Pinterest for Business: 5 Kick Butt Content Strategies

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

Did Someone Say Pinterest Marketing?

I’m sure you’ve seen other businesses do fancy stuff with their pins such as adding a watermark or setting up boards that display customized content.

You might be thinking to yourself that there’s no way you could find the tools and time to get all fancy on Pinterest.

But what if in a brief 8 minutes you could learn quick & easy Pinterest strategies that actually yield significant results? 

Stick around a little longer and I’ll give you some powerful marketing ideas & strategies that will boost your Pinterest marketing.

They sure have for me! Ready? Just click play on the video below and I’ll see you inside!

”Create content that reflects your business’ personality & shows the world what your biz is all about!”

Tell Your Story Visually: Creating content that reflects your business’ personality isn’t as difficult as you might think. How did your business come about?  What sets you apart from the crowd?  What’s the ‘why’ behind your business?  All of these are great questions to keep in mind when you’re telling your story.  Whether you are a Solopreneur or a Fortune 500 company, your potential clients want to know the story behind your business.  

So, why not tell it in a creative way via Pinterest?

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Create Original Content

While it is very important to re-pin content from influential followers on Pinterest, I want you to create your own content as well.  Why? Because being original on social media is absolutely essential.  

Not to mention this is one of the main ways you are able to send some great traffic to your website.  

I’ll show you some great tools to crank out some high-quality content on Pinterest really flippin’ fast and spruce up your Pinterest marketing!

Pin With Your Client In Mind

When you are in the process of creating original content or curating someone else’s, I want you to do so with your clients in mind.  What are their pain points?  What do they struggle with?  

Get inside their head and create compelling content that they will find valuable on Pinterest.   

Whether you decide to pin a quick image tutorial, share someone else’s blog post or pin a short video clip, it’s really important that you select the information that will educate, entertain or encourage your audience.

Add Your Own Watermark

It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, runs a coffee shop in town, or own a consulting business, always look for ways to accurately portray your business visually.  

I can’t stress enough the importance of coming up with your own stuff!  

So, leave your footprint on the content you create by placing your business logo or website URL as a watermark.  

This will help you increase exposure and brand recognition.

‘But Kim, I have so much content to create for Facebook & Twitter already… How am I going to find the time for Pinterest as well?’  

The good news is that all the content you create for Pinterest is reusable!  

With a little tweaking, you can place that same content on your blog, website, and your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  

You can also work in reverse by tweaking the images or print material you’ve already designed for Pinterest and turning them into awesome pins.

Add A Price Tag

In addition to valuable information, make sure to promote your products and services on Pinterest and add a price tag in the description.  

Although you won’t get the fancy ribbon on the side with the price tag like you used to, it’s great information to have. Especially if you’re running sales or promotions.  This way pinners will know that these products and services are for SALE!

Don’t forget to always link these pins to a sales page URL where users can purchase your products and services online.

(Psssst….Don’t be shy, it’s ok to be salesy on social media because you are a… BUSINESS!

As long as you  are doing it in a respectful, tactful, and strategic way, your followers will appreciate the fact that you are offering these great products or services of yours.)

Pin Tall Pins

Tall pins get much more engagement in the newsfeed. So, whether you’re creating a mini infographic, DIY tutorial or a shot of your latest dress collection MAKE IT TALL.

That’s it for now… but there is MORE to come so, stay tuned because I’ll be posting a couple more videos that will help you navigate through more Pinterest tools & strategies.

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much love, Kim

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