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January 20, 2021

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

Inside The Business Lounge, we allow our members to ask questions and share their ideas, and in this episode, one of our members asked how to grow your Instagram account. 


Side note, she had done follow-unfollow service(a big no-no) back then, and we discussed if it affects her follower and engagement growth and how to grow her account organically:

1. Review the frequency of your post

One thing I notice in growing my Instagram account is posting very frequently can piss your followers off.  If you’re already getting consistent reach, I would experiment for a week or two with posting three to four times a week instead of every day or multiple times a day.

Try to do some experiment with the frequency of your posting and see what works best. You can try posting 2-3 times a week in your feed and daily on your IG story.

2. Engage with your active audience

 Focus on organic engagement , start looking at your ideal audience and attract them to your Instagram profile.  So the first step to this is actually going through the people who follow you, the people who watch your reels, watch your videos, interact with your photos, dm you, interact with them, just make sure that you’re showing Instagram and the algorithm that you are engaging with them.

Show IG that you’re a real person by commenting back to their comments, liking and replying to DMs.

3. Delegate

If you’re already at the breakthrough or profit stage in the success path, I suggest you delegate it to someone who can manage to interact. Ideally, you can delegate some of this to your virtual assistant or your social media manager, your content manager, whoever you’re gonna bring on board that can help you with this like liking, commenting, interacting like a real person can help kind of tweak the algorithm a little bit in your favor.


4. Reexamine your content strategy

And then another tip I would have for you is to re-examine your content strategy as a whole look. Are there any inconsistencies with the content messaging? What are the posts that are not just getting the most amount of views and the most amount of likes and the most amount of comments, looking at the depth, not volume.

With me, I want to see saves and shares on my post. Those two metrics for me are the most important metrics, it tells me that that content is worth someone else, like putting their stamp of approval on and sharing with a friend or a colleague, or even on their page right to their audience.

5. Have a good attraction strategy

How are you going to bring more followers into your account and the right followers because? I don’t care how big your account is, it’s about getting the right people there. Have a good follow strategy, are there any hashtags that you can hone in that are super niche-specific, like, take it a level down in terms of specificity with your hashtags, try to do that.

Over to you

Instagram is a hustle, so you got to be on it if you’re going to grow and monetize from that platform. Also, keep in mind that the more you grow your Instagram following, the more people will unfollow you every day.  And that could be a sign of maybe you’re purging your account naturally. It’s okay to lose 2000 followers who are not aligned with what you do as long as you’re attracting followers that resonate and can buy from you

Y’all know I’d love to talk about social media and online marketing, so if you wanted to learn more about these, check out my Youtube Channel where I talk about content marketing, goal setting, and a lot of stuff. 

Hope to see you in the next episode.

Un 😘,

Kim xx

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