HELP! I don’t have time or a team to create content, what do I do? | #AskKim

December 22, 2021

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

Do you ever wonder how that one gal or guy who runs your favorite business publishes new content constantly and it’s always SO GOOD?

How do they do that? Are they on it around-the-clock? Or do they have a team? Are they not as busy as you? 

If the answer is YES, you’re not alone… 

So if finding the time to create content is your struggle as an entrepreneur, a leader, or as a business owner, you definitely want to stick around because I have 4 great strategies for you on how you can leverage content marketing to your benefit, without having to spend all your time glued on your computer 24/7 to create content.

This topic is a response to one of our lovely subscribers, and she said,

“I know I would be able to do much better on socials if I could devote more time to conduct creation and strategy. But I work a full-time professional job at this time. Part of me also doesn’t want to give up my whole life in order to run socials and be on all the time; please tell me that I am not alone. Lol.”

You are not alone. Not in the least. 

In fact, I feel like the majority of us can 100,000% relate to this, if not all of us.

We have important responsibilities, and we have people that are counting on us. Some of us have jobs and maybe even multiple businesses to run. And saying it can be overwhelming to carve out the time to create content is the understatement of the century.

Now, if you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been talking about the fact that you can’t live on social media at length, on the podcast, YouTube, and my social media channels… 

And while some of my peers might think I’m literally nuts, I see this push happening everywhere from the ‘experts’, about creating more and posting more frequently on every platform. 

More reels… 

More YouTube videos…

More FB posts…

More Instagram stories…

More, more, more…

And while I understand exactly what the opportunities are right now, as a busy entrepreneur myself, with a team of lovely people that support me, I know all too well that the ideal most people preach is simply not realistic for the average solopreneur. 

And it doesn’t stop at frequency, does it?

We don’t just want to create random acts of content. 

Or post for the sake of posting.

We want our content to be researched, strategic, and purposeful. We want our content to lead our fans and followers down the path of becoming buyers.

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So how do we create content that hits the mark? How do we deploy a strategy when we don’t have a lot of time?

Let me give you really practical, actionable strategies that you can leverage to strategize your content marketing even when you feel like you don’t have a second more time to spare. 

Let’s begin.

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#1 Double Down on Your Workflow and Productivity

This is something that so many of us know is important, yet we think of productivity as something that only applies in corporate environments when someone is measuring your performance…

Here’s the reality. Most entrepreneurs are operating at a deficit in productivity.

They don’t have systems, they don’t have an organizational workflow, and they don’t have habits that support those systems and those organizational workflows.

Why? Most of us are stuck in an employee mindset and it’s not our fault.

It’s not like entrepreneurship comes with a handbook (thankfully, we’ve created the next best thing inside The Business Lounge! Check out our Productivity Clinic + The Prosper Plan inside for a loving productivity kick in the pants).

It’s easy to downgrade our business and not take it as seriously as we do our regular jobs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Find a productivity workflow that works for you.

And if you need help getting started, watch this episode, The Ultimate Productivity Workflow.

Yes, it is way harder to market a business and grow side hustle when you are working a full-time job, have kiddos to take care of, or a myriad of other responsibilities.

But it is POSSIBLE. And so, I want to give you hope, and I want to excite you, and I want to ignite a fire inside of you.

Because it’s not just possible and doable, it’s something that you can accomplish without sacrificing all of your extra time.

So, get your productivity on point.

#2 Start Tracking Your Time

Track everything that you do throughout the day. 

My husband Chris has a fantastic process he calls the PADE Process. He teaches that inside of his Startup Launch Factory program and I think it’s so brilliant because it shows you how you can track your time step by step (and then how to use what you learn to fully optimize your day and get your life back).

Tracking what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis will give you so much clarity in terms of being strategic versus being judgmental as to where you could be optimizing your time.

And we use a Trello integration, called Toggle, where you can track every task you work on throughout the day with a little timer for each card… it’s pretty neat.

If you get disciplined and do this for seven days, you can get an idea of where you’re spending time and where time is leaking out of your day.

So, I encourage you to look at your time at your schedule and figure out where those holes are, and then really get strategic about how you’re going to improve your time and energy.

#3 Start Thinking More Like an Entrepreneur

The next strategy, that you need to get done is to start thinking less like an employee and more like an entrepreneur. 

And not just like an entrepreneur, but a successful, wealthy, well-established entrepreneur who understands how a real company is run.

We have been taught and programmed and indoctrinated in this whole employee system. And I’m not exempted from this. 

When I started my own company. I was shocked that there was no structure- That I had to create my own process for everything. There was no boss and I received no entrepreneur handbook or guide (as we previously discussed).

So the core thing is to educate yourself on those systems. Figure out how you can better leverage running your company and divorce your employee mindset.

Run your personal life like you would a business, and think of ways to start tracking your time and optimizing where it is you’re spending the majority of it.

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#4 Outsource and Delegate

There will always be resistance to delegating an outsource no matter where you’re at in your journey. But we’re going to break it down into a pretty simple process, and you have two options.

  • You either run yourself into the ground, trying to do all the things on your thinking that you’re the only one who can do things perfectly.
  • Or you can challenge yourself to think bigger, think like a successful entrepreneur, a wealth builder, a legacy builder, somebody who understands that their time is limited. They have to leverage other people’s time to achieve the mission.

And this goes back to your purpose and your “why”. 

If we don’t learn to delegate and trust other people with some of the things that we have on our plate, it’ll be impossible to achieve the mission. You will never reach your full potential or serve the number of people you were put on to serve if you’re always running things on your own.

So I want to encourage you to realize that what I’m going to say will trigger some ifs, buts, and maybes. And that’s normal.

So you have two different routes that you can take based on where you’re at in your success path.

And so if you’re not familiar yet, with our Online Success Path, definitely check that out. It’s going to help you identify what stage of business you’re in. And it’s going to show you what you should ignore in a particular stage versus what you should be working on.

Validate, Launch, Hustle Stage Outsourcing

So if you’re in the Validation, Launch, or Hustle stage, you can get good at delegating and using outsourcing on a per-project basis. That means you’re not going to be hiring a team yet.

When you’re in these three stages, your focus is on leveraging your resources, building your social media assets, building a community, building your email list, creating your website, doubling down on validating your offers, and getting your first few clients. So that you can supplement the income that you would otherwise be making in a traditional job or help supplement the income that maybe your family needs.

So again, if you’re in these three stages, outsource on a per-project basis.

Breakthrough, Profit, Scale Stage Outsourcing

Once you’ve reached the Breakthrough, Profit, and Scale stage, start considering bringing more people on deck. That’s when you start hiring, building your team of superstar A+ players, people who can take your vision and run with it.

So most of the time, entrepreneurs fail when it comes to outsourcing because they have this insane expectation that people are just going to be in their minds and they know precisely what it is that you want to achieve. And that’s not how it works. You have to train and provide that time in that space to delegate and give something off to somebody.

Now, I want to make it super clear, you can also outsource outside virtual or online services.

You can give this to one of your teenage kids, or you can delegate it to an intern from a college nearby. And you can in-charge them for doing simple things, smaller things that other people can do so that you can focus only on the things that only you can do in the business.

Now, as you’re thinking about bringing on your first team member, one of the things that Chris Ducker recommends in his book Virtual Freedom is to bring in a general virtual assistant. And I highly recommend that you bring in somebody who can just kind of run all the things that you can delegate and become your right-hand person.

Every strong leader and executive relies on other team members who shine at things that maybe they don’t or don’t have time to do.

So why would you run your business solo forever?

Yes, it’s great that you can have all those tasks, but you can’t keep yourself small intentionally. So please start educating yourself at the very least on those topics, grab these books, read them, and take action. Start looking at who you could potentially hire.


So now you have no excuse. Yes, you could devote more time to content creation and your marketing if you didn’t have a full-time job, a family, a spouse, or whatever else that is going on in your world.

But at the end of the day, there are plenty of people who are making it happen.

Regardless, they have those things you’re going through, plus ten others. They’re making it happen, and they’re doing it because they’re resourceful. And that’s the key to running a successful business.

So I hope this episode was helpful. And it started getting your wheels turning in terms of how you can creatively, start looking at optimizing your schedule, really nailing your time management, and then leveraging other people’s time to grow your business.

That’s what entrepreneurs do best. And we need to start thinking more extensively as online business owners.

So that’s it for today.

Un beso!

See you in the next one.



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