of the Ideal.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself “just creating content” or “just selling to whoever will buy from you”.

We’ve all been there, don’t worry.

Step 3. Find the “Sweet Spot”

Now, like most, maybe you ended up with like 3 different avatars.

That’s okay, and totally normal.

Here’s what we did.

We created a Venn Diagram and layered it on all 3 of our ICA’s, and forced ourselves to find that juicy middle where they all have commonality.

I call this the “Sweet Spot”.

And here’s what we found.

We actually had a third ICA that was stripping our attention away from our TRUE 2 ICA’s.

It was mind-blowing, and despite the fact all 3 share the same values, same goals, run similar businesses, etc.

Type #3, called “Danielle”, is a little lacking in the motivation and focus department.

She’s otherwise a dream, but compared to our other 2 Avatars, we end up having to spend too much time keeping her motivated and focused.

And, as a result, it strips the potency of our messaging for our other 2 TRUE Ideal Customer Avatars.

So now that we eliminated “Danielle” from our ICA bunch, what we discovered was the ONLY difference between our “Amber” and our “Nadene” was where they are in business…that’s it.

One has just been in business longer, but both are exactly our dream clients.

And with this added clarity, we know exactly how to speak to them.

In fact, I’m doing it right now.

Notice I’ve written nothing motivational or “just stay focused”.

Because an “Amber” or a “Nadene” don’t NEED that…and if they do, it’s rare.

They are both mission-driven, they are determined and focused to serve people in a high capacity and utilize their gifts for the benefit of making the world a little bit better through their own abilities…

And they will not let anything get in their way.

So what they CRAVE is strategy.

They want to know ALL the marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

The more nerdy we go, the more they get fired up.

Conversely, a “Danielle” really needs a nice pick-me-up and a reminder of why she’s even pursuing this business to begin with.

She needs a coach…

We’re Marketing Strategists.

Kim (my wife and business partner) and I have to find ways to disengage, not get motivated.

There are pros and cons to that, but the bottom line is we don’t do the motivational stuff well because it’s a blind spot for us…and thus, it’s not part of our unique ability.

But boy you give us 90 minutes to give you Grade A marketing advice and strategy and I’ll stack us up with the best of them.

Just being real…not bragging.

By locking in and finding our sweet spot, we can now stay in our lane…

And as a result, “Amber” and “Nadene’s” are going to just go nuts when they see our content, watch our videos, read our blogs, and receive our emails.

Because we’re on message.

We’re speaking to them, specifically and often.

This is your Golden Goose.

Arrive at this and bring that energy into all of your marketing.

I don’t care what you do or what you sell…you will go far.

And that will ultimately become the culture you create that your company is known for.


And there you have it!

I hope you found today’s discussion valuable and insightful. 

I encourage you to embrace the power of niching down, speaking directly to your ICA, and offering solutions that address their specific pain points and aspirations.

Because in a world where everyone is shouting to be heard, those who speak directly to the hearts and minds of their audience are the ones who truly stand out.

Ready to dive deeper into discovering your ICA?

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Until next time, keep hustling!

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